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  1. I’m late with my thoughts about ep13 and ep14, but still I wanted to share them with you : - ep 14 was heartbreaking. MY and KT crying scenes made me cry too. I was hugging my pillow all running time! - ST feeding MY, so touching! She truly became her little sister in his heart now! - MY dressing again all showy says a lot... she is feeling insecure again. - KT is finally starting to open up and speak about his true emotions. - ST easily recognized MY true feeling looking at her facial expression ... that’s a big step fwd for him. - Nurse is really evil. I am still guessing if she is truly her mom or her aunt. Either way, she is her family and truly evil! - ep 13, awww that family pic was so sweet. Very touching when she was alone with ST and KT (raining scene), and again, ST is showing that he is becoming more independent from his little brother (he is holding his own umbrella)
  2. About ep11 ending... I think that someone was really watching them sleep and “spying”/ teasing them. Lately, I am more inclined to believe that MYs’mom is dead but the one that has been hiding is the nurse. Maybe she results to be a bad person who was manipulating MYs mom (and lately maybe she was manipulating the lady patient) and that’s why MY hates the butterflies (when she was a kid she ripped their wings) bc she also have a trauma about her mom and the butterflies. Maybe someone was trying to cure her mom depression, that person liked the butterflies and that person at the end could be the chief nurse. So, maybe she is the real culprit and murderer. maybe LOL does it sound crazy this theory? Hahaha Maybe she got the info from MYs mom (possible the nurse)... maybe she is been manipulated... maybe. Don’t know. This show is getting greater by each episode!!
  3. Wow! That was an intense kiss!!! Fist one was sweet but this one... wow! Intense and hot! *fanning myself* Also, that was a hug full of emotions!! @Alex Stefan I agree with you about the person you mentioned in spoiler tag
  4. Hahaha indeed! Very true. That’s what I love about that short BTS, they walk side by side sooo naturally. They look very content and comfortable walking together.
  5. After today’s episode, I have that same thought. It is possible that ST was adopted and then GT was born. But, what if the one who was adopted is MY?? And that’s why that story was mentioned in the episode ? I saw many different connections : for one hand, GT have been lying to ST. For other hand, MY has been lying to GT that she need help today’s episode (fever, etc etc), MY has been lying to others showing that she is ok and strong (and today she wanted company either GT or ST).
  6. Awww such a beautiful poem @RiRiGaGa ! you are truly talented!!! I am so touched by your poem! BinJin make our hearts flutter! Hopefully we will be hearing good news about this ship soon! I love this HB video from BENCH! LOL CLOY team played with us, they stayed PG-13 but we all know the potential was much more hahaha
  7. Hahaha indeed. I am having headaches changing from theories in my own mind hahaha for example I am convincing myself that MYs mom is dead, then I have again my weird thought that maybe she is not and that MY’s shock and fear made her see more than what was real. And I don’t know what to think anymore about who was the “original” bad one... mom or dad or both? But at the end, MY is a victim of both of her parents dementia. I am getting dizzy with so many theories in my mind LOL Ahhh... btw, I cannot get over of that embrace!!! So powerful.
  8. I strongly agree with you. I think so too, that MY is trying to encourage ST to develop his skills. She is helping him leave and move outside of the protective bubble his brother created for him.
  9. I ditto think that JR and MY could become friends in a future. They have issues atm but it seems that their friendship was « interrupted » by MYs mom influence in MYs actions, when they were little girls. About the unrevealed person who’s in the hospital (the silhouette who’s looking at MY from afar and the « ghost »), I think she could be MYs mom who’s not really dead but she was locked up in the hospital bc of suicide attempt and dementia. Also, I don’t think that MYs mom (or her dad) was the one killing KT’s mom. I believe that they are all victims of dementia and depression. MY’s parent could have had marriage issues after MYs fall into deep depression. MYs mom was possessively protective over MY, she doesn’t want anyone near her (not even her dad), then MYs dad started to blame her daughter and saw her as a threat. About KTs family... they haven’t show much. But yeah, maybe his mom was deeply depressed and at the end she committed suicide. She was shown drinking a lot. His brother strong fear to butterflies could be because he witnessed his mom suicide and he heard her saying something about becoming free and transforming to a butterfly.
  10. Ditto! CEO is hilarious indeed!!! LOL I am looking fwd to his interaction with assistant, they have couple vibes potential hahaha Also, I want to see more interactions with KT!! He is making him feel jealousy for the first time in his life! LOL
  11. Is being different something to be afraid of? So powerful sentence! It’s real, many times we let our fear win About the fairy tales, there is indeed two perspectives/sides for a same fairy tale. And this drama is doing great showing the other hidden meanings in a fairy tale! About the scene where KT embraced MY shaking in her bed... that was soo emotional! Bravo to their amazing chemistry and acting skills!!
  12. What a a touching ep5 ending. I have so many feels. It caught me by surprised that he has known all this time that she is the same girl who saved him and from who he ran away. I like that he has known but he just decided to “forget” her. And at the end he finally decided to accept the reality and move fwd. Also, its really sad how her mom affected her potential friendships. Making her avoid other people. I like that ST will be with her living and working together. It will help them both fight their own fears and issues. By the way I don’t think that he is aggressive by nature. In the preview I think he was just trying to “wake up” her brother and defend his true belief or desire. And since he is like a kid... it was kinda a rant for being heard.
  13. I am still teary eyed with ep 4 ending... that was so sad. KT reading the book, recognizing that MY may understand him more that what he wanted to think. Then MY walking in the rain, heartbroken but at the same time maintaining her strong, upright and elegant posture , only to give in when he was near her... Also, when she smiled with that single tear falling... ouch! My heart! Trying to maintain a strong façade while hurting badly inside. Great acting both of them! Btw, Head Cook (Joo Ri’s mom) is very suspicious... she appears all kind and warm but I cannot stop thinking that she could be the causer behind MYs parents breakdown. Maybe she is the «original» psycho behind all the chaos that happened in the castle. That silhouette in the Hospital was her, right? And I agree that JR may just turn bad... She seems to be holding a lot of grudges inside her. About the butterflies... interesting that they are mentioning us butterflies many times... it makes me wonder the real meaning behind... butterfly hug, cutting butterflies’ wings, running from butterflies. Maybe MY is attracted to cut their wings bc she also has the idea that they’re bad (like ST but instead of fearing them and run, she face it that way). But then, she is been introduced to a good butterfly effect( the hug). This drama is really interesting. Please excuse my repeat mode but... I love MY!! So unique character! SYJ is perfectly performing all her sides.
  14. I agree! Their characters are really interesting. Nothing is what it seems, they are complex. I am eager to watch their characters development and how they will be building their relationship . I am hooked with this drama! Ahhh... and I cannot unsee those choco-abs!!
  15. They are both lucky ones indeed. btw, I didn’t read this account previous posts, only this one in specific. Got my attention bc of the mention that their history has kinda fairytale vibes. They give me a “fairytale” vibe bc they look so full of happiness together. Also, they clearly respect, support and admire each other... That’s the best kind of relationship for a HEA!
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