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  1. Well, he's just a super-hot kind of guy.  :-)

    I still haven't heard anything, about whether he's going to take that role in "Shin Saimdang".  If he's not taking it, there's no news about who *is* taking it.  They're supposed to start filming in June, right?  A decision has to be made soon.

    ​Yeah. Haven't heard anything about it either, but no news is probably good news? Hehe. I often read about casting news on dramas, and there are many changes before the drama starts shooting. So hopefully, he takes the role. Want to see him real soon!

  2. Six Flying Dragons confirms leads, adds Yoon Kyun-sang

    All systems are a go for Six Flying Dragons, the new SBS sageuk that now officially stars Yoo Ah-in (Secret Love Affair) and Kim Myung-min (A New Leaf) in an epic political struggle over the future of the newly founded Joseon nation. There’s going to be a lot of acting in this drama, but I don’t think I’d have it any other way; if political intrigue is the name of the game, you really need two intense leads to anchor it.



    Read the rest here: Dramabeans

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