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  1. I love how fast paced this drama is, even if it requires suspension of disbelief sometimes
  2. Lee Min Ki and Lee You Young come together for OCN political thriller ‘The Lies Within’ https://thedramacorner.com/2019/10/09/lee-min-ki-and-lee-you-young-come-together-for-ocn-political-thriller-the-lies-within/
  3. Fantasy romance ‘Melting Me Softly’ with Ji Chang Wook and Won Jin Ah premieres today on tvN https://thedramacorner.com/2019/09/28/fantasy-romance-melting-me-softly-with-ji-chang-wook-and-won-jin-ah-premieres-today-on-tvn/
  4. First Impressions: Her Private Life https://thedramacorner.com/2019/04/21/first-impressions-her-private-life/
  5. Kang Ji Hwan and Baek Jin Hee pair up for workplace fantasy ‘Feel Good To Die’ https://thedramacorner.com/2018/11/04/kang-ji-hwan-and-baek-jin-hee-pair-up-for-workplace-fantasy-feel-good-to-die/
  6. Moon Chae Won headlines fantasy ‘Mama Fairy And The Woodcutter’ for tvN https://thedramacorner.com/2018/10/31/moon-chae-won-headlines-fantasy-mama-fairy-and-the-woodcutter-for-tvn/
  7. Some reviews for Thirty But Seventeen: The Drama Corner Hello Kpop Aminoapps
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