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  1. When I started this, I didn't expect to stick throughout the end and wait anxiously for the next episode like it's essential for breathing, but yunno how kdramas can capture a person's heart and make us fall in love with it even when we do NOT want to. Witch's Court was like that to me.


    In real life, Yi Deum would be an assy bff to have; savage, utterly hopeless when a victim, emotion-less and literally the bad girl in any story. But as a character, she has captured my heart like no other drama heroine may ever have. Yes, some of the cases in the drama was bull, I won't say otherwise. But I stayed for Yi Deum, the most adorable OTP and Mom. And that worked. Because I fell in love with the OTP, with their individual characters and personality and with the OSTs, cuz what kdrama doesn't have a wonderful OST?


    Anyway, I did wait anxiously for every episode, hoping for a glimpse of the OTP and I'm glad to say, although the romance was wasted, it was totally worth it, sitting for hours and watching it from the start to the end. I'm glad I watched it and although I haven't participated in the thread, I absolutely loved every moment of it.I'm glad I used my studying hours watching this and threw my kdrama hiatus out the window.




    Anyway, thanks for all the promos and spoilers and everything. I really enjoyed it and I will definitely miss it.


    Here's a cookie for everyone who will be suffering from the kdrama withdrawals. 



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  2. 16 minutes ago, Mindy said:

    Exactly. He says he doesn't want to see her hurt but he's the one hurting her. Idiot. I shall wait with a less hopeful heart so if nothing happens I am mentally and emotionally prepared.

    And if she doesn't want him cuz he is such an richard simmons and he sniffed her coat just to tell her that she's smelly (I mean who does that to the girl he likes?!), yunno when he's like the least ideal person for her on the long run.....


























    .... he can always have me.



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  3. I wasn't going to comment on this because although I've been watching this I've been on a severe hiatus from watching dramas, but I can't help but write some of my thoughts here.

    First off, some may know me as the pervy oppa lover who get many warnings from mods for being too pervy, but if you don't, hi, I'm heartoppaya. 

    As everyone, I'm in for the hari and minjoon non-romance although, YJT has been a favorite of mine since Healer. So although we're on the last day, stay happy, have hope, our gang will find a way to show the bad guys, who Mad Dogs are. And maybe we'd get some intense lip action between hari and MJ. Here's a cookie for all the hoping. :cookie:

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  4. I was really surprised when AR confessed first cuz for one thing, DM shows most of his flailing moments rather than AR although she gets all hot and bothered whenever she's with him. I was honestly thinking that DM would confess first.

    Being in love with her best friend could mean that AR will be experiencing a love story that is the opposite of her ex love stories. She always dated first and started ro have feelings later. It's the opposite with DM, hopefully one everything is settled and we'd get our daily dose of kisses.

    DM meanwhile could be the five year old jealous cutie pie and I would still not give him up for the world. Continue being this handsome, immature, sexy and swoony. 

    P.S. yes please for more abs :wub:

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  5. I can't wait for the two to be a couple finally. I mean true, we're just six episodes in, but I have a feeling if their chemistry is already sizzling as friends, how will their romantic chemistry be like. I have to fan myself now. Oooooh living just steps away from each other they can just choose to umm spend the night in either one's apartment. All the kisses we might get. All the stumbling into apartments. All the using every flat surface-

    I'm getting ahead of myself. :wub:

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  6. 22 minutes ago, xxPeepsxx said:


    There was no "official announcement" (save for his one-sided self-declaration when MooBin first met DongMan with AeRa). It's all in the idiot boy's head. He makes me laugh with how clueless he is, HAHA.


    And JooMan DOES see how much SeolHee's worth (A LOT), but with each time she pushes her own interest aside and lowers herself to do everything for others, he unconsciously/ unknowingly/ helplessly loses a little bit of respect for her. And those little bits accumulate and I'm pretty sure he's soon going to go... off.

    After all, if you don't respect or love yourself, who will?

    MB doesn't make me laugh anymore. He is very territorial about AR when she just agreed for a date, as he kept insisting, may i add. He's not only clueless he's stupid as well, asking her to move out and not meet her best friend since childhood is such an a**y move. If I was her I would just dump him.

    As to JM and SH I think he does notice her worth, but its more of a given and there's nothing really fresh or sizzling in their relationship. JM knows that he would receive SH's adoration no matter what, and he doesn't think of what might happen if he loses her. He thinks she's a guaranteed person to spend his lifetime with, only the love is a little on the edge. And he's very aware of tge physical difference between SH and Ms. Snooty 2.0.

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  7. Is it me or do you feel that Aera's accent during high school was kinda similar to Sung Na Jeong in Answer Me 1994? Is it the Busan dialect? Or the bobcut? Or the aggressive fangirling?


    1 hour ago, xxPeepsxx said:

    @stroppyse LOL, with the preview, I don't think so. What is "Our MooBin"???????


    Seems like DdongMan's gotta deal with training-politics, JooMan is testing my patience with how he's not like going official with SeolHee (what's the secret for? She's not a North Korean spy you know!) and OMG, Puke-face is back again. What will it take for her to get a clue that she's not welcomed and should just stay away? 1 Million clues? Hehehehhe, I cackled at how AeRa whipped around to hear MooBin address himself as "official boyfriend", only to go along with the act and defend "our MooBin" from her overzealous best-friend-to-be-turned-husband. Okay, maybe I'm getting ahead of myself here.

    I like how you addressed all three topics.

    A. JM and SH have the most conflicting relationship ever, but if you think deeply it might not be a huge deal if JM admitted that he has a gf and not get affected by Ms. Snooty 2.0 cuz she and her starry eyed face is seriously annoying me so much. Not to say that SH is not wrong, but atleast the lady is loyal. She should stop worrying about JM and everyone else's welfare and think about herself a bit. Then JM will see how much worth she really is.

    B. Ms. Snooty 1.0 is honestly the biggest bish there ever was. Thinking that dumping people and running into DM because he's always there is the smartest yet most selfish thing anyone could ever do. I have a feeling that DM is still affected although he tries his best not to be. As a viewer of their on-off fling i would be put out too (and/or puke in a corner) but seeing the whole relationship play out in front of her eyes, I'm still wondering why Aera hasn't sucker-punched Ms. Snooty 1.0 in her face. She really ought to leave. Like shoo.

    C. Finally, i haven't watched ep 6 yet so i don't know about the official announcement, but MB is annoying me so much. He needs to go too. I love the actor, but go away "short" cameo!

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  8. I just hope AR will realize her feelings for DM soon because normally in any kdrama usually when one person recognizes his/her feels the other doesn't. And while DM is definitely making progress, AR just has very confused feelings but nothing more. She gets affected when she hugs DM but unlike DM who entirely stops breathing like this:


    AR hasn't shown much confliction unless she is hugging him just to show how "unaffected" she is.

    I just hope they would show AR's protective side when it comes to DM. Like how she was with that bish whatshername. 

    Another thing i loved was how even if they can't save themselves from their own flaws, for each other they would probably kill (or rather lose the other's job). This shows how concerned they are about each other more than they are of themselves. 

    Just friend? My ***


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  9. I didn't watch ep 6 so I'm not sure what happened. But just there's something i wanna add.

    When MB and AR were having dinner in that luxurious hotel in ep 5, in the background you could see red traffic lights and I was like "dude that's a warning. Stop you two"

    As much as i looooove the actor playing MB I hate hus character so much. Not just because he is a love rival for DM, because DM has to still realize the overprotective feels he has for AR is because he might be in love with her, but because MB is very concerned about how AR lives. He gets very territorial and they just went on their first date. He should calm down before DM calls the police on him. Cuz I'm sure DM will do sth like that.

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  10. I still haven't watched yesterday's episode so no spoilers for me. But lemme just um dip into the pool.

    Ok so I wasn't really gonna watch it. Actually I didn't pay much attention but then I saw that PSJ is signing up for a drama. I was a but mehh coz of the horror of his previous drama (no hate) but then KJW too? I was so in.

    My favorite friends to lovers drama was 9E2O and although I hated how long it took the female lead to dump her ex, I loved the passionate friendship between the main duo. I am always skeptical when in comes to this cliché, cuz if done wrong it mighy entirely affect my trust in that trope. And I am glad to say I'm happy I checked out FMW cuz it delivers everything in the perfect amount.

    About the characters. I'd like to address what other people miss when seeing these characters but I'm sure someon has already said all these. AR and DM has a very peculiar relationship. They're definitely best friends and AR is in charge. Alpha female lead and beta male lead is another of my favorite tropes. AR is practically the dominant female although both just yell at each other in somewhat equal amounts.

    At first it might seem familiar how the two just bite each other's heads off because this is kdrama and its a given. But on the other side, the caring of equal amount clashes very well with the pair's randomness and gives what we want: chemistry. DM has always been a shoulder to cry on and although AR rarely does this, I realized that she lets her fragile self show onlu to DM. They're crazy together and yet they rely on each other to be their pillars of strength. I really admire how they face life.

    For now I'm really happy with their strong friendship cuz we all know its gonna turn to love.

    P.S. I feel like I just had sex. My legs super hurts af.


    Oooooh yeah.. Pervy dongsaeng is back!

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  11. Ok I'm back after a really long time (literally a year) on soompi, cuz of Key... Duh.

    Anyway, there are some reasons why I'm gonna watch this drama, mainly, key, key, key, kim seulgi, kim seulgi and key, and well, it's a revenge drama. Who doesn't love a good revenge story?

    Sign me up for this fun ride!

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  12. Thank you so much @lavender2love for conducting this amazing wedding!

    While the fan items are coming, lemme give you my honeymoon fic too....

    The Correct Way... PDK POV

    I've been richard simmons rocks ever since we came to the room.

    It was decorated beautifully with heart balloons, tissue hearts decorating the bed and heart cushions. I'm sure this is the work of Jin Sang, my best man.

    I loosened my bowtie suddenly thinking of where Hae Young went...

    "I'll be back" she breathed into my ear, licking it a but that had me stiff.

    She pranced to the bathroom, dropping behind small items, like a strip dancer, one shoe, the other shoe, her bangles, earrings,...

    Once she reached up her billowy white skirt and pulled away her garter, giving me a glimpse of her milky white thighs, and her cleavage, as her eyes danced with merriness.

    Come quickly, I wanted to tell her. But I gave her a saucy smile just before the bathroom door closed. I knew my strategy worked because I saw her shiver.

    I grinned thinking of what happened.

    Just then, the door opened.


    There she was...

    Leaning against the white door, dressed in a light pink and black negligee, made out of lace, enhancing her curves in the soft light.

    I felt my throat tighten up...

    Oh my God.

    "C'mon" she said quietly.

    Oh yes...

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    Are you ready for the big showdown?

    So, just some small things, I'm sure you're dressed in your beautiful dresses and tuxes, for a beautiful couple's wedding..

    Thank you all for coming here to this beautiful wedding.

    On behalf of the entire team made up of @lavender2love @Mau_Cherry @foxvanilla @theseasasleep @Kasmic @bebebisous33 @Phi and @innasalvatore I would like to warmly welcome you to the beautiful wedding of OH HAE YOUNG and PARK DO KYUNG as they finally become a family today.

    First off, we've got a surprise fic from @Mau_Cherry our fanfic the leader...

    Please raise your glasses!

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  14. 1 hour ago, lavender2love said:


    @gossong .. thank you dear, you are appreciated. Wow.... you have translation and techie skills. :)  Love your gif..... makes me feel perky and bubbly like OHY1 carrying a bouquet. Like many of you here who are so talented and we feel so fortunate. I'm so happy you did a wedding fanvid.... hugszzz. ! Can't wait to watch it. According to , @heartoppaya you can send it to team member no. 4. @theseasasleep.The only thing is we have not heard from her . I think she is busy. Anyway if  by today there is no response from heartoppaya or theseaasleep , post it directly. Oh I'm posting again the list of team members in charge of the activities. Check it out.

    4. One of my pervy commaders @theseasasleep will be handling all your fanvids, any fan videos related to AMO.

      Hide contents



    Hi @gossong you can send the video to me or @lavender2love..

    Also, just a reminder, today is the last day to submit your fan-stuff. I'm expecting boatloads because as you all know, koala couple is very beloved.

    Keep them coming, and maybe, I'll post a fanfic tomorrow...

    @lavender2love we've gotta talk...

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  15. 12 minutes ago, lavender2love said:


    Yay.... ! @dramoron.... nice to see you again, Yeah love the idea..... ! I've asked @heartoppaya to look into it. Tune in .... !!! 

    Don't forget to post your congratulatory message on twitter then.


    @heartoppaya.'s suggestions below........ Everyone okay with that ? ( I have resisted twitter, instagram for a long time for personal reasons... mainly no time... but I'll sign up for AMO wedding ) Can you all go ahead.

    the hashtag thing on twitter... Shall we do that?

    I wanna suggest some.




    And such?

    I dunno, just some suggestions.



    Oh yes guys...

    If you have any other suggestions please don't hesitate to show. Please..

    One more day guys... Get your party frocks ready!

    @lavender2love we have to discuss the food. Should we talk with Mama Oh and Papa Oh about that?

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  16. On 8/24/2016 at 10:29 PM, lavender2love said:


    @PutriSalju...... Hehe ...... we are the guests are we not ? The invitations were sent in 6 batches in Soompi world. You mean SPECIAL GUESTS ? Like  and cast and crew? They will feature in videos I guess. 

    What !!??? Nah......No ex-es and co-stars from other dramas.... We don't want to create awkwardness and mayhem .( especially fan wars )  Even in the real world we avoid sticky situations like that what more in the cyber world.  We just want to celebrate our OTP's wedding on the day picked out by Mama Oh, have fun, eat , drink and take selfies, wefies with the couple for memory. That'll take a lot of photoshopping :rolleyes:

    Your Bali and @heartoppaya Maldives ( near Sri Lanka right ? ) Both are amazing and romantic. We'll leave them to PDK and OHY1 to decide on their first night together as long as they make babies. The exclusive 5-star resort must have a suite big enough for them to spin around. I must say Eric has very strong arms.  I'm sure their children are adorable since both are so good looking.

    I'm from sri Lanka...

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