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  1. READ THE FIRST POST! Last photobucket update: 5/4! CLICK HERE FOR THE SOOMPI CIRCLE LENSES PHOTO INDEX DO NOT USE THESE PHOTOS WITHOUT OUR PERMISSION R U L E S 1) PLEASE DO NOT ADVERTISE/PROMOTE IF YOU SELL/BLOG THEM (OR KNOW SOMEONE WHO DOES) 2) SELLING CIRCLE LENS ON SOOMPI IS PROHIBITED 3) PLEASE DO NOT QUOTE PICTURES, IT SLOWS LOADING TIME FOR EVERYONE! **Update 03/07: You will be REPORTED & WARNED for disobeying the rules!!** F A Q . P I C T U R E S . D I S C U S S I O N Feel free to post your own pics of circle lenses! Remember to name what brand and type of lenses you are wearing. I'll edit the second post to make a gallery of soompier's circle lense pictures :] Disclaimer: This thread is to share pictures and discuss all things related to circle contact lenses. To keep the thread open, please follow the rules :]. Soompi will not be held responsible in any ways should you buy the lenses and have any complications. F A Q What are "circle lenses"? Circle lenses are cosmetic contact lenses that have a black ring meant to enlare the appearance of the iris. Originally from Korea, these lenses were made popular by ulzzangs ("best-face" celebrities) and pop stars. IE, Kim Namji is very famous for wearing circle lenses, as are most Chinese/Taiwanese "Pretty Girls" (Mei Nur). They give the appearance of clear, doll-like eyes and are available primarily to the Asian market. Brands that sell circle lenses include Bescon (Tutti, Hypa, Freeteen), G&G (BT01, BT02, BT03, AIMEI/AMIE, I.Fax), Dueba (Barbie, Messish), Migwang (Aryan, Aines), Icon, Newvision/Neovision, New Bio, Acuvue (Acuvue Define), and FreshKon (FreshKon Alluring Eyes). What is the difference between colored and circle lenses? Both are available in a variety of colors and designs as cosmetic lenses, but regular colored lenses do not have a black ring around the outer edge of the iris. They are meant to change the color of your eyes. Circle lenses are means to make your eyes appear larger with their notable black ring. Are circle lenses safe? All contact lens (soft/hard/colored/circle/regular/perscription/non=prescription) are potentially damaging. In the United States, regular contacts need a prescription by a certified optometrist to be obtained because they need to be specially fit to your own eyeball. Cosmetic lenses that have 0.00 power (plano lenses) are legal to sell in the USA without prescription, but most stores require one anyway. In Asia, contact lenses do not necessarily need to be given by a doctor, nor is a prescription required to buy cosmetic lenses. Circle lenses are particularly seen as unsafe because they are said to be larger in diameter then normal lenses. This allows less oxygen to enter your eyes, often drying natural moisture out and putting strain on them. They also contain color pigment which can cloud vision when the contacts shift. But the "largeness" of the lenses are relative - brands in America sell contacts with 14.00-14.60 diameter. Circle lens brands are the same. If you wear contacts already, check the information on your own lenses to determine if the circle lenses you want are the proper fit for you. Almost all circle lenses sold throughout Asia are imported from Korea. Big name brands are usually FDA and CE approved. There are some smaller, unknown companies that produce the lenses, but they are not approved. Most of those companies are non-Korean brands, though not all. Do not buy them if you are unwary of the brand or seller! Always ask the seller all questions before buying :] **Note: Just because you buy circle lenses in a country like China, Taiwan, Malaysia etc. does not mean you are automatically buying imitation lenses. Just be smart and research before ordering! Can circle lenses be prescribed? Yes, they can. They are the same as regular contact lens. If you have 20/20 vision, you can buy non-prescripted/plano/0.00 lenses. If you wear glasses or are unsure of your vision stats, have an eye exam with your local optometrist. Can people with astigmatism wear circle lenses? This depends on the brand and seller. For example, G&G DOES make Circle Lenses for astigmatism, BUT these are not the same as their Circle Lenses or Cosmetic Circle Lenses. Research the brand to find out the best choice so you don't order the wrong kind. Can I wear my circle lenses with glasses? Yes, you can. As long as you buy lenses in PLANO/0.00 (no power/prescription). How do I take care of my circle lenses? You take care of them like any other contact lenses. You should only wear them up to 6 hours at a time and always keep them in a contact lense case with solution when you aren't wearing them. It's very important to put your contact on and take them off with CLEAN HANDS! If your hands are dirty, you can get debris or harmful substances in your eyes which can lead to irritation and even blindness! Wash your hands before putting them in/taking them out and make sure to rub your fingers with contact solution after washing your hands. Clean your lenses before and after you wear them. To clean your lenses, with clean hands, pour some solution onto the lens and rub between your thumb and other finger. When storing, always replace the solution and clean the case so your lenses can soak in fresh, clean solution. Help! My contacts are hurting my eyes! TAKE THEM OUT. Are they clean? Did you put them in on the right side? If your lenses are causing discomfort, do not wear them! Remember, they are cosmetic, just like eyeliner or foundation. If your foundation was giving you a rash, you shouldn't wear it anymore. Same as contacts! Should I put in my contacts before or after applying makeup? I recommend putting your lenses on before putting on your makeup. You fingers can easily catch makeup residue and washing them doesn't always get it off. However, if your hands are perfectly clean, it doesn't matter. However, it IS easier to put in your lenses after you've curled your lashes. How long to these lenses last? They all depend. You can get them as daily disposables, weeklies, monthlies, 3-month, 6-month, or 1 year. Ask the seller and check the company website. Do *insert circle lens* hurt? Are they comfy? It is all based on personal preference. It can be very comfy on one person, or it could hurt like a mother trucker on another. Can I buy multiple lenses and don’t open them, will they still expire? Technically, most circle lenses last one year, so if you do open them then they last one year. But you can store them in the vial UNOPENED until it’s expiration date on the vial. Did anyone buy from *insert random site/store*? You can ask other members about their experience with certain vendors. Although Soompi may display circle lens ad banners from time to time, they do not endorse any particular vendor. Always display caution before buying online. Why does Soompi display circle lens ads? Soompi is a very large site and requires several servers and full-time coders to maintain. Advertising is an important source of income for us, and circle lens vendors have always been interested in participating in ad buys with us. For the sake of objectivity within the community, we abstained for years from allowing any circle lens ad buys, but we are no longer able to maintain such a stance. It is not uncommon for sites to display ads without sharing any further affiliation with them, and we hope that our users understand that Soompi urges you to do research on ALL vendors before making a purchase. What is the average price for circle lenses? Once again, it depends. For geo, the company is forcing sellers to sell geo circle lenses for $20.00. But you can still see it being sold for $10-$15. So $10-$20 is a good price. EOS, $20-$30 is good. For toric lenses, the most average price for EOS and Geo is $50-$55. Cheapest is $35-$37 for geo toric lenses. Help! This is my first time putting on contacts, what do I do?!! First off, have contact case and solution on hand. Second, WASH YOUR HANDS WITH WARM WATER AND SOAP. Place your contact on your index or middle finger of your left hand (let’s use our left hand for this example), and place your middle finger (if contact is on index finger) or ring finger (if contact is on middle finger) of your left hand and lightly pull the skin under your eye down. Bring your right hand and use either your middle or ring to gently pull the skin of your top eye up. Make sure your eyelashes are not in the way. Then slowly insert the contact in. Wait till you feel a cool sensation on your eye and gently take your finger off of your eye. And viola! Contact is in eye. If you’re still confused, when in doubt, either google/youtube. I just received my lens, can I soak them in the same solution it came in? No, that is not solution. So please buy contact case and contact solution :] Are these circle lenses fake? If you have Geo circle lenses and were made after April of 2009, you can check online with the Anti-Fake code on the bottle to see if it’s a fake or not. This is the website http://geo.fw1860.com . Other circle lenses company do not have this system. We’re in the middle of creating a photobucket for real and fake vials. So please post here if you are in doubt and other soompiers can reassure you. You can find a list of very NATURAL circle lenses [HERE]. Please check it out before asking other questions!
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