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  1. so are u saying its possible they've been dating since then hahhahha lol if they are they are good at hiding. Also I find it interesting when a K celeb is in a relationship with another k celeb one of them usually moves to the same agency but idk maybe its just a coincidence
  2. By the way how long have u been a fan of the two Individually cause i wanna ask u guys if they ever acted this close and happy around their other co stars from other project Because they seem to be really enjoying each others presence ❤️
  3. hello guys I am new to this group I recently finished watching its okay to not be okay I love it so much I want a season 2 HAHAHAAH something about KSH and SYJ hits different so here goes nothing I rarely ship cause I dont wanna get disappointed so I hope this one sails lol hehehe hope everyone doing well
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