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  1. 1 hour ago, Jillia said:

    It's a very sensual kiss in my opinion. On one hand I wasn't expecting it from them either but on the other hand I kind of hoped we would get this. They're such a soft-spoken couple, uri Dimple Couple, so it's lovely to see they can be like this as well.


    Source: DCGall, credit as labeled

    Oh my Oh my I see what you did there...


    Well I started writing the fic and let me tell you it’s gonna be spiiiiiicyyyyyy 



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  2. 24 minutes ago, vangsweetie637 said:

    Surprise Couple?!!


    :joy: I seriously LOLed at this name!


    btw, no excuses for a perverted mind.  Welcome to gutterland! I been replaying the kiss scene too! Zooming in on the kiss. See, it’s all in us ;) :lol:

    Thank you thank you for the warm welcome to Gutterland !!



    I have analyzed kisses before (ahem, Another Oh Hae Young and Reply 1994) so maybe I should use my God given talents again?



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  3. Honestly I did NOT expect a kiss like that considering how shy they were with each other. Rather than calling them Dimple Couple it’s better to call them Surprise Couple. Cuz that was one hell of a kiss and it took me by surprise for sure.


    Please note that due to the kiss that happened yesterday my mind is shallow and functioning on a low level. Kindly excuse my pervertism.

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  4. 12 minutes ago, Jillia said:

    Sorry to cut your post. :D


    Oooh, that's a good observation... about the piano and Song Ah opening it. :wub: I think that's really what they have been doing, now all missing is Joon Young opening up about his problems. He really needs to talk about them. Also I wouldn't mind more kissing rehearsals either. Hahaha... but I guess we also have to deal with Joon Young's financial and emotional issues in the next episode. But knetz hope for another kiss... here:


    Source: DCGall


    But it could be a complete tease of course. :D


    As for Hae Na: Like you I think she is an interesting character and she might be struggling just like Song Ah but deal with it differently. Hence why her remark about "why a world class artist (Joon Young) would date an average music student (aka Song Ah)". It's always easier to bring other people down in order to feel better instead of facing the personal problems and trying to solve them.


    I have to admit... I enjoyed Song Ah's master class with Jung Kyung. I know it was exam for Jung Kyung as well but I feel like she would be a better mentor for Song Ah than Professor Lee ever will be. She even gave Song Ah the music sheet with her remarks and corrections.

    Speaking of Master Classes, when can we expect Joon Young to teach a Master Class for Kissing 101? Cuz here’s my money, imma enroll GDI.



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  5. Maaaaaaaan. The fact that KMJ grabbed PEB’s face and kissed her. He’s a really good kisser, my God. I’m still not over it. Nope.






    5 minutes ago, gracebkk said:

    @heartoppaya I loveeeee that fanfic! Seems to me like you still got your touch. ;) If you got anymore you'd like to share, just know that you have a reader right here willing to read anything related to our Dimples Couple hehehehe. :D 



    AHHHHHHHHH you’re feeding my addiction. Of COURSE I will write more. Now that I’ve got a fan I can count on, lol.  :w00t: But from now onwards I’m going back to writing my 18+ fanfics. I’m not used to writing innocent fics. Lol 


    And now that we all KNOW that they’re not innocent I’m more than encouraged to write pervy fics lol. 


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  6. 3 hours ago, rukizie said:

    i read comments that they dislike Song Ah because she is timid and often acts like damsel in distress. She is a frustrating character. EXCUSE ME, Jung Kyung is frustrating me even worse. 



    @Jillia @vangsweetie637 sister that kiss dammit, she almost hit the piano again but our Joon Young hold her like he doesnt want to lose her. 


    @heartoppaya dammit when he said i like you many times. it becomes a lullaby :')




    HE MAKES ME FEEL LIKE: :4267_LiccGif:

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  7. They were shy throughout seven episodes only to makeout like that in the eighth? They were definitely hiding that from us. I knew their chemistry was amazing but THAT amazing? Who knew?!


    I’m still not over the kiss, my Lord. I wanted a Joon Young because that kind of gentleman would match my chaotic troublemaking self but now I desperately need a Joon Young so I can kiss him 25/8. Yes, I’ll make additional hours for my mans. :w00t:






    Apparently there was a kiss on Record of Youth as well but everyone says that it was boring. I was like “Well... my OTP had the best kiss... so....”


    Also just fyi, I started to write a small fanfic I don’t know if I’m as good as I used to be. I used to write pervy fics here on soompi. But I’ve lost that touch for a long time. Here’s just a glimpse tho:

    Fanfic by heartoppaya 

    Park Joon Young was bouncing his legs against the stone wall he was seated on, waiting. He looked at his phone and bit his lips looking around. Just then the person he has been waiting for, violinist Chae Song Ah walked out the door. Trying hard to deny a smile, he jumped off the wall and stared at her. A shy smile crept her lips when she saw him and he mirrored her smile. The bashful girl made her way towards him, making him look down smiling.


    “Did you wait too long?” She asked looking at him.


    He shook his head.


    “No, I just came” he replied, even if it has been fifteen minutes since he was seated waiting for her.


    She nodded, obviously not believing the lie. He caught her eyes and they both looked away smiling.


    “Shall we have dinner?” He asked.


    Song Ah nodded and the two of them walked along the road, randomly looking at each other and smiling when the other catches them looking at the other.




    Thats it for today, lol.

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  8. 5 minutes ago, rukizie said:

    So there’s a rumour between Professor Yoo and Jun Young. The rumor seems bad since the reporter knows about the rumour. She even asked about Jimin and the tchauvsky ( sorry i can’t remember this ) ‘s competition 


    Professor Yoo said he is quite good to have interview but he is not good in practice his song. 


    Song Ah yaaaaa :( 

    She seems so nice to Joon Young even asked him to have a lunch with her but he rejected her offer because he wanted to meet someone. EXCUSE ME SIREEEE DONT GIVE HER TOO MUCH SMILE LIKE THAT. I CANT STOP FEELING THIS EXCITEMENT 

    I understand your frustration when he smiles. I fell for him for his smile too. That darn smile.



    Just now, rukizie said:

    Park kwajang is really into my nerves. How dare he asked Joon Young and mind their love triangle and act like he is not the same level between these two. 



    Song Ah got scolded by her pianist partner because she can’t feel the connection between her play. 

    I bet she will feel the connection only with Joon Young 



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  9. This is my favorite underdog drama of the year. And my favorite characters of the year as well.


    I’m still surprised how in love I am with Joon Young. I once mentioned on Dramabeans that he is akin to a standard Second Male Lead; kind hearted, stares at the main Female Lead from afar and missed timing. But instead of losing the girl, he might be getting the girl. As much as I love Song Ah as a character too, I’m still totally taken by Joon Young. He has a certain charisma that I didn’t notice before. I first saw him on Persevere Goo Hae-Ra and I fangirled over his beautiful face. But then I watched Second 20’s and I loved him as the main lead’s son. Then I watched My First Time and fell for him in absolute. Even if Choi Minho (the main Male Lead in My First Time) is from my bias group SHINee, I wanted Kim Min Jae to win Park So Dam so much.

    Ever since I’ve noticed him not getting the girl and it hurt so much for my poor noona heart. And now finally he gets the girl and not acting as a jerk, but as a kind hearted man who actually deserves the girl and for that only I’m happy.


    Meanwhile, Chae Song Ah proves to be one of the strongest female leads in KDrama history. The fact that she goes against the meaning of her name makes me admire her more. She fell in love one time and didn’t have the courage to confess, maybe because she knew deep down that he was not the person she should love. But with Joon Young, she didn’t waste time. She told him the bold truth, to get it or not.


    And no matter how many times I keep telling it, but Joon Young asking for time is one of the most underrated moments of the drama. The fact that he didn’t create any kinds of misunderstandings (with his feelings for her and about Jung Kyung’s pathetic accusation) and cleared all misunderstandings between them ASAP proves how amazing the character is and would be in real life if everyone can get their own Park Joon Young.


    I wish all of us are lucky enough to get a Park Joon Young.



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  10. This is one of the healthiest dramas I’ve ever seen.


    Have you ever seen a Kdrama where the Male Lead asks the Female Lead to wait for him because he’s in a messy love triangle and he doesn’t want to involve her as well? I haven’t. And even I did it’s obviously some stupid reason like the Second Female Lead has cancer or something like that. I keep getting impressed every episode I watch by how mature Joon Young and Song Ah are. They aren’t afraid to address their insecurities and complexities and I adore them for that. Even if they’re not dating, it’s obvious they’re taken with each other and has no space for anyone else in their life. I also love how direct Joon Young is with Jung Kyung. Because Lord knows how directly you should tell that woman to back off. It’s been a while since I’ve seen a pathetic Second Female Lead and now that I know what type of woman she is (pathetic, chases after fame, etc) I’m not confused about how I feel for her anymore. At first I wanted to be sympathetic because the actress was doing an amazing job with making her character sympathetic. But now that I’ve seen it all, I’m no more gonna feel sorry for her. She deserves the massive heartbreak about to come.


    I keep falling more and more in love with Joon Young. For some reason him being a complete gentleman makes my heart flutter. And the OTP is one of the best I’ve seen so far. How adorable can one glance be? Even if they’re talking about each other with someone the chemistry is there. 

    Park Joon Young is made for Chae Song Ah. That’s a fact. The day they finally start dating (tonight maybe?) will be the death of me. How can a not-yet-couple be so God Darn adorable already? They’re so taken with each other and are so in love with each other already. Such mature acting. And the chemistry is sky high.

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  11. The fact that Joon Young asked Song Ah for time made me happy. Something stirred inside me and it took me back to a time when I confessed. And even if I’m not with him anymore it was a happy memory and I still smile thinking about it. I was so young and yet I had the guts, just like Song Ah to confess to my crush.


    We all know that Joon Young likes her too and it gives me butterflies that he didn’t immediately say yes like the classic kdrama. He asked for time yet he’s totally interested in her. Adorable.


    I hope the butterflies he’s giving her now will turn into little feet someday. :7555_attack:

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  12. The “I LOVE YOU” scream parallel was amazing. Honestly when I first saw it I expected KT to say that one day too. The best bit was the patients watching their nurse scream “I LOVE YOU COME BACK I LOVE YOU” at their cold fairytale author/reader. That was epic.




    But his eyes.. he was hungry af heh



    I want a fun sex scene. Speaking of parallels will KT try to kiss her non stop on bed while she wrestles him to stay quiet? Ahhh i cant wait for tomorrow.




    p.s. I saw a very disturbing sticker in the sticker set I was surprised. Or maybe the soompi owners are very innocent and my pervy mind is making up stuff. Here, this one: 



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  13.  Well, the kiss happened just as I imagined it would. The intensity was tenfold and I felt like I was watching something 21+ and I turned my phone from my mom when the kiss happened. I was gonna show my mom the series but now I think she will judge me when she sees this episode. Two kiss masters going at it. I predicted it earlier anyway. I knew they were gonna be masters. I’m known as the pervy dongsaeng but good Lord, that kiss made me blush.



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