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  1. I wouldn’t be calling myself young. Is 28 young? But nope I haven’t watched My Ahjussi. But I do know about Lee Sun Kyung. His voice is too deep for my taste. Kim Min Jae’s on the other hand is right down my lane.
  2. Quoted from Dramabeans: After watching this clip for the billionth time…just wanted to underline the four different levels of “I like you” by Joon Young. “좋아해요.” – “I like you.” Realising his feelings and confessing. “좋아한다고요.” – “(I said) I like you.” Confirming his feelings so that Song Ah knows he means it. “좋아해.” – “I like you.” Used in Banmal (informal form), an indication that he wants their relationship to be closer and my favourite declaration out of the four because it felt a little desperate, as if he was desperate for Song Ah to know. “좋아해요.” – “I like you.” Then going back to polite form, as if he realised his slip up, which I found cute.
  3. I have to applaud you regarding the minute details you noticed regarding the epic showdown. But I want to add more. The way he was holding her shoulders also screams the episode’s name: clearly, firmly. He held her there firmly, not caring even if the piano crashed. I love the fact that this place (I mean, where a piano is involved. Not exactly the same place) is where they had their most intimate moments. 1. The first time they met was near a piano, when the conductor demeaned her and Joon Young broke the concentration by bumping the keys (yet another coincidence?) 2. When they officially met, it was near the piano when both of them came to practice at the same time. 3. Song Ah was Joon Young’s page turner, which seemed very intimate because she was watching him breathe. 4. When Joon Young played happy birthday to her (which is one of my favorite moments so far because of the way it played out. He wanted to wish her but he did it in the best way he could, with music) and the hug that followed. 5. When he gave the DVD with the comment “I’m sorry I took so long” implying him coming to Song Ah and that he’s sorry he took so long to come to her. 6. The Kiss. THE. KISS. Need I say more?
  4. Guys can we talk about something more important like creating an entire thread to appreciate Kim Min Jae’s voice? Cuz that deep vibrato he got has me dead.
  5. Did you guys see the lie detector thing? Park Ji Hyun (Jung Kyung) asked a question from Kim Min Jae (Joon Young) while he was wearing the lie detector thing: PJH: Did your heart ever race when you were shooting with Park Eun Bin? KMJ: No PEB: (softly) I’m upset a few seconds later the lie detector shocked him— HIS HEART RACED WHEN HE WAS FILMING WITH PARK EUN BIN OMG MY SHIP IS SHIPPING IN REAL LIFE TOO IMMA GO DIE BYE
  6. Lmao. I saw a comment saying that our boy is wildin’ cuz he made his woman wait too long. I think he wanted to give her the worth of waiting for too long. Lmao. I’m wildin’ here now. Why does he look super sexy when he’s mad tho? That’s unfair.
  7. I was thinking maybe he was doubting her feelings and that’s why he switched to formal again? He said it in formal first then switched to informal and finally back to formal like asking for permission? To maybe kiss her? He don’t need to ask my permission if he wants to kiss me like THAT. That’s for sure. *flails in horny*
  8. I was planning on saying so many things but after seeing the kiss I forgot everything I was planning to say. I mean can you blame me? That was one of the most picturesquely beautiful and cinematically appealing kisses I’ve seen in 2020. So anyway the dialogue before the kiss echoed “It’s Okay To Not Be Okay”, with “I like you” instead of the aggressive “I love you”. And the most interesting thing about the Dimple Couple is the actors were building up their chemistry to go with a bang when the time comes. And I believe it actually worked. No one expected for the shy not-a-couple to kiss at all (Joon Young was practically eating her up), keep away like that. Remember how they shied away when their hands accidentally touched? And I already know that Kim Min Jae is a good kisser. I’ve seen his kissing experiences. What’s more interesting is that they’re not kissing like how an American couple would kiss, but how into each other they were while kissing. That’s what made it extremely special. I wish to say more about the two episodes, especially about Jung Kyung’s pathetic showdown and how free Hyeon Ho is now that he got closure, or the fact that Jung Kyung would actually be a good teacher and how she might be getting interested in her ex once again. But I lost all faith I had about Jung Kyung after she lied through her teeth about sleeping with Joon Young. And in front of him as well?! How can anyone even THINK of lying like that? And I don’t even want to spend a second of my life talking about her. The writers might think of redeeming her later on, but so far, I don’t like her and I want her shipped off to China or somewhere, where she can’t come in between our Dimple Couple again. I also want to speak about Hyeon Ho. I used to like him at first because he is one of my favorite actors and his portrayal of a heartbroken boy just crushed my heart. But he is also extremely selfish. He only thinks about himself and how he would look in front of Jung Kyung’s eyes. He has forgotten the fact that Joon Young considers him a best friend and that that same best friend gave up his first love because he values his friendship a lot. Hyeon Ho might not be directly affecting Joon Young’s life, but he is extremely selfish and doesn’t want to listen to Joon Young’s side of the story. One thing I noticed in the previous episodes is how Joon Young keeps trying to close his cupboard with all his USA stuff in it. He has been trying for some episodes to close it but had a hard time like he’s afraid to say goodbye to the memories he used to have. But once he got it closed he walked upto Song Ah and gave her the signed DVD saying “I’m sorry I was late” basically saying he’s sorry he took so long to come to her, to receive her love and to love her back. It’s just something I noted in the previous episode and I didn’t get the time to say it because my OTP decided to kiss and melt my brain.
  9. Oh my Oh my I see what you did there... Well I started writing the fic and let me tell you it’s gonna be spiiiiiicyyyyyy
  10. Oh I would and don’t worry the fanfic is also coming your way. Of course after receiving over a million warnings I won’t post my fic here but I’ll let you know the site and maybe even post it on AO3 or Wattpad Lol.
  11. Thank you thank you for the warm welcome to Gutterland !! I have analyzed kisses before (ahem, Another Oh Hae Young and Reply 1994) so maybe I should use my God given talents again?
  12. Honestly I did NOT expect a kiss like that considering how shy they were with each other. Rather than calling them Dimple Couple it’s better to call them Surprise Couple. Cuz that was one hell of a kiss and it took me by surprise for sure. Please note that due to the kiss that happened yesterday my mind is shallow and functioning on a low level. Kindly excuse my pervertism.
  13. Okay let’s be real for a while and talk about the entirety of the episode rather than the kiss, shall we? Cuz that’s what’s importa— WHO AM I KIDDING? IM HERE TO TALK ABOUT THE KISS
  14. Speaking of Master Classes, when can we expect Joon Young to teach a Master Class for Kissing 101? Cuz here’s my money, imma enroll GDI.
  15. As i said, it’s gonna be pervy. So I might have to post it on livejournal— wait is livejournal still around?
  16. Maaaaaaaan. The fact that KMJ grabbed PEB’s face and kissed her. He’s a really good kisser, my God. I’m still not over it. Nope. THE KISS IS FIREEEEEEE AHHHHHHHHH you’re feeding my addiction. Of COURSE I will write more. Now that I’ve got a fan I can count on, lol. But from now onwards I’m going back to writing my 18+ fanfics. I’m not used to writing innocent fics. Lol And now that we all KNOW that they’re not innocent I’m more than encouraged to write pervy fics lol.
  18. They were shy throughout seven episodes only to makeout like that in the eighth? They were definitely hiding that from us. I knew their chemistry was amazing but THAT amazing? Who knew?! I’m still not over the kiss, my Lord. I wanted a Joon Young because that kind of gentleman would match my chaotic troublemaking self but now I desperately need a Joon Young so I can kiss him 25/8. Yes, I’ll make additional hours for my mans. THAT MAKEOUT THO.... Apparently there was a kiss on Record of Youth as well but everyone says that it was boring. I was like “Well... my OTP had the best kiss... so....” Also just fyi, I started to write a small fanfic I don’t know if I’m as good as I used to be. I used to write pervy fics here on soompi. But I’ve lost that touch for a long time. Here’s just a glimpse tho: Fanfic by heartoppaya Park Joon Young was bouncing his legs against the stone wall he was seated on, waiting. He looked at his phone and bit his lips looking around. Just then the person he has been waiting for, violinist Chae Song Ah walked out the door. Trying hard to deny a smile, he jumped off the wall and stared at her. A shy smile crept her lips when she saw him and he mirrored her smile. The bashful girl made her way towards him, making him look down smiling. “Did you wait too long?” She asked looking at him. He shook his head. “No, I just came” he replied, even if it has been fifteen minutes since he was seated waiting for her. She nodded, obviously not believing the lie. He caught her eyes and they both looked away smiling. “Shall we have dinner?” He asked. Song Ah nodded and the two of them walked along the road, randomly looking at each other and smiling when the other catches them looking at the other. Thats it for today, lol.
  19. I’ve been on soompi for over 7 years and still only Kim Min Jae was able to give me butterflies with that voice of his.
  20. I understand your frustration when he smiles. I fell for him for his smile too. That darn smile. I bet she will feel the connection only with Joon Young
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