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  1. WELCOME TO LEE DONG WOOK + LEE DA HAE'SOFFICIAL THREAD! _my girl & hotel king's beautiful OTP Thank you to everyone that loves and supports DongHae & Hotel King! *crosses fingers that we don't have to wait another 8 years to see them together, or dating/marriage news will be even better!* cr: taeungogi _ relive all the kisses! cr: purplebass cr: bluemoonlight _hotel king wrap-up party cr: memoments tumblr cr: shura tumblr VIDEOS _hotel king ep 12 bed kiss _hotel king ep 26 wall kiss _hotel king ep 26 kiss LEE DONG WOOK_이동욱 DOB: November 6, 1981AGENCY: King Kong EntertainmentTV SERIES: School 2, School 3, Secret, This is Love, Drama City: Happier Than Heaven, A Dreaming Family, Pure Heart, Loving You, Honest Living, Let's Go, Merry Go Round, Land of Wine, Letters to Parents, Island Village Teacher, My Girl, Hanoi Bride, La Dolce Vita, Partner, Scent of a Woman, Wild Romance, The Fugitive of Joseon, Hotel King FILMS: Arang, The Perfect Couple, Heartbreak Library, The Recipe LEE DA HAE_이다해 DOB: April 19, 1984AGENCY: FNC EntertainmentTV SERIES: Ring Ring, Shoot for the Stars, Thousand Years of Love, Good News, Sweet 18, Star's Echo, Lotus Flower Fairy, Green Rose, My Girl, Hello! Miss, Robber, East of Eden, Chuno, Miss Ripley, Iris 2, Hotel King HOTEL KING MISCELLANEOUS cr: dongwookholic // crushonleedahae_hotel king press conference on march 27, 2014 HOTEL KING BTS GIFscr: ranxie OH THE MEMORIES! More goods at the old couple's thread here! OLD(ER) VIDEOSLee Dong Wook & Lee Da Hae Practice KissingLee Dong Wook & Lee Da Hae Presenting Award [subbed]Leedongwookleedahaeatesky12mv3My Girl I can't love you!My Girl NGLee Dong Wook & Lee Da HaeLee Dong Wook Lee Da Hae DATING SPECULATIONSSoompi: Lee Dong Wook confesses he dated an onscreen girlfriendDramabeans: Lee Da Hae "I dated one of my co-stars"AllKpop: Lee Da Hae talks about what it would be like to date Lee Dong Wook HOTEL KING_NEWSSoompi: Lee Dong Wook personally asked Lee Da Hae to be his Hotel King drama co-star (3/9/14)Kdramastars: Lee Dong Wook & Lee Da Hae are a couple againDramabeans: Potential My Girl reunionSoompi: Lee Dong Wook & Lee Da Hae, VIXX's N and Jewelry's YewonAllkpop: New weekend drama Hotel KingSoompi Comment: Lunch together in Myungdong + Picture HOTEL KING_INFO Episodes: 32Broadcast Network: MBCBroadcast Period: March 29-July 13, 2014Airing: Saturdays & Sundays at 21.55 PM KSTSynopsis: Ah Mo Nae (Lee Da Hae) is an heiress to a 7-star hotel. Cha Jae Wan (Lee Dong Wook) works as the hotel's General Manager. Jae Wan resents his parents who abandoned him and carries the wound from his painful past. Mo Nae and Jae Wan then face the crisis at the hotel together where they begin to fall in love. Looking forward to spazzing about our lovely couple together For more info about the film, join us at Hotel King's drama thread here.
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