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  1. tessieroo said:
    @chrissydiva - It's strange to me that the only person (so far) who is paying any attention to the connection between TH and SN is Ki-Se - El Temur hasn't said a word about her. I thought for sure she would be on his hit list (as TH mentioned) but he hasn't said anything? Or ordered anyone to do anything to her? Also strange that Ki-Se hasn't said anything about her to El Temur. Her name is never mentioned! Very weird. 

  2. Lyly said:

    I think it's pretty safe to say that a lot of fans here support Ta Hwan partly because of Ji Chang Wook's appearance. I’m not trying to deny it because… my God he’s so hot. ^^ (I'm not his fan by the way, I'm not anyone's fan, I just like the actor as he's handsome AND doing a really good job).

    Yet, I have to point out the most important reason here: we love Ta Hwan the character because he’s interesting. He keeps us worried about him, he makes us laugh, he makes our heart flutter, he leaves us frustrated when he looks so desperate trying to change the situation he’s in. We knows he has more to offer and it’s evident since the very first episode that he will be able to win REAL power, dethrone the current queen and make Seung Nyang – the love of his life the queen. So there will be remarkable character development here.  

    And I don’t prefer a character because of his perfectness. I like them sometimes exactly because they are weak, vulnerable, cowardly because I can symphathise and identify with them and I know they have the possibility to change for the better (despite what he had done to make SN hate him, it is clearly seen that TH is a person with good nature). We’ve all been through hard times in real life so we easily identify with an imperfect character.

    Yes, we all like heroes who make the impossible possible, so I understand why people like Wang Yoo. But isn’t it even more amazing to see an imperfect person grows up to become a better, greater man? And we already see the gradual changes in Ta Hwan in the previous episodes, when he becomes more manly, more decisive and especially protective toward SN (even without letting her know that in the latest ep).

  3. rinchan76 said:
    This is why I feel SN's love for WY was sprung on us. I mean on paper, even ideally it makes sense when we look at WY and his actions but this is not like we are reading it in the newspaper, we are actually there watching it, we see what is going down as it unfolds before our eyes. Like I said before in dramas love is like a journey and I kind of feel like SN teleported from point A to B, lol. It is just not believable because it is hard to track the transitions, or the supposed transitions are too ambiguous and can be interpreted as something else.  Which is probably why TH-SN romance is more believable, at the moment they are in a love-hate like relationship, if done right, we should be able to track her transitions from hate to love. On top of that they are fun to see together, they are quite cute. As oppose to WY-SN, who are always serious when they are together, the situation always seems dire. These characters are two very strong people, but they just never have warm fuzzy moments or moments where they are just vulnerable together and turn soft like cotton candy. They never really step out of their roles of being king and warrior, this is probably why I am always getting this patriotic/loyalty feel when they are together. But hopefully that will change, at least SN was fangirling and shooting smiles, now it's time for WY to be less uptight or kingly and just appear in the form of a man that loves her, with no feeling of formalities. 

  4. Hi everyone!

    This is my first post ever, and I've been lurking here for weeks but I can't help but post and say that this is such a good way of analyzing THs affection/love for SN. We don't know yet what he will do now that WY is back, but for now, I am enjoying the innocence of first love.

    briseis said:

    TH knows her affection and loyalty lies with WY but he doesn't let himself be discouraged by it; he faces every of her rejections but still comes  back making innocent advances and thoughful gestures which SN unfortunately sees as irritating or childish clearly being blinded by her bias and prejudices against him. TH has been protecting SN in his own ways since he met her in the palace and no one can argue they are worse that WY's, While WY's always used his physical strength and sword to protect SN, TH uses far more sophisticated ways (and the ones that can actually protect her in the Yuan imperial court) - his brains, tricks, spies and undercover guards - he isn't afraid to destroy DN's freeing orders in order to protect SN even though he knows she will hate him for it. and that is what makes him so worthy of SN - those selfless gestures, genuine interest, love and affection despite being at disadvantage. I just love the way he's been protecting, wooing and courting SN the whole time and if she can't see how utterly head-over-heels in love with her he is and can't appreciate his honesty then PLEASE, SN, PUT HIM INTO TIME MACHINE AND SEND HIM TO ME >:D< !!!

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