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  1. Hello Everyone ! So my friends and I started a podcast and the first episode is out ! It’s a recap on the first 3 episodes of S1 of KINGDOM! Here is the link: ComMNTD first episode It’s available on podbean, Spotify, and google play (it will soon be availbe on apple podcast). if you like us please give us a follow on Instagram or twitter. Username for both accounts is ComMNTD.
  2. Hey guys! So my friends and I are starting a podcast! The first episode will be a review/recap on the first season of kingdom and a debate on the discography of GOT 7 ( we are gonna talk about our top 10 songs). We all became friends through our interest in Korean media BUT our podcast will not be only about that. We will be talking about Asian and non Asian shows and music as well as anime, games and much more!. We do have an Instagram and twitter account, both are commntd. If you are interest please follow us on our social media account! First episode will be out in March!
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