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  1. Whaaaat??!! Omg! Arghhhhh! My heart skipped a beat at this! If he acts opposite her and IU in the future, I am one happy woman! Glad you empathised with my feelings regarding the hate on Do San. Get ready for tissues when you watch The Theory of Everything. That's a melo I tell ya. I will gladly watch anything of him at this point but perhaps a romcom is a break. I agree with @inBinJinitrustthat you may try Weightlifting Fairy. To me it is a well-produced youth drama. I watched it when it aired and while I was more invested in the female lead's story, NJH as the campu
  2. Happy Birthday Nam Joo Hyuk! Joy and abundance to you on this day and everyday! We love you because it is you! #HAPPYJOOHYUKDAY And oh, I love that you make my ovaries explode. #HAPPYJOOHYUKDAY
  3. @inBinJinitrustgood observation about the ad focusing on hands that create! All I can remember from the ad is him, his hand, in all his gorgeousness! You have a point about Knetz scrutiny. If he has a sensitive, anxious soul(I suspect that he has such), he surely wants to self-preserve. While I don't mind finding out who he is dating if it ever comes out, I rather prefer he admits it when he and his partner are really serious far into the future. Now I don't mind him dating anyone in secret at all, or denying it if they are discovered. The selfish me do want to see more of him and
  4. 4 days now! I watched The Great Battle by the way. He does have presence when he is onscreen. I am proud of that! I wonder if he would like to be in action scenes one day, like a fight or sword fight. It will be a treat to watch him! https://youtu.be/a6uPE7lPffs His appearance on the new tvn reality show!
  5. I'm glad you liked those parts. You made a point about their possible growth in the end but I didn't quite feel that NJH's character had much development. I wish I can see what you interpreted from the ending so that I can have good feelings about the movie. I can appreciate NJH's acting range, even though I think it was underused. His facial expression in the ride the second time gave me an idea of what was going on between them, In just a split second. The pairing wasn't the idealistic feel good romance in my opinion. It was more of a pair of troubled souls who shouldnt be together, or who a
  6. We can see him shivering! This fan is concerned. He will definitely be enveloped in coats and blankets but Ugh, so gorgeous!! I'm falling into the deep hole yet again. The YouTube algorithm is recommending old CFs and interviews. And it has been such a treat!
  7. It was rather too dark for my taste. Some viewers may feel the warmth. But I felt the total opposite. I had to watch something else right after to counter the jitters. Yes looking forward to Remember and Here, whenever it airs. More for Remember since it is a genre I love. Dating yes! Just date, dude. Same! His transformation made me totally convinced of how working out can change so much of one's body structure. Not that there was anything wrong before he bulked up. I am saying this out of pure curiousity about the human body.
  8. Rather embarrassed to say that I bought a sample of the perfume Sauvage. Successful marketing indeed! That edit was testament that there are people who enjoy their exchanges in that drama! Wee! I imagine that they can be melancholy together in a melo. Him crying. She crying. Me crying. Yes I am curious too. Looking forward to Here and, is it Remember? He is humble indeed. Although I wish and hope that in private, he celebrates how much he has done last year. I hope that he doesn't believe too deeply that what he does will never be good enough. Eek! His c
  9. Aww that is sweet of him. The only things I do to show support is generating traffic by watching videos and liking/saving photos of him! I know some mega fan clubs collect funds for his birthday. By the way, I watched edit cuts of his scenes with IU, now I can't get it out my head. Dang. Chemistry. I knew it. Aww so shy! I have second hand embarrassment from watching this but I can't not watch!
  10. Yes! Do San is the one who made my heart beat so strong! This human character is so soft and supportive and nurturing and brilliant. He is our own Prince that's for sure. I really can't imagine anyone else playing Do San. I hate to think about NJH reading those hate comments. I even believe that this hate resulted in the lack of promotional photos and videos of Suzy and NJH. I am very grateful that Suzy continued to post photos of her and NJH during SU airing. To me, her photos support their characters and their partnership and that no amount of hate is going to change her opinion. Hel
  11. No way out? Hee. Then I am glad I have some peers here who I can be with on this journey! Hope I can get some good info about him from you! I will start with reading the posts here! His personality is very endearing. I am riveted. He expresses and describes people, situations and life principles really well which made me really curious and thirsty for more! I like his Gentleness and kind hearted words and actions in interviews too. When he teases, it is a lot of heart fluttering fun for me! Hee. I hope you get to watch Josee soon. Curious about how you review it. I di
  12. Hi All! Newbie here. I recently became a new obsessed fan of Joo Hyuk due to his Start Up character and portrayal of Nam Do San, and his glow up (I am simple), and I am glad that I rather enjoy his interviews. They are thoughtful, insightful, relatable and with depth. I love artsy celebs too so that's a bonus! I do remember him in Surplus Princess when it aired as I love that drama for all its wit and quirkiness. He was the most handsome and charming but not yet an imprint in my heart. He and LSK were a joy to watch in Weightlifting Fairy. I watched that as it aired too but LSK an
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