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  1. I just want to say, I love this drama! It’s funny and straightforward. The characters enlightened my heart. Since MOA I have hang over and can not enjoy any drama. But, this one is my drug.
  2. I am not a writer, I know it’s hard to write, and I can’t critized SJJ to learn how to write because of the ending is not like we want. Even if she can not write, why did you spend your time to watch MOA till the last episode?
  3. Just 2 days after the last episode, but I have already misses MOA, all the characters there except YR! Btw, I like the new emoticons for our reaction to every post. Can we ask PH, the writer and PD for season 2. Even my lawyer Mr. Jo has season 2. The voice will be continue to season 3. Why don’t MOA?
  4. I hope we will see again in other drama. I think after MOA I temporary don’t have spirit to watch another drama. I feel tired and sad, tired because I had to watch after 10 pm and sad not because the ending but the scene that JW had to stab seo. It’s a very heartbreaking scene. I have prepared my heart everytime I watch kdrama, so when the ending just like MOA I did not regret watching it. Just now another drama (Priest) also ended with a bittersweet ending. That’s the risk become kdrama warrior. Thanks for all the time we being here in this thread, I really really enjoy to be part of you guys. see you again!
  5. I suggest you chingu to finish last episode with subs. You will see from different perspective, from HJ and SJ sights. They believe that they an bring JW back. But too bad that SJJ and PD do not have faith like those siblings. If the writer and PD stay in the same boat there will be episode 17 & 18 ! SJ said only master can hide himself in an instance dungeon, so that start when Marco shot him in the train. He hid himself in instance dungeon in Granada Station! JW as the new master also hid in instance dungeon, so nobody can see him unless they are log in into the game. Btw the name of the game is NEXT.
  6. Even the ending is disatisfied, I am watching now with subs in netflix. I finally understand why the ending like an open ending.
  7. I try to understand why SJJ made an ending like this, because JW actually is in deep richard simmons troubles since there were 3 deaths around him that could not be explained in a rational way. Even if the bugs have been eliminated he could not escape from laws. He would be jailed and his company is bankrupt. That’s why he decided to choose death inside the game to finish all of the troubles even he left his happiness with HJ all alone. In W the male lead finally merge in the real world, but in MOA JW disappear in AR world. I think this why I never put high hopes with happy ending in drama like MOA. JW is the 4th bug that can reset the game, Emma killed him with the Key To Heaven.
  8. We send the NPC’s to SJJ house tonite! I can’t get angry with the ending, I just want to laugh and laugh and laugh till I become a Zombie myself and Haunt SJJ!
  9. This is the second time I am spend my nights watching drama with an open ending like hell! First MGL and then MOA. Maybe I must not watch drama with first letter M! lol!
  10. Yes this is the end, even I don’t understand why the writer made an ending like that lol!
  11. It’s been a year since Jw missing, the game was launch by jone. Park meet HJ in a cafe. maybe asked her dating someone or not. I don’t know why SB still have dinner or lunc in HJ house? SJ join jone!
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