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  1. Totally misread your comment and was like “i’ve never heard people say east coasters are friendly!” I’m from here grew up in nj close to ny. Every time my beat friend visits and we go out to eat in my town or go into the city she’s like “jeez why r u mean” but west coasters cant be thaata different im halfway through ep 1 and wow this show is WEIRD. I echo any spoilers that can be given. I loved ‘trap’ which was the first dramatic cinema foray and i think it did a great weird job but i was upset about the evil ;-; kinda hope im siwan’s character stays normal. whatsup with the laughing dude? Like does he have some sort of intellectual disability or is he just psycho hope the show is good enough to keep up with. i loved watching trap so i'm excited for the second installation of te dramatic cinema series. but i don't remember being able to discuss the insanity that was that show!
  2. i've started rewatching and i'm on ep 7. i even went back in the forum and i cannot find answers nor have i gotten exact clues from my rewatch. the show is so visually stunning and it's well acted. i do think that a lot of the writing is decent but the major flaw is how convoluted and unexplained it is. on one hand, they were trying to "trick" the viewer but many of us knew it had to be simpler and it is. that being said: why were they investigating jang? why did jang disappear? what happened between jang and kjm? why did kjm's wife have to die? so far the answer that i have gotten out of what i know and my rewatch (and you have to basically pay CLOSE attention to every scene and this is where subs are so imperative because sometimes they speak in mazes oh my god!) jang was...being investigated for corruption by kjm? and kjm had his own corruption accusations? but over what, drugs? like if i go off of being on ep 7, jang is confirmed dead and YG gets really mad at his dad and runs back to their apartment to yell at him that he knew jang. like wtf no duh? isnt that the point?!?!?! why was he so mad at that time? omg then there's that phone call they both missed (i mean idk how this happened but it's clear that everyone is competent but the writers just forget things. i don't really get how they couldn't figure out the assassin is more than one person with so many different body types.) turtle--he kills on order, correct? so what the hell does that have to do with escalating violence with the bodies, no two people are the same lmao what are all the different gangs....is there one leader? like??? i think ill get more answer about the ganggs as i rewatch but everything is still so vague. i guess dck planted evidence because he didn't think kjm would be punished. fair enough, this i understand, but how did this all unravel in the first place. im sure i have more questions that are pretty pressing but what is the end goal? like alright the basis is drugs, money laundering, gangs, killing "criminals" to save oneself basically but it's so fragmented. there's alos conversations i just straight up cannot decipher. when yg goes to pick up his dad after he gets out of jail (did he get on parole because he "admitted"? whatever i dont want to even think further) he asks, "were you really investigating corrupt cops?" and kjm says (after looking at DCP in the car) "no, it was all a lie" from what we know this conversation makes little sense. ill explain: he's in jail for murdering his mom, he was being investigated for corruption, he "was investigating" jang which somehow came to bite him in the richard simmons. was YG asking his dad this because of the ledger? or what is the broader question? then at the end of this ep (this is ep 7) he finds out about jang being the victim (with thumb intact since they only thumb cut not murder for cops) and RUNS home to yell at his dad??!? i have quite a bit of criticism but all that aside i think the reason i, personally, keep coming back is because it's stunning and well portrayed. there's very many frustrating bits and pacing that i just simply do not agree with but while i struggle with the logistics of it all i never once misunderstood people's feelings. they're all pretty expressive and emotional characters they just display it in different ways. i think that's what makes it so watchable. i'm really sad designated survivor ended so i'm taking forever to finish it and i'm gonna be upset this one ends too but i will eagerly await to finish the end. kim hyun joo wow what a beauty!!!!!!!!! i honestly can't wait for the end because i think this show is MUCH better as a binge-watch. which is why rewatching it is so satisfying. this is def a show where i am going to be conflicted about what i think of it. it's so flawed and yet i want to knooooow
  3. i have to rewatch the last 5 eps bc im so confused at this point. but wow kim hyun joo is doing beautifully. i cried for them in ep 14
  4. yes very subjective and it also depends on the way you see the world. it's in the realm of possibility but i would personally find it very hm "unethical" within the set of rules the show has set up. but i think part of it is that we expect this whenever we see a man and woman on screen no matter the context. i also think that the show acknowledges that imbalance instead of pretends like it doesn't exist. it's talking about a muse but in what context? as someone you can suck all their soul from while you reap the rewards? more often than not, this is a woman. it's no coincidence YK is a victim of domestic violence and found solace from someone via music. an older man, down on his luck, who has genius but someone who is better and can help you think deeper. so many women are ignored due to shine being stolen by a mentor or a partner or those who are both (which is even worse.) so far the show has heavily explained, at least the way i've interpreted it, that a muse is a pejorative. (i look at the writers other works--very female centric, very focused on autonomy and equity even if done not great. it definitely gives me an impression of this work.) i agree totally with "he needs her more than she needs him" and that's the conundrum really. re what @triplem said and you quoted i think you've both got it on the nose. his fulfilment was being acknowledged for his work and talent but back then he didn't understand what that acknowledgement looked like. he had to have known there were fans, even one or two around back then and there were. on top of all the other everyday themes there's a look at the creative/artistic process and how we interpret it. he was about to let his whole life pass by even further by equating how big he is with the mark he left/has left/could leave (and i guess he did essentially) searching for sugarman is about a bunch of things, a big part of it is how music/art can literally change nations, but the fact that no one knew who this man was. this insanely popular artist whose music is almost integral to the anti-apartheid movement was unknown as an entity but his music spoke forever. it seems as if he affected no one, but he did both in his country (US) and outside of it. "if a tree falls in a forest, and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?"' the director of searching for sugarman commited suicide and here's a piece from the guardian about him. its' interesting to read his process and approach and sad to look at the ending of a life. the show certainly poses a lot of moral/ethical questions and the genuine-ness of a craft. i don't know if it always succeeds but it's definitely tapping into an unexplored type of presentation esp in kdramas
  5. i really like the show so far. it's really quirky and strange. i think it's a first for any kdrama i've seen. not the premise but the whole style of this show, even the coloring. i think that 'a star is born' (well, the third remake) came out at a perfect time, you can see the inspiration there (though i know it's based on faust!) also reminds me of whiplash in context (Great film) JKH as HR is something else. he's so perfect and cowardly in that role when he wants to be, then commanding in other times. he's not quite a hateful character, and it could be whatever little charm he has, or maybe it's because we know just how empty he is that you can stand to watch him. he's a good musician, even great, but he couldn't deal with what happened, didn't really try to fight, was bitter about his material being stolen but didn't notice his talent and make peace with it. he would have truly been remembered and made history at some point, too. these are all made for the show, but the music is gorgeous! i love the whole vibe of this. re: romance...i think yi kyung and LUKA~* and ha rin serve different purposes and they're all seen as kids by the older ones (lee el, jkh, psw) for ex: extra notes: does anyone have a full translation of the 'soliloquy' / talking to myself (the song she sings on stage) because i can't find a full one. in the translations i have there's this line "this will all pass i held back my tears as i counted the stars i'm sure it'll all pass. i know i almost broke down because of what i wrote in my diary yesterday and i know i'm exhausted" i'd just like the whole song in a broader context. shortening the quote but it would be interesting to see what demo falls into this. like for me, an artist, all of this is so plausible, normal, surreal? almost. idk. but different frame of references seeing it differently. for me it's all about how normal this behavior is and needing to be shown a reason why it doesn't have to be. lee seol is so interesting looking, which i really like... i also don't think that the grade one soul is a real thing tbh. he was right, it doesn't really exist i think because things change. there's time and circumstance. but also no one is pure and it's human to get angry but it's good people that try their hardest even if they do make mistakes. i think the show is getting at the fact that our foundations have no inherent nature, it's what we've seen and learned and it's not that simple. so it wouldn't have mattered if her "curse" was tame or not. also i looooove the crowd of fans being mostly girls lmao i don't think the show is going for this tbh and i don't think it would be expressly...mature writing. the reason you stated the 'taboo' theory proves that. it's less about the gap and the power imbalance which is HUGE in this case. part of the issue with ASIB was that power imbalance and the addiction and depression and their co morbidity rate. it lead to co-dependence and his loved ones failed him, including because of the surroundings. they both look young, but it would be a bizarre message esp in a show that seems to respect that age comes with way different experiences in life. @jongski i agree with you about ep 3. finding homeless people...i hope that was a metaphor or something though because those who are homeless would be the "most desperate" because they somehow lost in life and aren't even human. otherwise, it's so gross.
  6. agree and @nrllee i think if we just look back via history the underlying message is about power and control. i think they are really trying to lean towards a much more right / totalitarian gov. it makes sense given what's happening in the world rn. it's just nuts that it was this huge terrorist attack and it's sad. but i guess the world is dealing with this rn on smaller scales (all the gun attacks in the US.) it's saddening, the actual story of PMJ is so farfetched but the content is all things that can and have happened. it just seems so ridiculous, why would someone in 2019 kill 200+ people in a bombing. super happy about that trending in sk! even with all the bad things, people are caring. the show also reflects that. i think what's so compelling is just how accurate this show is in feelings and sentiment. i wonder if the original is this way. i should probs try it since i'm american and it will be way easier to understand. kang han na is SO COOL. ugh i love her. and is it just me seeing this totally wrong, being blinded by han and heo joon ho but i still have no inkling to think he's part of VIP. i do think hes angry tho.........IDK WE SHALL SEE. gonan start ep 14 omg this is silly so sorry but in american english 'tabling' in government means literally putting it aside, while literally everywhere else it means the opposite of that (introducing.) i was so worried about what PMJ would do (i should have known) so i was reading comments and when i saw @triplem say they tabled it i was SO SAD. then i was like "wait a minute...that doesn't sound like him..." lmao language and dialects... starting ep 14 and can i just say...han mo's family is so cute. i loved that kid. what a clever idiot LOL. and it was really hard to like them in the beginning (the team) but now i feel like they've carved out their own sanctuary to save the world~ together. they're just too cute. ugh i am really going to miss the show! can't believe we only have one more week...
  7. not much in terms of the mystery, but that was a really good episode. i think the feel of the drama isn't super fast-paced and leans towards lots of emotions which i like along with this mystery. i'm liking everyone more and more each ep. really proud of the writers for bringing this specific subject up especially spurred by a woman and her female partner. pres. moon doesn't support lgbtq+ and the military in SK is going through many HR violations and like the UN has been asking them to stop because of the discrimination of gay/trans [men] people in the military. very interesting that they went there. as always, proud of them. his conversation at the end wit the director is so sweet. she seemed so lost and i love how honest and open she was. this means a lot to people, when someone affirms that you are human and nothing is wrong with you. and when pmj basically tells her it's his duty, she has no reason to feel like she doesn't deserve happiness or equality. ah... and kim nam wook had a great thing to say. besides that quote being awesome (never heard of it b4!) he has a point. why would they work so so so so hard to the point of sickness, can't see their friends, loved ones, families only to let things stay the same? what is the point? Isn't that why they do this? so they can live with dignity along with everyone else? also politically it's a good move he is bringing this to the cabinet because he doesn't know if he will be elected. might as well live in the now. can't wait for tomorrow!
  8. gonna start ep 13... it makes sense to join a political party (like bernie sanders even tho he is an independent but this is also in american politics which are a lot more divided than anywhere else.) i guess he's saying joining a party will make things skewed towards one outcome? truly sometimes the wording confuses me. re: the first episode and the meeting. ofc he did it on purpose! i don't think that there's this fine line between lies and truth. i think that doing the right thing may not always be "ethical" (in terms of truths) and he did tell his wife that the ends doesn't justfiy the means. because how you get there does affect it along the way. he publicized the fact that they were not going to bow down to the US, nor should they, and showed how disgusting the dust was. and then he refuses to sign off on it because, even though 50k extra cars is absurd, the actual number being 1m+ is even worse and disgusting. it's interesting to see his thought process. also while rewatching, i'm up to episode 2 in the rewatch, it's clear how influential president yang was. everyone loved him and respected him. i admire the show's way of relating this to people and showing that the world has had true democratic leaders who have had to make tough choices but there's some really great people out there, working with other great people (like his human rights lawyer wife!) and doing the best they can. president yang was so unpopular in the end because this major thing was going to happen. bet 50 yrs down the line, he, too, will be seen as a revolutionary. pmj is following! excited for ep 12 slight spoiler from 8m in
  9. def don't like the age gap but honestly it was pretty familial. i think they're all just more comfortable lmao idk i didn't see anything rly with it. besides the age thing she did know him when he was super young, there's the other dude in her life, and they were literally looking at they're pretty similar. tbh idk what went on this episode but i've given up lmao...one silly thing
  10. so i am doing a quick rewatch....things make more sense now in context. i have a question about OYS. does someone have record of all that he has survived? the ship battle (btw who was this battle between? when? way too young for the cold war...) and then the blowing up of the national assembly. what is the third? (or first technically if it is chronologically.) also, what is he so mad about? i think i asked this question before but is oys just pissed they weren't sent to war? were they stranded without resources? lmao i will try and focus more in this rewatch cos..
  11. agreee with the fam bonding. they're all very emotionally fragmented people who don't really have the best ways of dealing but even through that they have this respect for each other. they're very forgiving. this is prrobably why they let HTJ do a lot of things, or it's easy for them to let her go, but at the same time you're just disappointed. i think that seeps into all their relationships. they're not trusting but KYG, DCK, HTJ, even SY value the truth over pretend. so it's a lot on SY's back to lie. she had to stop, but being found out was good for her. they all want to know what's going on. another ex would be HTJ straight up lying then explaining after and demanding the truth. it's interesting, hypocrtical, but that's what makes them work and helps them keep going. gotta be honest for ep 11 i was so annoyed lmao but now i just think the show is frustrating and a little dumb but it's so so so intriguing and it is SO beautiful and well acted, so i have to watch it! will have to see in a rewatch what holds up. it's a frustrating show but i look forward to the frustration and marveling at how pretty it is and how i wish things were clearer but the atmosphere is great... @ktcjdrama in english it has been "giants club" (tho they call it something else too) so jang society was confusing me. i guess it just means a place for the big bosses... oh yea and i think turtle has to be multiple ppl atp. like contract killers cos the first dude was one before he died. it could also be like a generational thing (i.e. one for one period of time) which might explain the chaotic methods. cos i don't really understand how the violence gets worse but they stick to one person. it's creepy too but also, unless they are totally crazy which i don't think the writers are, the turtle in that ep was deeeffff a woman / female presenting frame. that's why i was like IS THIS SY?!?!? bc they have the exact same frame. guess it's another tiny person! starting ep 12 x__x
  12. viki just finished! they got it out at about 6pm EST. not sure where you are, but this week was quick! i didn't see it on other (non paid) streaming sites tho.. i'm 10 mins into ep 11. i keep saying i'll wait until the show is over but as flawed as i find it i cannot resist. and i want to spoil myself so badly (i sometimes spoil myself first then rewind because of anxiety) but what i think so far in ep 11 (and i will go back and read the comments!!!) ok and this is just me making fun of characters in movie/tv but edit after 17m: i guess i was WRONG!!!!!!
  13. good episode! the writing is good, it's clear what the writers think about current politics and i love it. still no clue on VIP, could be han. there was a focus on shoes today, that's a big clue. really i am hoping not for han and id on't expressly think so but the seed of doubt is definitely planted well. i wasn't expecting that surprise....i mean i guess i was but i wasnt. i wonder how lawyer choe will feel. aw man i'm sad we only have two more weeks but i think that it will be satisfying and a good drama to look back on. i would totally lobby for PMJ
  14. want to make a quick note while in the middle of ep 12. not a spoiler and i think it's really wonderful writing/visual cue. when cha goes into the....whatever it's called blue house oval office lol and he expects to see OYS at the table because of PMJ's (HOT PROFESSOR) nature and gets OYS behind the desk being cold. crazy good part
  15. they have soooo much chemistry. they've been slowly exploring it but from that first scene where he asked her out til now *___* this monkey in the wrench is somethign that tests them but if he's truly just learning and learning to let go of climbing to the top and didn't deliberately hurt anyone, they'll get there. honestly i want them to hook up and have children NOW but we shall seeeeeee about to watch ep 12 but so glad people are into them hey thank you sooo much for this. so it's seen as an insane move? either way it would hurt people even from their respective standpoints but not the VIP? god my pea brain. thank you for the reply, i will probably be asking more questions!!!! i loved that too bc it shows she at least thinks he's an immovable object. he's predictable in that he will always try to find the solution that works best through his eyes and she finds him a truly worthy person or at least knows that with him the fight will be fair. she has to go up against men everyday and no doubt face questions and that fact alone makes people hate her (and support her.) but she's intelligent and she feels she's entitled to the presidency but doesn't want to have to feel like her intelligence is being belittled. pride is so important to her but genuinely i think that when people gain her respect they feel as if they are worthy to her. it shows just how powerful the both of them are just as entities. i love it. Agree with everything here. LJH is killing it--from his character to Stranger (I am rewatching it now!!!) to even a poem a day to now. He has sort of a cold look naturally (i know he has a much funner irl personality) so i wasn't always fond of his acting but here he truly shows his range. besides the whole cast just being knockouts in their acting (even kang ha na is getting muuuuuch better. solid cast) and he joon heo being a REMARKABLE face and presence i, too, do not believe in this conspiracy. lowkey he and pres. yang were (im trying to say they had to have kissed at least once...LMAO) but that the simplest route is the most possible. i go back to stranger for this one, at the end of the show we had the answers allllll along. i think it's the same here, just the content of why would shock us. i'm a sociopolitical junkie and like activist work so the little intricacies are so fun for me. it's a total callback to totalitarianism via imperialist natures. oys is actually ridiculous. i want to know more about his motive v. the VIP motive. lol yea i love how with yun you can also see certain aspects of how she has been treated as something that she is conscious of for others. like the whole adultery thing and her saying "i can barely see my kids and i am criticized [as a woman] we have so little time with our families but we get to see other families. why would i exploit his personal life?" she probably also knew that wasn't true because PMJ is a goody two shoes (in the beeeest way he is so hot omfg) and, lastly, their marriage...i agree wholeheartedly. i was worried it would put a wedge between them but it didn't. he respects her so much sooooo much and he promised to never hurt them. they're just so beautiful together. so healthy and understanding. what happened with their kid is still something i wish they hadn't done (lied to him) but they're a really beautiful couple with a beautiful family and outlook on life. they're just so in love. like the way they look at each other *___* what pres. han said was really telling. i think he's mellowed in his age and realized how little things matter. if he isn't involved (which some of us don't think he is) i wonder how that affected him now. it's undeniable atp the whole cabinet has respect for PMJ. as opposed to oys with planned and BS luck, PMJ was [deliberately] placed for a collapse and he fought in a way no one thought he would or could. and he reaped the good results. k enough talking, time for ep 12!
  16. ok so i'm about to watch ep 11. 8 minutes in it's already crazy. this week is gonna be a ride! I like that they seem to enjoy each other. too cute!!!! like @nrllee said, he was a design major and a photographer. can't believe this!!!! hahahha I second the PMJ as not being special per se but unpredictable. I think that unpredictability is a reflection of new progressive leaders today who happen to be everyday people. They are met with friction constantly, but PMJ and his wife are truly about the people. It's interesting to see what types of people they are since they have both, essentially, devoted their life to serving the public one way or another. There's stability even within the instability of imperialism. PMJ looks at life as a scientist and within that it's like what affects people on earth. It's so interesting to see him and the people around him. He's a threat because he's not bloodthirsty but instead wants to do what leaders are supposed to--equalize and help. This is precisely WHY so many progressive leaders are ousted or killed. Also, one of the biggest Korean revolutionaries, Kim Gu, dedicated his life to reunification. There are rumors around that assasination and just what he did with the US Counter Intelligence but one thing is for certain: that was not a popular opinion. Elimination of a person as a voice means others can take over. RIP President Yang! EDIT: I'm halfway through ep 11. As much as I know about history and political/social justice theory I am very bad with things like dealing with the market, stocks, taxes etc. Can someone explain to me/make a case for/against what OYS proposed? What would be the conservative take and what would be the more progressive one? All I heard was the snoopy sounds lmao I do not understand financing at all Edit #2: I thiiiiink I understand.....favoring the market and corporations by buying up stock. A loss for the national economy and that affects the people. The competitive markets generate capital so it is a capitalist/imperialist scheme I guess I just don't understand the ins/outs of what these markets mean. The term "free market" etc has me wanting to pass out o-<-< lmao i wish i was mmore politically intelligent edit #3: waiting until tomorrow.... god darnit
  17. now that she isn't in the agency (her character) and she has gone through crazy trauma i feel like kang hanna is finally bringing life to her character! edit to add: omg wait this means she does her own stunts????? COOL. i loved that scene. i will read the other replies but a user posted ji jin hee's IG and i started to go through it....you can tell his age for sure. he uses TERRIBLE filters. it's cute. hahahah i'm glad the cast was at his house to watch *_*
  18. ty for posting the preview! i dont know why there wasnt one at the end of the ep on netflix >:O great episode. no clue what's up LMAO
  19. i think that no matter what they will stick together. their clashing ideals are more about the ends justifying the means but never hurting people in the way (i.e. she wanted these people to get the money they deserved and settle the case but he couldn't let her do it that way bc it was a lie. ultimately it would hurt her. i would do the same thing she did tbh but the first lie you tell can only unravel into more) it was a bad parenting choice. maybe they will go back to that and the both of them will apologize. they are good parents, they love each other, the world, and their kids. but "have i ever lied to you?" which they both said puts him in such a difficult position. his father is an abuser but at the same time he deserves to know and to not be told he's crazy. he does know now but i do think that was a mistake. it may not be touched upon again and at least he knows now. they are good parents and people and sometimes people make mistakes. it's ok, as long as they move forward. no one is perfect. we need to hammer home the fact that people make mistakes and it is okay. i think a big part of this, as someone who looks into activism work, is that it is nonsensical. a lot of times we have to do things with allies to propel our people but those allies must be challenged. you're correct in that this is a blank slate. this is an almost impossible way to be (very morally upstanding via politics) but i think there are two things: 1. it's crazy how we think ethics and basic human rights are up for discussion. that the people you govern are pawns in a game as opposed to people affected by policy. it is crazy how we look at people like pmj and see him as an anomaly 2. we can demand more as constituents. what happens if the lesser of two evils is not good enough? there's always going to be a dip in someone's work. we have had great leaders who have forgotten their main goal and have compromised and disappointed constituents BUT good work outdoes bad work. from the standpoint of a pretty radical person, an artist, and someone who wants to join in activist work this show presents something really interesting but also a quandary. i'm not super intelligent so i will not go into politics (i have no lust for that type of power anyway) but there are people who believe the system can be changed from within. that's fine. when you get into that position you must force it. mistakes do not equate to evil and wanting power for good can change a world. we realize that the lesser evil is truly not good enough as the world develops. of course compromises must be made. decisions we don't want made. but really the takeaway is giving tools to people to live their fullest lives and not having to choose between one life or another simply because of social constructs and money. the premise of the show is really effective in that way. this world is so beyond fictional but WHY does it have to be. they mentioned in the first ep what happened after 9/11 and that is still one of the saddest things in US history (the aftermath. the war) anyway on to ep 10! i enjoy the show loads. it's fun and nice and powerful and everyone is good looking. i may ask more questions when im done x___x
  20. the moment in ep 7 or 8 (8 i think) where she tells him she'll figure it out for him and tthe morning after she looks at him and smiles is one of my favorite kdrama moments. it was so full of love
  21. oh man. if you're into this line of dramas then yes. there was life on mars which is a procedural (and a british original) then there's save me 1 and 2. save me 2 just ended and i loooved it, probs more than s1 (which is where my icon is from!!), but they're both phenomenal. very very very different in tone and two different ways of manifesting but both about cults... then there's trap which is part of the dramatic cinema series (next up will be hell is other people.) there's a mixed reaction to this and the ending is a bit ridiculous but honestly i loved every minute of it. it's INSANE. very grisly and dark and fun tbh. now on to watcher: all the theories are really interesting. one thing i think we need to remember is that there is no i guess perfect person. this show is constantly making us ask what a "criminal" is and who can watch and who watches the watcher. we're on a wild goose chase but it may be way easier than we think. after all by the end of these really convoluted affairs there's always the simplest culprits...
  22. just gonna quote a snippet but thanks so much for the reply. the greece part wasn't important they were just explaining what a nonparty cabinet was and used greece as an example. i googled it but i just could not understand. i think it's basically a non partisan party so everyone can decide the fairest way to advise on the next step (in this case the presidential election.) i just didn't understand the logistics of it. i guess they investigated who the most upstanding people in each party were? like the whole process i was mad confused then oys being appointed i was like que.... as for the rest thank you so much that clears it up. i thought so about the cell but was unsure. i would really like to know more about the motivation. also thanks for the detailed list but i am not sure about han? as in i don't think he would be involved like this. i feel like everything we have so far speaks to the opposite of that since he's been clear on intention. good catch about the secretary! also this tailor dude man.....i don't find the show frustrating because of us being left in the dark (unlike another show i am currently watching lol) but even with all my historical knowledge i cannot keep up with political jargon ep 9:
  23. love the show and the message. very progressive for sk and attacking exactly what is wrong with the systems that are set up. there's something about it i just love. probably because i love dramas about justice or whatever LOL and i am glad we get an unflinching PMJ in a sea of power disguised as helping the people. the accuracy of the political history and US involvement in SK and our us-sk relations and lust for imperialism is great, too. can someone explain something to me though. the conversation with the head of the NSA (or whatever their security equivalent is called sorry) being at the bespoke boutique. i don't think it's the translations but i need a bigger picture because i didn't understand a word of it. correct me if im wrong but here's what we have so far: president is a good president but gets swept up in politics/numbers (btw, this is a direct reflection of leaders who are seen as political innovators and leaders of change but then became complacent. very interesting nod to those in the past.) every1 dies or whatever (lol sry rip) PMJ comes in (this might have been purposeful! that whole scene in the beginning with the TERRIBLE trade deal and it being implied he intentionally did what he did--correct?) um all this stuff happens everyone is insane he's tryna just be a normal human being. his staff is doing their best they fight they're all human and they're changing. one of the staff betrays the cabinet heavily...now, i need help to understand this. he was giving information to the majority party (not the current party in power) for job security correct? if he stayed 4 terms it is very likely all of them knew his deception and grifter nature. han-mo turns himself in. a bunch of stuff happens with na kyung and her computer bae (LOL) and we still dont know the truth about her dead ex. oys is a weirdo....all the info we know is the bunker, a survivor, survivor's guilt, and anger towards both parties as non-imperialists and imperialists? his monologues to me are so loopy because i do not agree with his position but is he angry because he felt like he and his soldiers were ignored and bargained for instead of protected? so my questions are what the hell the scene at the end of ep 8 was (boutique), the role of the nsa head, oys goal (def not alone), and the nonparty cabinet (this is one i really need help with) isn't something i'm familiar with at all as an american. they said that greece did this (funnily enough there's an interview with a greek politician giving the US advice on how to not get stuck in this era of terrible) when they wanted to solve the economic crisis. they do this to make sure that the vote is fair? i'm unclear. and why didn't the others want it to happen at first? these are my biggest questions. not as much the mystery just the logistics cos i do not get outside of the US detailed politics x___x (starting ep 9 rn)
  24. wow so glad people are watching this show since it's a wild ride! i'm pretty sure that dck isn't the killer and if he is that would be very confusing and dumb. there has been a drama (that i loved on ocn) where the MC was the culprit but the show was so insane that it made sense. here, i don't think it does. logistically in every step there's major miscommunication. i think the show can go a couple of ways... if there was dck as culprit and we keep going around in circles until the last minute. this one isn't likely because i can't find a way to execute it well writing-wise. i love the vibe of the show and the tone but i'm already miffed at the doubt of dck (and they did say, "once you doubt, you can't stop" so i guess that's definitely being underlined!) the whole situation is cloudy but we know as much as all the players know which is apparently nothing. what's frustrating about it as a viewer is that if they could all put their pea-brains together MAYHAPS they could get a solution... in stranger there's an arc where the MC is doubted because he is very clever and got ahead on leads. the show is very different but the subject matter and leads kinda have similarities. anyway, they nipped that in the bud. i think the doubt storyline is needed but we need clear answers as time passes. it's episode 8 so next week by the end of 10 we should be moving along. there's tons of corruption in the police irl/fiction and i think the show is approaching it as if it is a gang. loyalty is important to cops and dck put kjm in jail and was shunned but no one doubted his hands just what he did. the show also borrows from this american show called 'the shield' in terms of corruption and money (the 2nd episode is similar to the pilot episode of the shield in plot) which focuses on cops as criminals. but we know the cops are criminals it is never contested. here the MC is fighting against the criminals. it's clear that things were manipulated and memory is shoddy. i believe that the fog is going to have to be removed soon though. i'm assuming that the team of 5 ended up realizing they were henchmen as opposed to cops or there was infighting from the get go. park and the commisioner are so ambitious and they're liars. who does what when and where... the missed call? what did dck put in the washing machine? also the thumbcutter and "humaneness" questions gives further lend to dck determinably not being the culprit with the death of the police officer jang's underling. we just need some answers right now and why young goon? why is this happening? what did the force do? what did the prosecutor do? like what are the paramaters of this case. the holes are just as interesting as the plot but not being able to fill in the blanks keeps us from understanding as we go along. anyways character wise tae joo is crazy. what she does is intentional and selfish, which is fine. it's actually amazing to watch. she's so intelligent but she's so reckless. it's both a gift and a curse. while she thinks things through she also bulldozes ahead and messes up so severely. the doubt that arises in her re: dck is now interesting because i'm like where did that come from? but also i really want them to solve this issue now. this is why i really like her character and the way kim hyun joo plays her. because she richard simmons me off and frustrates me and makes very very very stupid decisions for someone so smart. she's very flawed and she's going to go crazy with worry because she wants to know who ruined her life. who made her this way. at the same time it's theeee most frustrating thing to watch. this whole show is watching watcher lmao and everyone hitting a wall and not talking to each other they're all gonna learn how to be more empathetic or whatever but i think there's a clear good side/bad side (corruption team v. the force) that needs to be reiterated. what we know is that someone is laundering money and judging people. perhaps they're mutually exclusive, even, though i doubt it.
  25. watching his son i was like "wow this was me in high school" teens are SOOOOO moody. i love jjh <3 i'm still kinda confused on who's who and i'm in the beginning of ep 4. the reporter, she works for a conservative paper right? netflix doesn't translate the title cards for who each person is and it's really frustrating lol so idk what her boss does exactly... itll be interesting to see LJH's character. he has a penchant for ANNOYING morally grey men lmaooo so i'm excited to see how this guy plays out. power isn't a bad word. it's just used badly. like pmj's idea of power is what leaders should have, the power to make a better world. his core beliefs, especially in the environment, are literally imperative to all our futures. the military and the rich have disrupted that. also the us-sk relations and how political the show is i love... i want to mention that people are different. the president changed because he wanted to keep his seat. it's like obama who was a centrist; affable and generally an okay person in our sense of the world but policies that hurt people severely. we settle for either mediocrity or evil and consider that just human nature. power can cause corruption because of lack of guidance and personal lack of empathy. pmj's goal in life was not to be president, which i think is a huge benefit. you have to have some egotistical things going on to be a politician (and they know this) but the ones that aren't seeking complete power are the ones who hold their values and the people's safety closest to themselves. pmj doesn't need to change, really, he needs to try his hardest in adversity and keep fighting for the people since that is their job. we think of politics like a game because it is but the gamble is people's lives. so what happens when one of those people inadvertently has to help change the world? anyways, i really like this show!!!!
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