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  1. Warm Welcome to TaNyang Shippers! This is the place where we can rant and rave to our heart's content! Credit: DC Inside Empress Ki Gallery Unforgettable First Kiss Credit Profile Credit Shippers' Paradise Contest Entries Empress Ki Epilogue (NorthCape CF Click CC for subtitles Empress Ki (MBC Cuts) - TaNyang scenes YouTube Playlist: Fan-made Videos Youtube Playlist: BTS videos YouTube Playlist: Pictures from MBC Website: Some are posted below, but the rest of the pictures are uploaded on FB. Link below: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.1443091479284690.1073741887.1406009146326257&type=3&uploaded=133 Let's abide by the Rules for the Shippers' Paradise Thread. You can find it here. One of our favorite scenes in the drama: Shipping Challenge: What are your thoughts about our favorite couple! Answer the following questions: 1: When did you start shipping them? 2. Name your top 5 favorite scenes 3. Why do you ship them?
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