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  1. Happy New year! I am late to the CWPFN party but I want to express my love for this drama, though a bit late! I only got to watch during my Christmas break and I would have to agree, the hiatus and the postponement contributed to the decline in ratings. I think people just got tired of waiting for the drama. But congratulations to the cast and crew! Everyone worked hard and I am glad that it seemed like a fun set to be in. Overall story and pacing: The pacing could have been a bit better as the story didn’t really pick up for me until episode 5? I hoped that SK didn’t do a complete 180˚ and act like he never had mysophobia. It would have been more believable if he still had little ‘moments’ but was better at handling anxiety. I still think that the grandpa left him a trust fund. Or at least some shares. He’s still comfortable. I wish there was more time to explore the “new and improved” CEO. Some fans putting Kyun Sang down: I was saddened by this. It’s sad that people still think that YJ only “belongs” (I soooo hate that word) to her previous partner. I want to ask those narrow-minded fans if they think YJ should never work and accept another drama? What is the girl supposed to do then?? Sometimes I think YJ accepted this drama to break out of the LITM stereotype. It’s sad to think that some fans think she will not be successful if she’s paired with others. I believe YJ and KS generally like each other and have chemistry. I can’t help but think though that YJ makes extra effort to be nice to KS on camera, just because of the backlash about his looks and age. People can be really mean. This made me laugh It was like she asked for her ideal man from the universe, and the universe gave KYS I hope he gets to be in another drama that can show his acting chops and not be bothered about bad comments on his looks, age, etc. I am rooting for them both, I hope 2019 gives new projects and dramas! I hope they still continue to be good friends. Thank you CWPFN team! It was a good ride!
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