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  1. Awww I just noticed that he did the same in the scene with RJH’s parents! Awww *be.still.my.heart* they are sooo cute!!
  2. Oh! You are not alone, I am trying to prepare myself to their next goodbye scene. because I also think that they will be another one and much more painful to watch. BUT... BUT, I think that they will meet again (without not many time gap) and stay together in Switzerland . RJH needs to return NK to arrange having a new life in Switzerland as a pianist. His dad will help him with that, I want to think that way
  3. You know, the same caught my attention! When he was detained at the jail cell. They zoom in and focused on the movement he was unconsciously doing with his fingers.
  4. Same here ! Looking at them, watching at their interactions and gestures, I get these kind of vibes that they are very focused, more aware and controlled in the 3 kissing scenes. But still, some little gestures seems to escape hahaha, like HB grabbing her arm during 3rd kiss rehearsal (Looking at that gesture, I told myself... “mmm wait, why are you touching her arm while discussing about the kissing angles” )
  5. I have been rewatching, rewatching and rewatching hahaha. Lost the count! I have transformed myself from a financial analyst to a kiss analyst LOL. In the BTS, they definitely have a mix of takes. It seems like she is standing on a ladder for some takes and others she is not. He is really tall . Also, I found him cute, the way he is grabbing her arm when they are talking in a section of the rehearsal . Please forgive me but it is impossible for me now to stop shipping them hahaha. I am sorry, I give up... I become a full shipper now at the risk of having a heartbreak if they are not a true couple hahaha
  6. It is like they are trying hard to display their best poker face during the 3 kissing scenes hahaha, specially in this 3rd one. In the last BTS, to me it feels like they are trying to maintain their poker face . They don’t look shy to me, but they seems like extra focused LOL that’s suspicious to me
  7. It’s too short !!! They sure want to torture us adding the brief kiss sound! hahaha By the way, they are wearing their best poker face during this kiss rehearsal hahaha . To me they don’t look shy in the BTS, they are too calm ( as if extra focused LOL). Yeah, trying to maintain their perfect poker faces hahaha
  8. Oh yes!! Please! Hahaha In NK there were surprise house checks and RJH was very careful/ restrained/ in control each time around her (he seems to be a master in this field hahaha). He knew the dangers of someone hearing/spying on them everywhere. And the rat was hearing everything in his house and near abouts. So, writer-mim, in SK we know that SR’s place is free of hidden cameras and microphones,... and we know that he is still a man after all, and that both have acknowledged their mutual love. So,... hehehe @pnaysurfer84 *fanning myself* *be.still.my.heart* *breathe*remember.to.breathe* (And I suddenly remembered RJH’mom words “Breathe” LOL). See writer-nim, it will be a great loss if we don’t see those byceps in CLoY . *Breathe.*I.must.remember.to.breathe* hahaha
  9. I was noticing that RJH birthday is coming soon (Feb 14). Do you you think that Writer-nim will use this info and include a scene about it? It could be a funny and lovely scene if she does it since his B-day is Valentine’s day https://twitter.com/gu72229363/status/1207172289701109760?s=21
  10. Yeah, I think so. Mainly reason is because SR has been looking to know who wrote/played the piano song. If they have been facing each other at that moment I believe that she will have asked/thanked him then and there. So, I think it was more to emphasize their fate to be together. Ditto. I like PSH and I rewatched their BTS and yeah even though he was nice, he still seems more reserved. With SYJ, it’s a whole diferent side if him. He looks more cute too hahaha (for example in the BTS when he cleaned her shoulder of snow, in a very casual way,... I was like “wait a moment” hahaha).
  11. In my opinion he remembers her from Switzerland at the bridge and, maybe even at the path (when watching by coincidence at his side the paraglide). Before noticing her suicidal behavior, he looked a little smitten with her beauty and he was sneakily trying to take a picture of her with the landscape. For me, the reason why he was genuinely surprised is because he didn’t see her while he was playing the piano. At that moment, he was returning to NK full of sadness and she was at the boat watching him from afar (the close up image that they showed to us for me it was to emphasize the moment, but they weren’t actually facing in front of each other). So, he was truly surprised because that shows more that they are fated. OMO, I am having a hard time trying to focus in anything else while waiting for ep 11 hahaha. In the meanwhile, I have been watching BTS and interviews, photo sessions ,... OMO each time I am more convinced that there is something in the air between HB and SYJ! Hahaha those genuine smiles, gazes, skinship,... SYJ us very confident with him. HB openly smiles but smiles that (in my many years following him as a fan) I have not seen! Lol maybe is my imagination but I cannot avoid it to strongly ship them now hahaha
  12. I was rewatching the episodes (what a unexpected think to do while waiting, I know LOL) and I noticed that in EP6 she told him playfully that he was competitive hahaha. It was when he was arguing that they were destiny and that her encounter with SJ was just coincidence LOL. He was jealous at that moment so maybe in EP 11 he will be ”competing” in another moment of jealously
  13. Count me with those who want to see RJH shirtless hahaha . I have hopes that it will happen since her house has automatic heater hahaha, after all in NK his house was colder than SR’s luxurious condo. LOL HB said that he worked out for this drama so please director-nim/writer-nim, take advantage of that hahaha. I can easily imagine his hidden abs and biceps, those high neck and long sleeves shirts cannot hide them LOL. Btw, it seems that this long wait for following ep 11 is making our thoughts run wild @Site Admin I agree!! He is in his best shape ever! Really, even those long sleeves cannot hide it! hahaha (Btw, I love how he looks with the green shirt inside his house in NK!)
  14. And then I ask myself,... who would friend-zone Hyun Bin?! Hahaha First time posting in this thread... and first time that I am shipping so badly a couple. This two are beyond cute! There is something really. Their chemistry is off the charts. Those kisses, although zoomed out and zoomed in too much, increased my suspicious that something is there. They look very comfortable, playfull and sweet at the same time (BTS and other videos), beyond friendship in my opinion LOL. And sometimes his gaze is unique, with love vibes. I have been HB fan for years and he looks different with SYJ. There is something. I want to believe it so badly hahaha
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