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  1. text preview for Ep.10 내가 먼저 대표님 좋아한 거 증명했으니까.” 한 달 만에 재회한 두 사람. 애틋한 시간도 잠시, 두 사람은 다시 서울과 속초, 각자의 자리로 돌아간다. 진혁은 프론트 클락 업무에도 두각을 나타내고 수현은 그런 진혁의 모습에 뿌듯함을 느끼지만, 두 사람을 둘러싼 상황들은 점점 악화된다. 결국 위기에 처한 수현과 동화호텔, 그런 수현의 곁에 진혁이 없는데... http://program.tving.com/tvn/encounter/19/Board/List
  2. i only read here and there but your words made me have to post here. which part did you mean he's not the good actor? please explain so i'd know a bit cause i watch all episodes and i didnt see "lacks" you talked about. and He's not casted because of his handsome face or that smile. pbg is capable for his various roles and expressive eyes so to say he's not a good actor. seriously sounds bit too much for me (personally). i watch this drama just because of him and SHK and his role was the person who's clueless with the CSH world. so it's his character that he doesnt know the situation or how cruel of those chaebol society is and all he has was courage and kindness which contrast with others.
  3. @caileysmiley i saw it last week and t's not true at all. when i check their FaceBook page, it's is full of rumor news like NJH is getting back with LSK lol they made up various rumor for click baits maybe. ok it's maybe possible bogum ask advice from SJK cause he often do it even before when he joining any projects and especially this time with his wife , they will definitely talk about the project but military matter, it's not true.
  4. @utkim thanks for the update, can't wait to see both (new?) look of them.
  5. i'm more concerned about writer as well, i have no worries about age gap or real life relationship or anything since both are them are professional actor/actress. SHK is a veteran in the industry. i watched her various work(mostly drama) and i can say her choice of works are good. My favourite is That winter the wind blow which was melo drama many years ago and i'm so happy her comeback is that genre but a lot more mature character (divorce and have kid). Same goes to bogum, i remember for Moonlight he spent a lot of time studying Crown prince character, the way they speak (chosun royal) or their history. i think he took time before accept any works. i read his interview recently that the factor for him for casting is that he wish for the character that's fit his own age. so i guess this one is also right. There's no detail much about Kimjinhyuk apart he's poor part-timer lol but i believe and trust that it's not simple character but a heart-warming person who can touch viewers heart, the role that bogum wanted. ok back to writer issue. even her past works are flop or seems forgettable. i seriously wish this work will change 360degree of people's perception and will be great that dont have to rely on stars power of the casting. i hope for the best for Both SHK and PBG comeback after 2 years.
  6. with the news of Incheon airport People. i realized 20s actress are pretty lacking/shortage in the industry. Frankly i don't have any obvious choice in my mind at all whom i'll cheer for her with bogum wholeheartedly. Bogum also still looks so young and i dont think he'll be paired with Nuna actress (cause it'll become another nuna romance drama lol) i persnally kinda like Kim jiwon but she was offered another drama already. And i also know Kang Eun Kyung writer usually cast big name for her dramas. So after Fox bride with Hyunbin was cancelled. Incheon airport People (new plot) that i assume it required younger actor she offers to bogum. Then when i see it's suzy (after PSH rejected the role) it's not totally surprising. i also imagine bogum must be paired with 1 of them in the future. Though it seems many drama fans are againse and criticise suzy in term of acting, i dont really worried that much if they both accept.She's not that bad and some roles she was good too. i'm more concern with writer and PD who are actually important so i look up all of the writer works and she's wonderful. Ok it's not hallyu drama hit but it's all domestic hit. most of her work are not shallow or fluffy stories but life/working oriented with warming and touching elements. i trust bogum choice no matter what it is so i hope his fans will wait and support, we waited for 2 years already so it's the great news for me. if he reject it, i can wait again that's not big deal lol
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