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  1. Finally Wednesday!! I was wondering if anybody have a good livestream link? Last week i watched on MBC's player but it stops every 5th minute to make you sign up haha
  2. He was extra jerky this week, but i like that Dan-Oh won't have any of it! I really like that actor though haha, he was so sweet in www And Haru is a dream guy, wow, can't wait for the romance to kick in
  3. No, Do-Hwa is, he who likes Joo-Da, the second in the storyline with Nam-Ju it's confusing with two different storylines haha
  4. When you've been on a holiday and caught up with the last three episodes!! Wow!! This series is better than fanfiction!!
  5. When real life calls you but you have to peek in here every now and again to see if there's any updates The week felt so long, now it's just one more day I can't watch it live this week because i'm travelling, but i'll keep a watch out here for some romantic action hahaha
  6. I am in love with the song that played during the woodshop scene when Da In observes Deok Mi and Ryan, also playing during EG's shower scene. It's so beautiful, i hope it's next week's ost I'm very curious to know who sings it! What a nice voice~
  7. When you can't stop replaying Deok Mi's dream scene
  8. I watched it live but as usual, every vital moment the connection disappeared I wanted to throw my computer out when it lagged during the hot moment haha Anyway, i must admit i kind of like the slow burn. It's only recently actually that they discover they are attracted to each other. I think their chemistry is just too strong, they probably need time to figure that out. Ryan did, but i think he doesn't truly understand his feelings to the full extent. Every gaze is magic. Even at the wood shop, the annoying girl could see it. That's why she wanted to sabotage it. I kind of enjoyed when Deok Mi helped her with her furniture. I would like to see them being friends instead. EG is that unreasonable jealous type that i talked about earlier. He doesn't do it because of Deok Mi's best interest, he just doesn't want anybody else to have her. So he is kind of sabotaging too. At least that annoying girl is aware that she does it, but EG doesn't even realise how he is acting... I look forward to next week when they begin to really explore their feelings and hopefully it won't be too long before they can't help themselves but to act on it. And communicate with each other haha...Lastly, that kiss was so good! I love the sensual parts, like when he whispered the code in Deok Mi's ear etc, kissing her cheek was so tender too...I can't even imagine what the real kiss will be like haha the wait is so long now, luckily it's awesome to hang out here and share theories
  9. You guys were right again haha trolled twice!! And that scene was so hot, i'm disappointed haha
  10. Since you guys were right about thumb kiss, i'm gonna trust you on this imagination kiss haha Let's see tmr...I do suspect it's too good to be true, but i really liked the setup! And that Deok Mi initiated it~ soft and sweet haha
  11. I think that's my favourite thing about this drama actually. It's such a breath of fresh air to have a male lead that isn't unreasonable jealous but truly happy for her instead. I really loved that scene. I don't like it when EG puts down Deok Mi's passion. I understand that after many years of fangirling, maybe it could be annoying but i don't think he knows the way to her heart. In my perspective, love is seeing everything a person is and still love them for it. And I love to see Ryan love that side of Deok Mi! Even though I think EG is also a good guy, it was really nice seeing him playing with the children. But i can't help thinking, if he truly loved Deok Mi, he would be interested in getting to know her more intimately. I hope he realises this, the difference between a crush and love I think we should set him up with Ryan's friend, who know what could happen? And the love square would be over haha
  12. Aww the kiss was too short haha thanks for the recap, my stream was really bad today, and always stops at the pivotal moments!! Looking forward to watch it with subs later. I agree that Ryan is the sweetest, i loved that he was smiling at Deok Mi's happiness at the event. What a guy! No wonder Mom also loves him now haha I guess my predictions were mostly wrong haha, looks like love triangle ahead, i think they are a bit tiresome but maybe it will help them to take the step towards a real relationship
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