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  1. Gah, have to wait till later on tonight to watch. Curse having friends who want to meet after work for dinner!
  2. Your self-control is amazing. I can do that with some dramas, but not with this one sadly. Ahaha, I watched the preview thanks to all the comments. Big mistake especially since I now have to start work. I'd say all caps is warranted. He's got an interesting intensity does Dylan Wang.
  3. Having only seen up to Netflix ep 25: Totally agree re: immaturity and it's partly why this story can be so frustrating, I have to check myself and remember that it may well be their first relationship ever which means communication is key...and not so prevalent here. (Arguably i'm too old for this story. ) Also - earlier in this forum, someone (can't remember who off the top of my head, apologies!) brilliantly pointed out that dating or being with DMS would be a game changer for SC, her life would change monumentally and already had as a result, plus he's also an intense guy. When not having experienced a relationship before and then having someone imprint their feelings onto you so consistently and emphatically and not always in the best manner, its a good reason to dig your heels in. All the above being said, I would like to see the characters grow a little more and start talking to each other rather than just jumping at every little infraction. Learning from each instance is a nice change. Such as when DMS posted their relationship status online. If she didn't want that public, explaining that would have been nice rather than yelling at him, DMS reaction was actually quite good to that response. Ridiculous but less...reactionary. Which is nice. Also I agree that i'd like SC to own her feelings, if she admits she likes him - then she likes him, rather than hiding or being wishy-washy, but again i'm contradicting myself with what I've mentioned above. Being in a relationship for the first time, especially one that for all intents and purposes is a 'soulmates-meant-for-each-other-defcon5-in-every-iteration-they-are-meant-to-be-together-not-even-death-will-separate-us' kind of a relationship, would be jarring and kind of scary. But still...it would be nice to see some of the cute, getting to know each other, enjoying each other's company, relationship building material, before it all goes to hell in a hand basket. It would give some weight to the relationship.
  4. I think there are meant to be 48? So we've hit the half-way mark? So much angst to go! Yaaaaaas it's will feed my black heart This story is just nuts, it doesn't matter which iteration, or how many times I read, watch, re-watch, how problematic it is (in some ways) I will forever love this kind of story. *Sigh* I need to make an MV for these guys once it's all done, I haven't made one in over 10 years, or even write some fanfiction...less longer time. The only thing I would want from this story is a "What if" where they still end up together, i.e what if they did go their separate ways when they were young and then ten years later reconnected....with the chemistry Dylan and Shen Yue have, I would like to see them do this kind of story down the line in their careers.
  5. Hi team I haven't been on forums for a drama in ages, but this story, despite it's flaws, brings me back every time. I'm really enjoying this drama and the cast thus far have been great. I've enjoyed the changes, makes the drama a tad bit more realistic (I say a tad, when really, I don't know if this has ever happened except in fiction!) Loving all the thoughts, MV's and discussion from everyone here. I'm in NZ - so it's Thursday which means new episodes once i'm finished at work! Huzzah! Looking forward to watching today!
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