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  1. I really like this kind of story! It proves that we’re still pretty much sane... right? srsly gazes and body language can’t lie! We’re all human after all at least we can sense if another human being is emitting the chemistry of love okay what am I saying I need to sleep
  2. The dating rumor part starts at around 2.15 translations: Park Myungsoo asked him if he is not witty because he’s the only one who didn’t know about the dating rumor. KKY: “I found out about the rumor around 2 to 3 days after the final episode aired. A lot of people asked me about it but I just couldn’t believe it. Because whenever I do a drama I would receive a lot of contacts because the main leads seemed like dating.” Jeon Hyun Moo: “But you really didn’t feel anything weird with them in the set?” KKY: “Instead in the set I remember that in the first half of the shooting PSJ talked in honorifics (to PMY). It seems like they are in a relationship where they are just protecting their (each other’s) manners. But it turned out into a dating rumor.” Yoo Jae Suk: “I think that’s because you’re too busy thinking about your own adlib. ‘So whatever happens around me what does it have to do with me’”
  3. Hi guys! after days of silent lurking I'm finally out of my cave I can't take it anymore! I just want to say hi and hopefully we can get along well okay what is this idk!! A little bit of introduction I am a songsong shipper and I like both PSJ and PMY of coursee I've watched SWP, FMY and WWWSK and for PMY I've known her since healer and just when busted came out she officially become my girl crush and since then I've watched QFSD and now WWWSK. I regret a lot why didn't I come here when the drama's still on air it would have been more fun! I enjoyed camping here I laughed a lot you guys are so creative, funny just full of positive vibes and I love it! Not to brag or anything but if you guys need some translation I would love to help! (even tho I'm not that fluent yet). Alright I'm going to end it here hehe Looking forward to spazzing with you guys! *I'm so sorry if some of you are offended or anything but I've actually joined this forum for quite some time and I just want to remind you guys to not quote pictures or videos because it will take longer to load the web (when I was still a newbie I got reminded a lot so yeah don't want you to repeat the same mistake as me!)
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