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  1. Wow this thread has been almost as entertaining as the drama. It reminds me of all the different Christian denominations trying to interpret the Scriptures. Their attempts are somewhat admirable but the the truth is the Scriptures interpret themselves. You just have to read from Genesis to the Book of Revelations. Similarly, this drama reveals itself, we just have to be patient and the revelation will appear. Still it's fun to listen to all the speculations. You guys are great for making this so interesting. For me it has been rather simple but the complicated assessments are fun indeed. I believe the drama's title reveals a lot about the outcome. Did anybody else notice any parallels with the Christian Scriptures. I think a major consideration is Buddha can speculate about eternity as Nirvana, but wouldn't one who is familiar with eternity be more precise of its existence (Jesus/Yeshua)? Just asking.