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  1. In my opinion you should not interpret the songs because you can like a song by the lyrics, the beat, the voice of the artist. Well, when I see the songs that I liked on Spotify there are full of happy or sad love songs and I'm not even in a relationship so lol
  2. Naeun with her soulmate He will be a good father, I like the patience he has with the children. We haven't seen this side of him often, I hope we will see more and more
  3. Oh my god ! These two have really grown Naeun in Yellow ? Taemin color in SHINee lol I'm just kidding
  4. Naeun IG Update Oh she whatched a Netflix movie ! She said in 2018 that she was afraid to watch movies or series because she put herself in the character's place and it scared her a little bit. Seriously you need to watch her part. It's not the first time, but it's been a very long time since she confided like that (41:44) . If I remember it was the end of 2018 ! Wow : time gos by quickly ^^ Even if her future husband is not Taemin I want the person she loves to protect her, to guide her. At this interview she was 24 years old (25 years old, Ko
  5. Guys ! Isn't Naeun picture behind Taemin ? Naeun is always there for a photoshoot don't you think so ?
  6. Naeun IG story She seems to have a new hair color ? Grey or more brown I don't know or it's a filter ? ^^
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