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  1. THANK YOU SO MUCH @zaireen for going through the trouble, too....because it is HARD for us!!!
  2. Hey, that would be great ! I skipped your whole messasge because of spoilers but I saw another user quote this. I really wish the discussion could be bigger because I love the show but atp we are basically going to be behind a week at the rate the subs are released ;; such is life
  3. Is it subbed? would it be possible if you messaged me too if so? i'm dyingggggg dying dying for the new eps ;; nevermind! thank GOD subs are out lmaopihofua
  4. honestly.... i was angry @ the end of ep 5 but now i realize me being anger is a good emotion cos they sat that one up and destroyed it down in a way FOR ME to justify my anger i'm being vague bc of it's hard to pull away from the show regardless of the problems
  5. to me that's the beauty in it. the last few moments of the show were somber but it really does reflect life. and that's the point. like how unfair is it that the statute of limitations ran out? how unfair is it that the mom is happy? but now she can spend the rest of her life making amends even if it will never be enough for CWK or both SKs. and for SY...she's beholden to him. that's also the power of abuse. such a strong strong girl who can't do anything more. but after all of this it's not really a question of what's right or wrong i guess but about what we have to do to keep living. like eun ho thought CWK couldn't live through knowing about her sister. CWK has been through hell and back. trauma after trauma and she survived and will survive. i dont think the show really needed to answer questions about JH and his ex because it was either a termination or a miscarriage but he also kept going. and he had a seemingly okay life. didn't experience the traumas like the rest of them and he isn't perfect. it's so bittersweet but this wasn't a melo, it was an investigation and a look into why,, what, and how. it showed that we have no right to judge because what does that even mean? and i think most of all the whole idea of "life, the possibility" means that they will carry on and will know love more and be happy. CWK's daughter loves her grandma so much and she won't know about what happened for so long; i'm sure in a healthy world she would be told. but her reality is a blissful family that's still broken, an aunt, a father and his partner, and a wonderful mother. we don't get everything we want or the results we want or the resolution but CWK found a way to live time and time again and do what she needed to do which is help kids. same with the rest of the living and not incarcerated (lol) cast. and JH knowing love from ha na. GOSH. i have to watch that waikiki show season 2 just for lee yi kyung lmao my love. i do wish the same about eun ho and red cry. about putting the people on a literal trial instead of a corporal one and i was sooooooo gutted that EH was RC and his fate but even in this kind of absurd revenge reality there was so much realism in how it played out. i wouldn't watch this drama to be happy or anything but what we got to experience was really visceral i think. VERY PLEASED.
  6. really beautiful show. there's a few things here or there but mostly i wouldn't change anything and i honestly didn't find questions unanswered or anything unreliable or choppy. everything worked for me in this reality. i am gonna miss this show so much. the ending had me very satisfied, i don't really know what else to say. actually i lied i do: humans are really resilient.
  7. I think that EH would have killed her actually because he didn't want her to suffer. i'm not sure if CWK would even lie in that instance tbh and i genuinely think EH believes that the end of a life would mean she wouldnt have to remember or suffer. wrt EH and Yoon it seems that EH was the brawn sorta and Yoon the brain since no way could he (EH) have figured out about the dead child....and i think you're right not the only RC. they are getting tested bc of wanting to do stem cell replacements but i guess there's a birth secret. i think tmr we will find out just how much everyone has been hurt/abused...it's gonna be tough. poor si wan.
  8. this is untrue and very ahistorical, actually. it doesn't mean we shouldn't strive to make a better earth and that we can't be optimistic but if you look up every civil rights movement, labor movement, movements to help children, etc it's practically pre historic. there is no time in history where humanity was ever perfect because we are humans. in fact, the very systems we have in place were predicated on slavery, money, and exploitation. i'm kind of confused by your whole comment...it's ahistoric and it's anachronistic. the whole point of media and shows and writing is to show that there are many sides to a story. everyone will have differing opinions. to me, what he did does nothing in the form of justice. and that's an opinion not a fact which is clear in the way people have discussed this. not only that, but to your point about perfect systems, there will always be a power imbalance between a child and an older person; a parent and their child--that is natural. of course people have been taking advantage of it from the dawn of time. and justice now is not what justice was back then (and justice now and back then have many flaws based in racism, misogyny, lgbtq+ hate intentionally which also existed back then) your comment seems almost angry in a way for no reason because we are simply stating facts (about history) and opinions (about how we feel about this story.) justice and sanity do not go hand in hand. also i love cursing and i do it a lot and it's silly but that's the forums rule. it's not something we can change cos a lot of ppl i guess dont like it....i'm not sure why this makes you so angry.... in what i've researched and learned as someone who is moving towards abolition (i.e. no prisons, which you can research yourself) is that we need community outreach and something called "transformative/restorative" justice but that is based on the fact that crimes can be judged by a community (and not something aided by the state which thrives off of people being put away and prison industrial complex which exists around the world) and the person has shown that they can change. this is rather complicated and a lot of people do not like this idea because it's societally expected that the law (which is unjust in itself) will take care of it. THAT BEING SAID, because the law and prisons and the police do exist--no matter how deeply flawed--he will be judged by them. the problem with RC/EH is that he has not shown remorse and truly deeply believes what he did is right when it is not. it has further harmed almost all individuals involved. the circumstances in which he did it under are painful but these acts are all too common and a lot of us have had to live and breathe with our abusers as they either didn't change or did make amends but we aren't murdering people to relieve our demons and stress. luring people into a false sense of security and judging them based on what we think is best produces MAJOR consequences and that is shown by how almost all of these cases were not cut-and-dry and were deliberately complex. perhaps it would be different if someone was murdering these people who literally had nothing left in their lives and no ties holding them back. but unfortunately they have children who will be affected by their incredibly gruesome murders. ha na's pain will not go away because her mother and father were murdered. she will never get a chance to reckon with that and perhaps their lives (and her mom definitely deserved to live which was NOT EUNHO'S CHOICE and also absolutely no sympathy for what mothers have to endure and almost every circumstance was an abused partner but anyways) and get an apology. even with him gone she will be haunted. not one of those cases were explicit in any way about the guilty parties and he put the disabled woman with her child at risk with the murder of her husband for being a suspect, being in abject poverty because she couldnt acquire the money, and having this haunt the mother and daughter. it's clear he didn't think of the big pictures which is a societal issue that has very personal consequences. that is what i cannot forgive.
  9. I agree. In a way, it would just seem to be all in vain. it makes sense why eunho would do this but the end result being psychopathy because of abuse and him manipulating and really affecting these people's lives is not a good way to end things. for me, it made me feel so emotionally empty and upset. it's possible that this is true but another thing is that no one helped him and he couldn't escape but murder certainly isn't the way to solve these kids problems. in fact, it makes it worse. he was acting out of his own anger and self interest but he did make a choice. and i think we need to know more and understand and also see some contrition. i don't think he will ever be redeemed nor does he deserve to because this became a serial case with some really sick outcomes. that being said i think someone pointed it out here best: he did what he thought he had to do, he knew it had major major consequences, and thought with his last act he would descend to "hell" like the rest of them. his tormenters are gone and this was what he was meant to do during his last few minutes of life. which is FINE. of course he's not on the same scale as the abusers but i won't ever abide by something like this. especially because he got out and had a choice and a chance to live when real live women are being put in jail for killing their abusers so they can live but not as a long vendetta.
  10. The justice system is immoral and flawed everywhere. i am an abolitionist, i do not support imperialism, i do not support the police, and i do not believe putting people in prison has helped bring people to the justice they need. there's plenty of works about communities condemning people for transformative justice; that's something you can (and should) look up on your own. HOWEVER, there are laws in place. some affect an oppressed group way more than others. but they are still there. and the thing is basic humanity is underlined with the justice system. the problem is red cry making the decision for the children on what the right punishment would be. which is death. that leads them to have to go into the foster system which is routinely unhealthy and scary. what could be solved with therapy, or non contact, or supervision was taken over by a very troubled abused child who did sadistic acts to people who also did sadistic things. and with almost all the cases it was much more difficult than JUST abuse. that's the point. there's a whole system out there to support people and not doing so effectively (just like law enforcement!) ha na's mother is a perfect example. a woman with mental delays who was coerced and gave birth to two children. one being murdered in front of her and the other she had no clue how to raise. she was homeless. the social welfare system failed her. bit na's mom was a single mother. there's so much more. it's not black and white but it isn't sane or normal or good for the results to be this. and to your last point i have no clue what that means. structural oppression is not akin to a kind of uncool rule of soompi that you can't curse. it's annoying and i sure am someone that heavily curses but it's okay lol on another note: lee yi kyung is a force. i always loved kim sun ah but i didnt know about him and i'm so impressed. i love him im gonna keep looking out for him. his acting here was natural and easy to watch. i happened to see this (not amazing) film with him in it where he plays a gay man and he was good in that as well. something about him i ijust really love.
  11. i am only 7 mins in but i spoiled myself. i think the reason why i didn't want this outcome is now i really despise him and i didn't want to because i felt deeply for him. but i think he's a horrible person. i had to fast forward through most of it since it was making me incredibly anxious. i am glad that we know now. it says 40/20 epsright? and i wouldnt mind 7 (/14) more episodes but I feel like theyre only gonna go up to 16 (/32)? does someone know if it's confirmed-confirmed that it's not. if there are more perps, perhaps there is more to the (RC) forum. the problem i have with all of this is the morality of it. everything cwk said to him was right. and although they want him to live and get therapy probably for his obvious trauma and bit of psychopathy, i cannot connect this part of him with the loving helpful hand he was. in a way the writing is perfect that way, but now i believe he is just as evil as they are. i garner a few of us on here have been physically, mentally, and/or sexually abused as kids. i never in a million years could murder someone over this. it breaks my heart, but i also know i can't be a judge jury or executioner. i steadfastly disagree with a lot of parenting practices but just like how cwk pointed out with bit na death won't bring peace. she needed her and her mother hit her limit; how is bit na supposed to survive after that? did LEH even think about what the foster system would do to these kids like it did with him? did he try any other avenue? that's what i cannot abide by. and it makes me angry he stripped the kids rights and thought he was doing what was right when he made the choices for them. cwk said people are hurt but it doesn't mean they will turn out to be vicious murderers like he did. cwk killed a mother's CHILD on accident and that child had neglectful parents. the mother was young, selfish, and had literally no clue what she was doing with no social welfare to help herself. and the result is leaving a child without answers, a mother almost dying, and her child and in a center that is ran by monsters.....they were still going to be put in hanul so his plan wasnt though through. it was so emotions based and most of all it was what he wanted so i find that kind of selfishness unforgiveable. he tortured cwk and the detectives for months and consistently put their lives in danger. he's just as selfish as the others and i feel so bad for him but i'm so angry how he added to the cycle instead of breaking it. older people, guardians, parental figures. we're supposed to figure out a healthy way to live. nothing about what he did was healthy or helpful and now there's worlds of trauma he has left behind for the children to deal with on top of the abuse they have suffered. i'm excited for the reveals of her childhood and her sister waking up and finding out everything. also learning more about red cry and the psychology and i hope that they will find a way to marry the fact that he suffered tremendously but as revenge he harmed countless amounts of innocent people. well done !
  12. Uhhhh i just started the episode but WHAAAAAT?!?!?!?!?!? @bebebisous33 i'm literally 5 mins in but i read the start of your post and i need to get to that part myself but perhaps CWK is just that indebted to authority figures but she doesn't realize it.. powerful episode. i think it's deeper than just LEH being red cry and i hope so too because it wouldn't give him a chance to live in the world and be without trauma either. i can't wait until more secrets unravel tomorrow then we have about 3 more weeks....this show has bee extraordinarily written.
  13. just started w/ ep 11 (or u know 21-22 whatever lol) and the killer is actually a psycho lol. i like that he is becoming more and more of a villain bc normal people wouldnt do that even if (IF) they deserved to die. so weird and unsavory (to say the least about a murderer.) please someone tell me WHY ON EARTH they dont post previews for next week in the last ep of the week it drives me absolutely bonkers lmao as for the episode...really good. dont have much to say in way of theories. really appreciate the way they revealed SY's past but it was heartbreaking. my problem if LEH is the culprit would be that i think the actor is pretty flat. he obviously doesnt have as much experience as the others; it really isnt distracting BUT i think that takes away from this particular atmosphere of RC. it also worries me because i feel like i haven't gotten enough clues or anything to extract if so. it makes sense on a surface level but truthfully his genius and the way they havent explained LEH's background thoroughly doesn't match up. i really just wouldn't appreciate it if he was but somehow...well whatever lol. RC was definitely wearing a mask which makes sense why ha na said the good person bc it looksd like holes cut out with a smiley face? and i guess, were it leh, thats why she didnt recognize him. although, and i dont remember if they did this in the lineup, generally they make the dudes speak right? again, i just have zero clue what is going on with the stepmom and her sister. i havent been able to think of it as much bc i think her mom is very cold emotionally which se kyung had a problem with but super misguided and manipulative. all involved--minus computer guy?--clearly have some heavy heavy trauma so to me it's also weird RC is targeting the center and knows these people are after him/them. the website is actually genius. i dont wanna wait til next week i just want to learn more and more so then i can go back and piece it all together lol i think for ha na's mom we have to remember that she most likely had some sort of mental delay as well. idk if theyll expand on this but why on earth did she get pregnant and have kids twice. like....what is going oNNNNN. all the moms are very downtrodden and had a really tough time regardless of the outcome. being single, being abused, having to carry ppl. and for min ha jung how someone's influence can be so strong fascinates me. anyways......now we wait. I have no idea what happened or how LEH knows the director and his father. his father treats him poorly. there was also that bit about the director not knowing how the internet works which could be a misdirection. clearly he's selfish so who knows what goes on. and why leh was hesitant to lie to him? honestly i have no idea what the hell leh gains by doing any of this lol so...more answers
  14. I NEED to know more about this. I think they are def gonna go into more detail but god this would make more sense. frankly i think all the main players have trauma in their lives. like i feel like sooyoung was a self harmer...
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