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  1. I just wanna ask: where can I watch ep 17 tonight???? LOL *delusional
  2. Hello friends, I am still going through withdrawal and it is bad! After reading several posts in our thread about people comparing this drama to PMY’s previous projects and making immature, unnecessary comments, I feel the need of writing this post. I’ve been a Kdrama fan for over a decade (probably even longer than that) and I’m also a hardcore rom com fan. In fact I can be very picky about certain dramas because I do judge people on their acting skills and their chemistry level. If a drama doesn’t do it for me, I usually would stop watching, simple as that, but never make a mean comment. If it doesn’t keep me interested, it doesn’t mean it does the same to other people. This drama tho! It’s another refreshing level of drama for me! Like I said in my first post in this thread, it made me go crazy that I actually had to sign in to join the discussion. I think it was the very first Korean rom com that didn’t follow the norms that we all usually would expect in a typical rom com. Not only I like our couple for their visual compatibility, the chemistry is really something that makes my heart flutter and this hadn’t happened in such a longtime until HPL. The fact that it makes me wanna rewatch all the episodes says a lot about it. Some comments are not only mean but very ignorant and almost like in denial. Like come on, you can’t tell us, we as long time experienced K-drama watchers, that you don’t see what we see unless you refuse to see it. It’s simply called great acting and excellent delivery. They got so immersed into their characters that they made it look so real. As much as I hope for them to be real, I do respect their feelings and personal lives after the project was over. I think we, as fans, should really set our limit for our favorite actors and actresses. Everyone has their own bias. At the end of the day, they are humans too and deserve their own personal space. Let’s just support them and give them blessings for their next future projects! That’s what a good fan should do! No more spreading negativity! Let’s make our community a healthy place for discussions!
  3. Happy for our couple but busy crying... I’ll be back when I finish watching ep 16 with sub. I don’t know what to do with my life anymore...
  4. You know whoever posts contents on TVN official web, is not only doing it as their job. I indeed think she or he is also a big fan of our couple. Who posts that many lovey dovey BTS photos and makes us all swoon? I really wonder... whoever you are that might be reading this, you are not the only one. We get it! That chemistry is so hard to resist! And thank you very much!
  5. I’m still very positive that we are going to get a happy ending. Must I remind you, this is rom com and not melo. I don’t know why the writer is pulling this plot now at ep 15, but I’m sure she has her reason to do that. So far she hasn’t disappointed me yet, so I do have faith in her. I know we all don’t need to go through any kind of breakups right now. And it’s just a preview, things could actually go on so much easier than we think. For now, I think we have that DM’s mom story to cover, then the exhibition, then happy ever after ending for our couple! And if they can’t seem to find more things to add, just have them look at each other for the rest of the drama, and we’d still be happy! LOL. Don’t worry guys!!!
  6. Who else is having withdrawal symptoms already? What did we do before this drama on wed and Thurs? What are we going to do now after this week? My heart is weak! I keep rewatching everything, smiling, and giggling by myself that my mom thinks I’m somewhat not in my right mind.
  7. Early this morning at work, I saw a post from a member that said today’s episode was the most boring episode she/he has seen? I was very curious but I knew I couldn’t cry or laugh out loud at work so I waited til later to watch ep 14. my first reaction was: “Was that person freaking kidding me!? Please don’t do that to me again, ever!” I absolutely loved it!!!!!!!!!!!! Kudos to the writer for solving all the problems in such a good timing manners. What I love about this drama: no stupid misunderstanding (other than Ryan thought DM was lesbian), no unnecessary breakup, no crazy mother in law, no crazy rich parents, no lingering exes/crazy female lead. Everyone just seems to deal with things in such a mature way. I love it!!!! And I know as much as I love our couple, today’s “bed scene” was really just enough, actually perfect for me! For me, it’s the feeling, the love the two of them share is sparked through their eyes that I enjoy the most. Sometimes, less is really more, and I really like it that way. And for that, big thanks to the actors for delivering the emotions perfectly. KJW, my man, you have stolen my heart for the 100th time again! As for the rest of the story, I think with the characteristics of Ryan Gold, when DM’s mom is gonna reveal the story to them, he would be totally understanding. Actually he would be glad that he met DM the way he did, instead of becoming her family so he wouldn’t be treated like the way she treats EG. Fate, people! That way they could fall in love! The fact he knows that he wasn’t thrown away and was actually cherished, he knows everything happened back then was due to circumstances. Ryan is Gold and he would see that clearly. I believe in him! I am 100% certain everything will wrap up beautifully and 1000% can assure you guys a happy ending for all! now, let me go back and rewatch all the episodes again!
  8. Yes, girl (or boy, whoever you are)! I just don’t get it! Although I have to admit, after this drama it will be hard for me to see her or him with other co-stars tho. But I’m not gonna make myself a selfish person who goes make negative comments about something I don’t like to see. And I really don’t know which IG user that is because I’m too busy looking at the photos instead of reading comments LOL. My motto in life is simple: Optimism. if you like it, watch it. If you don’t like it, don’t spread negativity and move on. We’re living in such a stressful world and really, there’s no need to fight over who looks better with who on a kdrama scale. All actors (previous to current) deliver their performance so well, that’s why we all have our own feelings. I get it. I respect it. I’m just so glad we have a light hearted drama that makes us laugh, giggle, and cry or basically gives us all kinds of emotions. I think that’s the point of “entertainment”. And I appreciate all hard work of all the people involved. I just really don’t want it to be over!
  9. You know what I don’t understand? I keep watching all the clips from TVN on Youtube, and I literally keep replaying all those videos cuz I can’t get enough of this couple. YET, there are people who still watch those videos, decide to dislike them, and even make an effort to press the Thumb down button. Who does that kind of stuff!??? Really!!?? Anyway, thinking what I should do every Wed and Thurs after next week. I’m so obsessed I can’t move on! What have they done to me!? I’m probably gonna rewatch everything til each video gets a million view on Youtube LOL
  10. So I keep replaying the BTS video for the last hour, am I weird? I can’t! My heart can’t handle all this sweetness and exploding love! Is it real!!??? My feeling for this drama: no one will never be able to pair with KJW this good and no one will never be good enough for PMY, because for me, they are an item, FOREVER! And I know it’s going to be hard for me to get rid of that feeling! Good bye Ji Chang Wook, good bye Park Seo Joon! Forever goodbye Lee Min Ho! Best rom com ever!!! Best couple ever!!! My heart beats so fast by just looking at them!
  11. My thoughts after watching today’s episode (really just my predictions, please go easy on me), I have a feeling DM was also raised in the orphanage and grew up with Ryan until she got adopted by her current parents. I’m pretty sure the scene in ep 11 where Ryan had the flashback of someone leaving him behind, it was DM’s mom’s voice in the background. Somehow she got involved in their childhood that the story hasn’t been revealed yet. I’m thinking could it be this time: Ryan’s childhood story unfolds and he finds out who his mom really is. DM is gonna be devastated finding out about her adoption, and Ryan is going to be the one that comforts her. This whole time we have only seen DM trying to motivate Ryan to overcome his fear and stay beside him. Maybe it will be him being by her side this time, and they both overcome their hardship/heartache together like two mature adults. I remember they emphasize the fact DM being a real daughter to her parents since they all have some kind of obsession. She said something like: “I’m definitely your daughter without a DNA test” in the first episode. And maybe the OB/GYN office was mentioned because her mom couldn’t have children and was trying to have one. To be honest, at this point of the drama, I don’t really think the writer is gonna make up a story where the two will have to break up for a stupid reason. The show so far has shown a different light than typical rom com dramas we have seen, so who knows... just my two cents here! I really can’t wait to see how they are going to unfold the story.
  12. I can’t deal with this chemistry! It’s too much for me to handle! Ep. 11 was awesome!!! So many character developments in one episode! I’m kinda curious to see how they are going to carry the story for the last 4 episodes. Not that I am complaining, they can do lovey dovey scenes for the rest of the series and I would not mind that at all!
  13. Man, this thread is going fast! How many scrolls do I have to do a day to keep up with you guys!!!??? I’m holding my breath until tomorrow! I might be literally dead before ep 11!
  14. Hello everyone, it has been a while since my last log in on soompi. I guess it’s time for me to stop creeping in this thread. I actually had to reset my password because I couldn’t remember it. You know how crazy I feel about this drama when I actually decided to log in to tell you how much I’m in love with it. No, not only that, I am obsessed!!! I have been watching all the clips on TVN channel on YouTube as well as repeating all the episodes because I can’t get over the exploding chemistry of our main leads. Man! It’s sizzling hot!
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