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  1. @nat_phoenix88 I want that too!!! But remember the last time an entire episode was happy (namely ep5)? We got such a sad and heartbreaking ep6!!! I'm so worried that this is going to happen again this week because if there's something I learned after watching this drama for 4 weeks, it's that things in DYLB land never stay happy for too long. Gahhhhhh.. I wonder what's our Dimple Couple will face next (and it's not like we're lacking any problems – we have Haena, JK, HH, MS, DY, the two professors, their future career (which includes Simon), their family and so on). @Jillia OMG! JY's stare in that scene is just so ajksdghfhjsg;ssdgjbzhfg!!! How is SA still standing straight?!?! And SA is also so sweet...!! Mannnn.. These two are just the cutest together. I'm so glad we still have 7 episodes of them together..
  2. @vangsweetie637 gahhhhh... you're right!! And we still have 7 episodes to go too! Plenty of time for them to take this route.. T.T Although if someone's going to do this, it'll be JY for sure! I don't see SA doing it, seeing from how brave she is now. However, JY seems to still be holding back. So if they do break up or put a momentary pause in their relationship, it'll either be because JY doesn't want SA to get hurt (because of whatever reason) or because SA is upset that JY still isn't confiding in her even after a long time being together.
  3. I feel that too. If SA's professor wasn't just doing lip service, then this is the first time she has complimented SA's violin playing. And this compliment only happened after that masterclass with JK. So I can definitely see that happening. JK & SA will be meeting quite often in the future anyways, mainly because JY is accompanying JK as her pianist, so hopefully they'll become "better" friends soon. After watching ep9, once again, I really love how SA & JY keeps communicating with each other about everything. It might not be a big thing yet, like JY's burdens and whatnot. But if there are things both of them can share and aren't so sensitive for them, both them do that – such as what happened after the confession scene. I'm worried about SA & MS, but I know they'll get through this. JY will be there with SA too (since he knows about everything already), and hopefully MS also sees that SA did nothing wrong soon (like that fact that SA never purposely tried to steal DY away from her). Btw, isn't it so refreshing that we won't have that misunderstanding between our main leads like in other Kdramas. For a second there, I was really worried that JY heard SA telling DY how she used to like him a lot before. But I realized I had no reasons to worry about our Dimple Couple fighting because of this because JY already knew about it. This is such a nice thing not to worry about.. Edit: @Jillia I know right??? I loved that scene so much! So proud of our Dimple Couple. This is exactly why I'm not so worried about them – because I know whatever problems they'll face, they'll face it head on while communicating it through. And this is super important for them, especially since both of them have very different backgrounds.
  4. @heartoppaya @Jillia But seeing from the trailer, why do I feel that the "SA & JY in JY's house" scene comes before "JK & SA in one car driving somewhere"? Gahhh... More sad times? And can JK lighten up already? What? She said "You feel awkward right? You'll keep feeling awkward in the future." to SA?!?! I hope she's not being mean to SA... Or else..
  5. Continuing with my part 2 highlight recap: 12. (The scene is here guys!! when they took it during Eunbin's birthday) SA's friends found out that SA is dating JY accidentally because MS said it on speakerphone while DY was there (SA's friends told SA to put her phone on speaker when MS called). 13. DY & SA are now having a heart-to-heart talk while drinking (all their friends left). SA told DY that she really likes JY (I guess she just replying to DY's confession). They're not fighting or arguing or anything though. 14. But SA also told DY that she used to like him a lot (in the past) – and MS & JY both heard the confession. MS is crying now and left the scene..... T..T End of Part 2 & Ep 9. Goshhh... DYLB is really good at ending their episodes huh? This cliffhanger... gahhhh.... JY does looked shocked, but then he looked at MS right away, probably because JY already knows about it in the first place. SA is going to visit JY's house tomorrow guys!! Woohoooooooo... I wonder what will happen... All in all, today was a great episode! Can't wait to watch the subbed episode (when I can finally watch everything without lagging & understand it too! )
  6. Part 2 isn't done yet guys... 9. SA saw JY playing piano from outside the classroom (Minjae is sooo goood and handsome!!! goshhhhh). SA later entered the room and then they had a small talk (JY asked SA her opinion about his playing and so on) 10. JY's professor had a talk with JY (I think this was a flashback? Not sure because my streaming is lagging). It was very solemn though.. Something about competitions.. And now JY is having a mental breakdown.... HE'S TAKING MEDS?!?! WHAT MED IS THAT?!?! GOSHHH... I hope he doesn't overdose himself because of stress.... 11. Wait.. what....? JY won the Chopin competition already? I'm confused.... Is it because my streaming is lagging??? What's going on...??? I'm so confused now....
  7. I'm not good at doing live recaps nor am I well-versed in Korean, so I'll just be writing down the highlights so far as best as I can: 1. After the swoon-worthy kissing scene, SA & JY had a talk about SA's feelings, JY volunteering to be SA's accompanist (which SA rejected), and SA telling JY to start with talking about the good thing first (I think that's what SA said) 2. SA & JY admitting to SA's friends that they're dating 3. JY putting away JK's handkerchief present (which then brought us to #4) 4. JY & SA walking in school, still being their awkward self yet so so so so cute!!! 5. JY asking a present from SA (hence he basically coerced SA to give him the handkerchief she uses when playing violin) 6. SA visiting Kyunghoo foundation to pass on some documents related to Professor Lee's chamber music thing & that SA isn't helping out Kyunghoo because she's busy 7. HH telling his friends that he broke up with JK (this scene was soooo awkward. not sure what they talked about here too) 8. Professor Lee Soo Kyung apparently acts the same way towards all her students (even Hae Na), but this time, she commended on SA's playing (saying that she improved) 9. HH caught JK & JY coming out of a cafe (because JK & JY was discussing about the piece JY is going to accompany JK on) 10. JK looking super sulky during the board meeting in Kyunghoo foundation (probably because her heart isn't in to it) PS: Now, the entire faculty/school knows that SA & JY are dating hahahaha the rumours spreaded so fast! hahahaha And that's the end of part 1. ----- Here's part 2 (my streaming is lagging quite badly so I'm not catching anything they're saying. sorry guys.. >.<): 1. JY & HH are talking albeit tensely about why JY & JK met, SA knowing that JY is being the pianist accompanist for JK, etc. 2. Simon (aka Park Sung Jae) met with JY's professor, not sure why. (I forgot! In part 1, Simon also met with that credit card guy again) 3. There's a flashback of JY's professor meeting with the grandma & Team Leader Cha. (the professor sounds so nice here! I sense that he wasn't as rough/mean as he is now – I wonder what happened with him.. seems like people side-looked him that he only rose to his fame/status now because of JY) 4. JY telling Team Leader Cha that he's dating SA (SA told the team leader in the first part of ep9) 5. MS & SA met in the park and are having drinks over talking. SA also told MS to go on a blind date (I don't think SA told MS about the DY fiasco) 6. SA & JY having an impromptu date at the park. (believe it or not, SA was the one who called JY out) 7. JY DOES NOT EAT ICE-CREAM BUT ATE IT BECAUSE OF SA!! AND HE CONFESSED TWICE AGAIN TO SA!!! @vangsweetie637 8. SA KISSED JY!!!! AND THEN JY KISSED HER BACK!!! OMGOMGOMG!!!
  8. Really? That's good to hear then. At least we know they're not going to be super rushing to film everything in the last few airing days.
  9. Gosh.. The ost by K-Will is so beautiful. And guess what, they started the MV with SA opening the piano cover! Edit: This is officially my second favourite OST for this drama after Punch's Close to Me! Edit2: After reading the lyrics, this is definitely JY's POV to SA isn't it? So beautiful and touching... According to Google Translate, the lyrics means: Your white face Those clear eyes Make my heart beat again Your warm hands Your voice towards me hugs me I only remember this one The sincerity of looking only at you My beautiful person My one person who makes my heart tremble Such a person to me When it rains again To be greeted together A person like that It is you Your good scent Your smile It became the whole world to me Don't go away I can't think of myself without you I only remember this one I can't do it without you My beautiful person My one person who makes my heart tremble Such a person to me When it rains again To be greeted together A person like that It is you Sometimes when I'm sad Someone who will protect you I wish it would be me Can you hear my heart Can you see this heart If you are the same, stay by my side Still don't know Only you Even if the seasons change, I won't change
  10. Another interview about the drama, the second half, Park Eunbin and Kim Minjae, but this time by the producer (Studio S):
  11. Goshhhhh... The new OST sounds like a OST for a Chinese drama for some reason... So beautiful but heartbreaking... Feels like a breakup/longing- type of song.. hopefully, it’s not a forewarning of their future...
  12. I realized I haven't discussed my poll votes yet (even though I voted yesterday), so I'm gonna do it now! For #1, I voted for "maybe". The reason is because it seems like JK is starting to appreciate the efforts that HH did back when they were still dating. And, it seems like JK is starting to be more vocal about her true feelings – hopefully, this means that she's going to be true to herself from now on and become a better version of herself (aka leave JY & SA alone and become a great violin professor). However, I feel like HH has officially closed that chapter of his life, even though he still has lingering feelings for JK. And seeing from ep9 written preview about him being mad with JY, I have a feeling JK & HH's story is far from over. So I'm going to see how the drama is going to develop their relationship. For #2, I voted for "He takes 1st place". Actually, I was deciding between this one and "He doesn't take part," but ultimately, I decided to choose for this one because I feel like he'll find his passion by then (as he stays with SA and face his battles together) and display a breathtaking performance during the competition that shows his growth in his piano career. Also, if he's able to do this and stun the judges, I feel like this would overturn his professor's belief that you have play like you're targeting for 7,8,9s (not 10s). This is a direct contrast to the maestro's belief as she recommended JY to aim for 10s (leaving people with an unforgettable performance) rather than satisfying everyone. At the end of the drama, I feel like they're going to address this issue through JY's competition and his actions (whether he'll play with his heart or with his skills). For #3, I voted for "Yes, in a performance". Based on JY & SA's clothes in ep9, it seems like it's the same clothes as in Park Eunbin's vlog when she was performing a violin piece in front of JY in a music room. Since JY never heard of SA's violin playing, I feel like he'll feel touched after hearing her violin skills – which will probably lead them to play together in private and later on in a performance (my guess is either during the foundation's party, this time as a couple and a world-class pianist + foundation staff duo).
  13. I don't think it's that one. I was curious, so I rewatched that scene. But on that scene, JY was wearing a grey-ish shirt with black (dark-coloured) buttons. However, in this photo, he's wearing a grey-ish shirt with white buttons. So I'm guessing that it's probably recent? That said, he's looking really cute here!!! Gaahhhh... How I love all the cast members in this drama (yes, even JK! The actress playing it does really well and the character itself has redeemed a bit when she properly gave feedback to SA in my eyes). Side note: Out of curiosity, has Lee Sung Kyung acted with Sungcheol (HH) in any drama before? Oh right!!! I totally forgot about this part. This was cute. And guess what.. They weren't even dating nor liked each other yet then, which meant that this jealousy feeling was very minor. Imagine what would happen if this happened now?! Can we expect to see a full-blown jealous JY?!?! That said, JY & SA needs to smile more soon. I miss seeing their smiles (I keep seeing them cry or frown or being down & upset).
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