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  1. @shineeukshawol Hello It's been awhile but since I was so happy for you getting Super M tickets and always see your tweets, I figured it was time to check out this thread. I'm really happy for Taemin, happy that Shawols are supporting him being in the new group. I usually avoid watching any covers of Si Fuera Ella but since it was Kyuhyn, I watched it. It made me cry too. Then seeing him talk about the reason, I cried again. I love the friendship that SHINee, Suju and TVXQ share. @kimlees Thank you for all of the SuperM updates. I got my Taemin version CD yesterday. I watched the mini concert last night, it was too short, but I loved it. It had 149 thousand people watching live and I was happy for all the members that a big crowd showed up in LA to see them.
  2. Watashi, Teiji de Kaerimasu/I will Not work Overtime, Period is one of the best I've watched. @lee-chan I'm watching Fake Affair too. It's a cute drama.
  3. I don't think this is at all crazy. I thought he really was sick but after reading this I'm convinced that this why he's there, posing as a terminally ill person just to trap CYH. How sick is that? He is invading a place that dying people are bearing their intimate thoughts as a way to use their pain as a weapon against our Doctor. He is going that poor lady who is dying and in pain to further his vendetta. I thought the nurse was crazy but this guy is psychotic How can he justify this behavior? I officially hate him too.
  4. omg I love your avatar you like yuri-yuri too:wub:

    I just love this drama and love this pink head boy

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    2. Silver Fall

      Silver Fall

      OMG I just love this drama this  is so sweet and heartwarming. yeah I just check my friends profile and suddenly I see your picture and become super happy. I didn't know that you like the J_drama because I really like them I also really like Kimi Wa Petto. That drama was so cute and bubbly too :wub:

      No Chingu don't say like that i know you busy. I Just so excited when i found out you also like this drama :wub: 

      Do you see any drama lately? I start watching Angel's last mission : love. this drama is so sweet and emotional if you like it come and check it :wub:

    3. evie7


      Wow, I was going to ask you if you are watching it. I'm am L trash since Shut Up Flowerboy Band. The last drama I watched was Doctor Prisoner. I need something to get into.  My Mom's visiting but I will try to catch the first episodes out soon.  I'm watching Yamapi's drama too.

    4. Silver Fall

      Silver Fall

      really wow me too i really like L his smile just killing me:wub:. at first i want to see this drama just because of him but after i saw it I really fall in love with this drama and L's acting skills improve a lot. I think if you see this drama you will like it for sure:wub:.

  5. Thank you. I love old movies and had not heard of this one. The director Billy Wilder's work is always a must see for me. I'm not that crazy about Gary Cooper but I love Audrey Hepburn. I'm going to have to keep an eye out for this movie.
  6. Sung Hoon sounds like a perfect candidate but you really can't go wrong with any of them. @triplem I must have gone on ab 'act your age' kick sometime in the past because my google drive hardly has any pervy ahjumma picks in it. I found this one of my Choi Miho @USAFarmgirl Drive safe my friend. You better stop peeking into this thread until you get home. @Sarang21 Hey there stranger!
  7. Wow, episodes 1-2 were just awesome, Namgoong Min is on fire. @joccu I love it. The last drama that had me so into it after the first episode like this was Money Flower, so I pray writer-nim and pd-nim can keep this up @irilight and @larus Thank you for the updates
  8. Thank you for the good news This just makes me so happy. I'm going to change my Soompi mood
  9. I'm watching Hajimete Koi o Shita Hi ni Yomu Hanashi I'm waiting for Episode 6 of Maison De Police too. It has become my favorite of the Winter Dramas this year.
  10. @jeonghyang thank you for the tag and the gifcaps of the preview for today's episode. Chingus, I stopped at episode 11, is it safe to watch? Did they get back together today? I just can't sit through the breakup episode(s) if they are going to leave me hanging for next week.
  11. @fashiondream @pad-hari @RobinM @thistle @stargazer187 @samzi85 @0ly40 @Belinda Tan @ktcjdrama@angelangie VIKI is subbing this drama I'm so happy https://www.viki.com/tv/36110c-i-picked-up-a-celebrity-on-the-street They just started, it looks like they don't have a big team, so it may take a while but we can finally watch this with subs
  12. Hello chingu, LDW and YIN have my attention too. I swear it feels like I wait all week for Wednesday to come. @bebebisous33 I agree with you SW does need to get more into this story and it looks like he will now that we got our Lets date Confession. JR really needs his expertise since he is just so clueless.
  13. I haven't had a chance to watch it yet but I remember during the first scene in the dream he had a picture. It must have been hers. I hope she makes it, I will so angry if she dies. I have to finish getting dressed for work. I'll be back in about 12 hrs after I get home and catch up.
  14. That's a great observation When I saw that ring all I could think of is that I want it. I upload pics from Imgur too Just I thought the same thing when he was taking pictures of those items too. I didn't notice the camera. I'll have to rewatch 7-8 again but that does make sense and explains why the camera is so dirty. @bebebisous33 Your analysis has been invaluable. I'm so happy you are watching this drama It has me rewatching the episodes to see what you see and better understand what's going on. @annie1234 @Carmarie It's a win-win reading the analysis, rewatching, getting to watch Ju Ji Hoon again
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