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  1. Thank you for @luvcrabbieshinhwa and @Sky8lue for translating the BTS scenes! I am also in the STS mode when KJW was fixing his hair and PMY came to the rescue. That small gesture! I also noticed that KJW took PMY's pictures leaning on the car (like A LOT) using his own phone (sponsored phone is Samsung and the one he used is iPhone) and wonder what he did with it. Their off-screen chemistry is blowing my mind .
  2. Hahaha, I think he knows it is a little bit awkward for DM to call "Ryan" (the effort to pronounce it tho ) since DM is already very much comfortable calling RG "Director". Thus why RG suggesting DM to use nickname. I like Saja Sekki tho.
  3. Hi all! Was a silent lurker coming out from the closet just like how surprisingly RG calling DM "Sinagil"! OMG. Nice to meet you all, love to read every details you guys posted in this forum and I really enjoyed every of it! Today's episode is crazy... what can I say? RG is super rational man, he never made any harsh decision emotionally. But I am afraid he actually has so much scar on his heart, as shown on the preview for the ep. 11. He cries and it makes me hurt so bad guess from the text preview, is it possible if he got to remember his mother in the next ep tho? I think for further it should be DM's turn now to understand more about RG because I see that RG is very much vulnerable just like in today's ep when he saw EG went to DM's house, then he made a call but DM turned off her phone, and lastly made sure to go to DM's house at a proper time: 7 o'clock, he just shown us that he doesn't want to be ended up alone and he knows how terrible it is for being left alone. Since DM's identity is revealed, now it's supposed to be DM's time to show that she loves RG just as much as RG loves her (lets see how she works it out with her knowledge that RG is actually lying about Lee Sol's painting). Steal the spotlight, gurl! It's 12 o clock here in Indonesia lmao have to go to work tomorrow but this drama makes me crazy... let's catch up later in the morning guys! 7 o'clock! hope to see another interesting posts from you guys!
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