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  1. I guess because the idea of a father in law seducing/having an affair with his younger daughter in law and getting her pregnant too boot just comes off to most all people as sleazy and Gross rather than sweet and romantic.
  2. @guinearoyal Korean Dramas have a real issue with portraying satisfying endings. They are too rushed or don’t make sense regarding the Characters. Or just pretty ignore the built up love line for some reason.
  3. I have only seen the first episode but I enjoy how they made him and his girlfriend equally genuinely and deeply in love, even giving them a love song of their own. That’s not something you see on dramas when you know Hero and Heroine are the OTP. Interested in how the love lines play out.
  4. @thistle I thought I was only one around here who paired western songs with Korean dramas!
  5. Birds do it bees do it even Joseon Nobles do it All they have to do is be discrete and have a servant quietly get some ye old BC so accidents don’t happen. They will get married eventually anyway That’s for sure:)
  6. @mundaliv Yes. Only one married Prince AKA the Crown Prince could live in palace. The rest were married off very young and found suitable homes and positions for. It really was very practical... kept the plots, jealousy , fratricide and revolts that happened so often in other monarchies to a minimum. Those Princes spoken off would have been the Kings other sons by concubines. It also sounds as if there are also children too young to be married in the Palace.
  7. The last even vaguely similar drama to this one I can recall is Hundred days Husband. I hope this program doesn’t have leave such a lackluster aftertaste.
  8. You know... kids who are thrown in positions responsibility and have no adults they can depend on or trust they learn to do what they have to too survive.
  9. On consideration He still a sheltered boy only now in process of becoming a great man. I honestly think the best thing for them is to have time apart to let them travel and learn about the outside world then meet again to see if they still feel the same about each other and go from there.
  10. The heart wants what the heart wants even if you know realistically it’s not the smartest thing and besides who could resist a such very handsome intelligent sweetie pie appealingly dorky Prince for very long?
  11. So...what’s going on with the Ho Dam book? Anyone? She just does not want to marry. She would not marry the guy her “brother” picked out either. Her dreams of travel and general freedom of choice, movement would be pretty much over if she becomes a Joseon era wife.
  12. I am sure it’s a fake out though. They kept saying that the cereal was bad.
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