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  1. Not to burst your bubble, but I do want to confirm you knew this was just a fan's drawing? IU and LSK never took this picture together.
  2. Maybe because they realized it's not a good idea to show that little girl?
  3. Looks like the DVD/Blu-ray set came with a little pamphlet or magazine? Honestly a little shocked to see one of the pictures they decided to include out of all the possibilities.
  4. Looks like a local resident's lucky day:
  5. Greenpeace Campaign with English sub:
  6. I guess the recent photos of Lee Sun Woong settled your question of whether the character would be wearing glasses. It's okay by me not to see those dorky black-rimmed glasses that LSK seems to love. But I wouldn't have minded a frame with a very thin rim. And no, i haven't decided where to watch Parasite. Haven't had time, so if this continues into October I will just see it in the theater.
  7. I guess some people are only discovering this now. This is a rather funny thread:
  8. It took me a while to register who the heck you were talking about. I thought you had posted on the wrong thread. Lol! Here's the full body version.
  9. And be able to do special things to keep his marital harmony.
  10. I'm excited the new drama is shooting. But boy, LSK doesn't rest, and now he even has to be away from home for a long stretch of time.
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