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  1. Hello everyone, I saw this photo on my explore and think it is such a nice way to promote for Director's DVD Cut. Calling out all shippers account to perhaps do the same and advertise it on your account. Hwaiting chinggus we can do this https://www.instagram.com/p/BmWKki-AeVB/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=uflrh8qez0ca
  2. I think in order to increase the preorder maybe we should approach the shippers account on IG and ask them to kinda advertise regarding this director's dvd cut. Im quite worried if the order is insufficient chinggus who havent place your order, let's do so. do not worry for translation as if im not mistaken somebody in this thread told me that pmy fans mostly are capable of translating. Hwaiting ~~
  3. Helloo chinggus may I know any update regarding director's cut What's Wrong With Secretary Kim? How much more is required?
  4. Dearest chinggus, kindly be reminded that we are not allowed to quote post which contain videos/pictures. Doing this might cost this thread to be shut down. Just a friendly reminder, guys. Happy shipping!
  5. I think so too, temperature in KL is indeed around 24C. Btw does PSJ has any work-related business here?
  6. Sooo let me just conclude it here, that he didnt deny any of the dating rumors which surface in the past few days, and there is indeed the possibility of them dating in the future; time will tell. And he also didnt influence the casting but he did recommend PMY, correct? Chinggudeul correct me if im wrong
  7. I would like to ask for the sperry CF that that he (PSJ) worked for, was there any female artist/idol working along with him. Cause if there is, it might be possible that the woman in that picture is not pmy i'm sorry I have to ask this since I didnt really follow up with park seo joon's work
  8. Plus, what does PSJ mean when he wrote "it'll be some time to report to Kim Miso"in his recent post or I might be wrong in translating
  9. Helloo @ppinlove0606, if it doesnt bother you, can I also see the link or the video too? Thank you chingu!
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