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  1. hi guys. i just started this drama (after Go Go Squid ended) and felt it's getting really fun now! honestly, the first few episodes lost me, especially since I didn't know the story. the gaming scenes also bored me in the beginning, mostly because i didn't know how it works. but now, they've really made me invested in the characters & even the gaming scenes are starting to get really fun! I don't know if this means it's a good adaptation or not, since I didn't follow the novel nor the anime. But I would say this is a great drama! The gaming scenes especially wowed me! Since when do we see gaming scenes using real CGI?! Never!! I'm so happy to be seeing CGI instead of actors acting like they're a game character. That just removes the fun of gaming dramas.. =.= I love the antics between Guo Guo & Ye Xiu (they're hilarious!!!) and the friendships (and competition) in the drama. Hopefully the drama will continue strongly for the next 26 episodes.
  2. ehhh.. i just realized.. i think the drama will end on the 30th instead of the 31st because there's another show that's taking over GGS's place on the 31st! plus, it seems that we'll be getting 2 episodes tomorrow instead of 1!! O.O can anyone confirm this? edit: hmm.. i may be wrong. I checked the schedule for today and only ep 34 is airing. sorry guys..
  3. btw.. is it just me or does anyone else want more Yaya & Xiaomi scenes? I love our main couple (who doesn't, especially after he did a 180 degrees change ), but i miss seeing Yaya & Xiaomi together...
  4. there's definitely dubbing! u can hear it, especially when they talk about CTF. but i think most of the time they're using their own voices. even for dubbing, they dubbed it by themselves (since the voices seem similar albeit cleaner). correct me if i'm wrong though.
  5. does anyone know how the ratings for Go Go Squid post leakage is? is it still going strong or has it went down?
  6. this is so sad.. i really hope this won't affect the ratings of the remaining episodes, but i'm honestly very skeptical that it won't have an effect.. to think that the entire production team worked so hard on this.. this is really sad...
  7. Someone got a hold of ALL the episodes and started spreading clips of "important" scenes (or highlights) of each episode in Weibo. Not sure if they've uploaded all the remaining episodes in the series yet, but you can definitely find clips of unaired episodes online. Hopefully this doesn't affect the ratings of Go Go Squid in the upcoming episodes.
  8. oh mann.. i think you're right.. gahhh.. more angst until Tuesday then?! noooo..
  9. hiiii @gladys57. glad you found this drama. isn't it such a nice drama to watch after LCDF? I was so happy to hear this one airing not long after LCDF ended!! I hope TN doesn't EVER give up on HSY. Thanks for sharing the translation @jewelsc! I seriously can't see them sad T.T Will probably miss this weekend's episodes and watch it when Monday's episode comes out cuz it's too heartbreaking.. T.T
  10. honestly, I agree with you. I do love all the stuff that's going on but the rapid transformation of HSY is shocking (although very much welcomed ). If I can make a guess, I would say that the reason why he likes her a lot (and so dearly cares for her) now is because he's already felt the sadness of separating with her. in ep 13-14, they separated for around 2 weeks right? So i would guess that in the time the drama didn't show us, both of them (but HSY especially) thought about their "past" relationship & how important the other person was to them (i mean, TN was the only girl who understood him (even though his temper is something), let him do his stuff (aka career), care for his family & friends (e.g. Xiao Ai, grandpa), made him happy/not indifferent, etc.). that's why both of them took the breakup quite badly. But I do agree it's a bit too fast (in the regular world). But I guess we can just assume that it's because he realizes that he's always had a special part in his heart for her (he did treat her differently from the rest of the girls from the start) & doesn't want to lose this second chance. And love is blind anyways right? Nevertheless, I'm still glad that there's all these romance stuff. At least we can see that HSY also likes TN. And it's not just TN now.
  11. yep. from Croton Media. it takes one day for you? that's weird.. cuz for me, it uploads at 10pm (China time). i think that's the expected upload time too. hmm.. maybe try a chinese streaming site?
  12. youtube. but note that the episodes aren’t subbed. so you’ll have to wait for 1-2 days for the subbed episodes.
  13. does anyone know what blueberry’s role here is? is she Tong Nian’s manager? or a fellow singer?
  14. honestly, me too. is it because it's not that developed yet? or because it's new? i don't know.. but for now, it just seems like a one sided thing (like i think i would actually be shocked if they get together later on because i can't see sparks flying unlike TN & HSY).
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