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  1. wah.... this drama looks really good already.. and with Mobao Feibao being the scriptwriter for this drama.. i can't wait already!!! >.< Is there a confirmation on the airing date yet?
  2. @triplem man... seeing that last hug... and also that comment from Lee Yoobi.. it's now really hitting me that it's the end... that it's over.. I'm sad about the low ratings, but at the same time I'm glad that they know everyone who watched it loved it. Maybe the low ratings was a blessing in disguise, because we've all seen how many dramas with high ratings ended quite badly (for example, Cheese in the Trap, etc.). Because of the low ratings, the writer (i think) stayed true to her original plan and ended it that way. Maybe there might have been minor changes, but one thing I know for sure is that the writer most likely stuck to her plan. And look at how that turned out to be... AWESOME! This is a drama i would never forget for sure..!! I mean.. where else can you get romance + real life lessons + poetry + awesome acting + good looking people + a couple that STAYS together and DOESN'T break up for 5 EPISODES?!?!?! nowhere!! only APAD! and just for that I'l always be thankful to the writer & director! @bebebisous33 that's a plausible theory, since the director seems to be very invested in JW. But even if that's the case, I'm pretty sure the director wouldn't accept BY as their full-time therapist if she didn't have all the glowing recommendations from her colleagues. And since the director seems to want to know/want the best for JW, i'm pretty sure the director would have researched about BY to see if she's a good fit for him. If so, I'm sure the director would have also found out about how her patients commended her (and she had the most praises in the whole hospital), how well she's done so far, and more! So... I would say just a slight push from JW & the Chief, but the thing that sealed the deal was how well she's done as a therapist. Because JW wouldn't have left the hospital even if BY wasn't there. maybe later, but not right then. And no hospital want to hire someone that's not good (because that'll harm their reputation)
  3. last stills from tvn.. can't believe there'll be no more cute and clumsy BY, handsome JW, immature MH, used-to-be-rich NW, pretty Dr. Kim, coward but actually kind MC, struggling SW, slightly hateful JY, always unsure DB & 2 "hopefully they'll grow up soon" interns gracing my screen starting from next week... what do i do now?!?!? thanks everyone for making APAD even more enjoyable! all your translations, insights, comments & updates definitely made watching this even more fun!!! hope to see you all in another thread soon edit: did tvn just make a background picture for our phones?!??! i just realized it after translating their description... omgomgomg >.< such a great gift...
  4. found the link to the pictures!! I'm guessing this is what you were talking about @jellybing2009 & @ELlovelyz ? I wonder what happened?!? So nerve-wrecking!!!
  5. ep 15?? you mean... after ep 15, BY will be all sensible?? no more funny, always getting into trouble BY?? hehehe That aside, I wonder why she went to a sauna place though... I mean.. it's not like she doesn't have a place to stay at.. is she just traveling there? maybe.. with JW? hehehe Or maybe with Dr. Kim? or maybe she REALLY doesn't have a job anymore?!?! don't tell me she got fired from her current hospital already because her contract ended...
  6. it's ok. that just means Jang Dongyoon did that much of a great job portraying him, the writer did an amazing job in building his character & writing the script, and everyone else did that amazing of a job filming him!! ^^
  7. Just saw on Chaeyoung's live IG video (Dr. Kim) that the whole cast (including staff) is having a meal, so I'm guessing their wrap up party thing is today?? T.T They seem like they're having a good time though so that's good!! ^^
  8. really? i'll think about it then because i just read the synopsis and it talked about a twin impersonating their other twin? so i'm a bit apprehensive about it. but i'll keep it in mind! thanks for the recommendation! ^^
  9. @jellybing2009 you can find the 1 minute preview at the end of episode 14. So you can go to daily*otion (can i say this name out loud) or anywhere else that has the raw and fast forward to the last minute to see the preview edit: ooo!!! i want to see JW being the one that admits to the entire staff that he's dating BY!!! That'd be different from his usual character (since he usually tells everyone to back off)! And yes!!! He should definitely make a move after hearing MH's declaration!! I do hope that JW knows about the bracelet though... so he can replace it with another one and give it to BY! Or if MH can retrieve it and give it back to BY, then that'd be good too!! But i think he does right? Since he was holding it in ep 14's preview. Did that happen in the drama? @triplem thanks for sharing the rough translation with us. I agree with MH's statement. If you're in love with someone, you should be able to show everything.. But this only happens once you're "out" of that honeymoon stage, and our WooYe couple is definitely not there yet. It's to be expected since MH & BY knew each other since university and they had the same group of friends, while JW & BY are just starting to really get to know each other.. So I'm pretty sure they'll reach their comfortable stage sometime in the future, but I'm also sure that they'll be comfortable yet respectful of each other when they reach that stage (since that's what mature couples always do according to my observation i've seen in life so far). Hopefully I can see it when that happens, but even if i don't get to see it, i'm not worried about their future as a couple anymore. 6 more days until episode 15!!! It's the last 2 episodes already!! T.T What should I watch after this?!?! T.T
  10. Okayyyyy... I definitely worried too much.. Just saw the 1 minute preview and like what @jellybing2009 said, it seems like she's having thoughts about her career. in the longer preview I think she told JW that she might not be able to help him out during his shoot (the photo we saw where JW was doing the show and Dr. Kim was with him). I think this is because BY knew that she might be going out of the hospital (and i do think she'll most likely move in the end since it doesn't seem the current hospital will accept her as a full timer). But even so, I think their relationship will stay strong and that this move will just be one of the challenges that they (as a couple) will have to overcome. And maybe that's what MH was referring to? So I think our lovely couple will be fine btw.. is there a name for these two? no nicknames? just JW & BY couple?
  11. @bebebisous33 @bella1025 i feel better after reading your comments. I do feel worried that they'll face problems (and every couple should at least face one problem since that's what makes a couple stronger or finally break them), and with their maturity level facing any problems shouldn't be a big problem. It was just that her sad expression in the 30sec preview + me not understanding the preview = a very worried Ye line supporter.. >.< I do believe that MH will never get together with BY, especially after today's episode. I have to see the 1 min preview.. that preview is usually clearer and a lot less misleading than the 15 or 30 sec one. And yes!! i agree with @yusefull that I prefer BY getting the job because of her ability and not because of a guy because that defeats the whole purpose of her realizing and finding her own "power". I do hope that she'll become a full timer at the end of this drama though I need to see my BY happy after everything!! I want her to get all the happiness that she deserves (a loving, doting & reliable boyfriend (YJW), a steady job, and a healthy relationship with her friends, colleagues and family )
  12. ahhh... after watching ep 15 preview i'm starting to get worried... why does BY look like she's having second thoughts about her decision to date JW? Or is this just me thinking too much?? What do you all think?
  13. From the preview, I'm actually a bit disappointed in MH.. I mean.. everyone goes through heartbreak (although some people might be luckier than others in the sense that they go through it fewer times), but most people don't become petty like him. So far, everything that MH thought was just in his head, aka it didn't happen in real life. BY was nice to him because her personality is like that, there wasn't any reason to hate him after the problem during university was cleared. And instead of him continuing to show his mature side of wishing her happiness, he decided to hurt him (during the dodgeball game) and her (during the ATV). I get that he must be hurting, but it doesn't mean you can act that way.. I just hope he gets over it soon and becomes BY's good friend again Anyways.. from the clips of today's episode, it seems like it's really sad. I can't wait to watch it with english sub so I finally understand everything, but the way this drama portrays old age is really something. First with the older generation falling behind knowledge and technology (they showed it with JY's dad & JY's boss). And now with sickness. On the up side, BY & JW really suit each other. With their likes, thoughts, actions (both of them really do care about their boss/senior), etc. I'm glad both of them found each other. BY during the end of her career in this hospital (if she doesn't become a full timer) and JY at the beginning of his career in this hospital. And the way both of them rely on each other.. I hope I can find someone like that too in real life Now... can episode 14 come already?!?! hahaha P.S.: did BY see JW's letter at the end? or did she not open the envelope at all?
  14. The first clip for ep 13 is here already! Dr. Ye is soooo cool today! Did he jus save BY during the conference??? awwww
  15. @RPM isn't that what BY was wearing in the date & kiss scene in ep 13's preview? i wonder what happened to her?? looks like she's drunk... did she get in trouble suddenly??
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