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  1. Personally, I hated the way this drama and it was so unrealistic to me. The husband not only had a child with another woman, but lived years in a relationship with this woman while at the same time berating his wife at every turn and trying to stop her from reaching her fullest potential. Not only that he only felt regret when she wanted to leave him and later when her health begin to fail again. He's one of my favorite actors and I liked the way he played his character, I just felt watching this, it was very flat. People with happy endings that didn't necessarily deserving it.


    Anyway, that's how I felt.

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  2. On 5/18/2023 at 10:01 AM, partyon said:

    By the way, speaking of favorite kdrama characters, I decided to do a rewatch of Mother (the Korean version that aired in 2018) together with @Sleepy Owl who had never watched it.


    Watching it again (just finished the first 2 episodes and cried buckets again) and I do remember how all the mothers in this drama left a deep impression on me. Not sure they are my favorite, but they for sure are memorable.


    Looking at the old thread here on this forum, and noticed that @justamom @Latte_Anyday @frozentundra @lclarakl @0ly40 @UnniSarah @chickfactor @irilight @Lunkera @-jadecloud- were all also active on the thread back in the day. :kiss_wink:

    What are your thoughts? Are any of the Mother characters your favorite drama characters?


    PS. If anyone is up for a rewatch of Mother, do join us. :kiss_wink:

    @partyon, I just saw this notice. I'm not as active as I used to be on the forum, work is getting in the way. I just marathoned Mother again last week. I love the drama so much. I still say that if oscars could be given for a drama, this one deserves to win. I cried just as much this time as I did the first time....love it!

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  3. On 3/18/2023 at 12:38 AM, Gaia2u said:

    i really like the main couple, they have not been so typical, not in character or looks, so I have stuck with the show- but the last episodes where the writers keep on making YI 's mom-in-law so dumb, even vulgar in her anger, is an insult to women everywhere. I feel for the actress who carries her character well,,


    @Gaia2u You nailed the problem I have with the mother-in-law.  The writer or director has given her most of the time this childlike/childish behavior in the way she speak--mumbling like a naught child whom the parents have chastised. Then she becomes this loud, hateful, mean spirited person towards her daughter-in-law. The worse part, she mostly attacks when YI is struggling. I was completely done with her, even if the writers try to make her redeemable, she's not in my opinion after she spewed all of the visceral hate towards YI while her child was in the hospital sick, fighting for her life.


    I really like the actress playing the mother-in-law, just not this character.  It never fails that in most k-dramas the fathers/men are usually reasonable and the mothers/women are usually the unreasonable character. 


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  4. Sadly, this drama is dragging towards the end. I can't stand the mother-in-law with her hatefulness. Extremely cruel to blame her for the death of her son. I think the writer overplayed this part because in reality, I don't know if you forgive someone being this hateful to you when they know your child is sick. 


    Also, I think prison mom should be the donor. I think it's the only way she can show true repentance to the family of whose son she had a hand in killing and to her stepson who she made go blind.



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    2 hours ago, Lunkera said:

    forgot to post last scene of episode 49. @Ameera Ali DD has the same clothes as episode 49 ending so may be an imagination. but i sure hope not.


    “You're wrong. In the past, no matter what people think or what It's because I'm beside the president that I'm happy. Because I'm with the president so I'm not afraid. Until now I never thought it was difficult. Do you know the president? The person who always gave me deep wounds It's not someone else, it's you.”



    Couldn't agreement with her comment more. He's always been the issue.

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  6. I'm really loving this drama....the suspense of it. There are a couple of lines or scenes where I thought the writer or director could have done better. In ep 5 or 6, the whole pool thing with giving him mouth to mouth under water...silly. He already had a lung full of water at that point, no way his eyes would have opened--time better spent to just get him out of he water. The other scene is in ep 7 when he covers his nose in the basement due to the foul smell and she say's it because of the blood. That was many years ago...there would be so smell of blood in the air.


    Enough of that. I still don't know what happened to the son (guy) in the bed that's in a coma hidden in a closet. The 'grandmother' freaked out when the little girl was trying to do math problems. Why? Why are the parents trying to pass DH off as him, for what purpose? Who does Do Hyun thinks his sister is still keeping contact with? I have questions, but no answers.



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  7. On 3/22/2020 at 12:41 AM, towrite said:


    Do use Spoiler Alert.!


    Many of us have not watched Kingdom yet. Just come to check out stills, interviews and not discuss. Do consider them!


    I come her to discuss the dramas. I want to know what others are thinking or their opinion on what happened in a particular episode. Also, Stills can also be spoilers.

  8. On 3/15/2020 at 8:05 PM, kboramint said:

    Wait... if the worms/virus still exist in the young King, then do the worms/virus still exist in the people that survived the ice lake. Weren't they all bitten? Including the Prince.  


    Also, on a different topic... was that Kim Hye-Jun as Zombie Queen?


    I don't think they still exist in the people who fell in the water because they escaped out. However, there must be a reason they didn't attack the baby. It will be interesting to see how the baby and the worms "merge"/co-exist as one. Will the king become a flesh eater? So many unknowns.  

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  9. Just started this drama, but if I'm honest, it has me rolling my eyes at a few scenes. It's enjoyable, but extremely frustrating at the same time. 



    In ep 4, all those police officers onset because they knew the "mint" killer may strike just stood there and did noting as the famous profiler, clearly in distress, seemed to be shocking or something...just stood there. To be honest, that scene had me stopping stopping the video in frustration.  I love, love, love shows that delve into forensics--especially real cases. No profiler would ignore he was being stalked, because as profilers they can almost predict how serial killers will react. Also, the reactions of the policer officers was so unrealistic--they were focused on catching the culprit than helping the man in front of them. In some scenes it's the opposite--help the obvious okay person as they killer gets away.


    Most people having witnessed such a horrible death would be shaken, even seasoned police officers.....not these police officers; however, they scream at the site of a hand sticking out of a suitcase.


    I just got through watching Mind Hunters on Netflix, based on true cases -- I read all the books on the cases and love the realism they gave to the people involved in those cases---they could have cut back on the sex scenes....definitely not necessary. I wish this drama had a little more of that realism...not over the top, but more realistic....give the police officers/detectives more credit for being smart---not have all of them turn their head one way and the criminal gets away.


    Okay, enough of my venting. I'll give it a pause for a day and come back. I want to see if I'm right about the person who killed her mother.










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  10. Well, the wonderful drama has ended. I had stopped watching dramas as they aired week to week, instead choosing to wait until all the episodes had aired to I could marathon (watching all the episodes back to back)  the drama.  However, with this drama I was sucked in immediately and found myself impatiently waiting each week for the next episode.


    I will admit that the last two episodes had some filler that could have been excluded. I love the women and guys from the N. Korea village.  Whenever they would show scenes of them, I felt like I was being reunited with old friends. 


    I'm glad our OTP was able to reunite in Switzerland (makes me want to take a trip back there). To be honest, this drama was also educational for me. I didn't realize that N Koreans could travel outside the country at will without it being for some type of special activity for the country/government. If it wasn't for family, I wonder how many of these guys after experiencing life in S.Korea would have chosen to go back to N. Korea. 


    I got my happy ending, not I must find something else to fill the void.


    It was great hanging out with the group here--thanks for sharing your thoughts on this drama.



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  11. 13 hours ago, lclarakl said:

    1. The mother is probably sad that they raised a family of vipers that would rather see their sister die so they could control a company than help her.



    Okay, I have to update a comment I made after ep 11 after seeing how the mother responded when finding out that her son had know SeRi was in North Korea and wanted to keep her there.


    Ep 12 really broke my heart for Se Ri; especially when her "mother" abandoned at the beach--not caring if she lived or died. I need to rewatch because I think this is her stepmother (product of an affair)--at least that's what I've convinced myself to believe.  It was at that moment that I couldn't help but wonder, why would she stay in South Korea without him. Then again, I think his family should leave North Korea and move to South Korea....better opportunity to enjoy life and freedom.

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  12. I will say that ep 11 dragged a little, but then again it could be because I'm anxious for the reunion of the comrades and the ladies from the village. I miss seeming them together.  I have a feeling that the village people may end up moving to South Korea.


    Sadly, one thing that really stood out to me--more than anything else, well two things stood out:


    1. The mother is probably sad that they raised a family of vipers that would rather see their sister die so they could control a company than help her.

    2. At the very end when we have a flashback of all their paths crossing 7 years earlier in Switzerland (?), when she torn the candy wrapped and threw the tiny sliver of paper to the ground. I hate litter and I didn't like seeing it being tossed to the ground--even if it was a small piece of paper.



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  13. I have to say, this drama has been exceeding my expectations. Yes, I think they can get a little 'sentimental talkie' at times, but I love the look and feel of the drama and the characters. I can't help but wonder when I watch this drama if there is truly a little village like the one depicted here. I also wonder, how can you say goodbye to such a wonderful group of people knowing that you may never, ever see them again...which is completely out of your control. 



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  14. 17 minutes ago, Harry97 said:

    Also why do I feel like whole jh going to protect sr in skorea is more like a trap or distraction for something bigger that the shady guys of Nkorea are planning to carry out during his abscense because no matter how much I think it doesn't make sense for JCK to inform JH about his plan to harm YSR and expose himself to him


    Well let's not forget that the disgraced army major can't return to his country and he's already been promised a lot of money if he gets rid SeRi. From there, he can continue to take advantage of of the brother by bribing him. More than that, he can continue smuggling illegal goods into N Korea. I think this will be the saving grace for all of them--if they can bring down the whole house of corruption under the 'secret mission'.


    I think the guy told him about SeRi just to let him know that he's going to get back at him. Where is the first place we see him, in the parking garage stalking SeRi, so I think he means to harm her.


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  15. The highlight of episode 10 (I'll call it the reunion episode) was not only getting our favorites back together in South Korea, it was having a cameo of my favorite actor, Kim Soo Hyun, and a play on from his movie, Secretly Greatly, was to die for...I couldn't stop laughing.. especially when he did the little two finger salute and ran, hopped, skipped, heels-clicking down the street....brilliant..:lol::lol:

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  16. 3 hours ago, periwinkleblossoms said:

    I used to have a friend doctor who smoked outside the hospital/vicinity of the hospital where all patients had problems with lungs, tuberculosis, copd, lung cancer etc so that part is not impossible 


    I know it's possible, is just shows very poor judgment and I truly hate seeing intelligent people making stupid decisions. Doctors more than anyone know the effect of inhaling smoke. How can they give advice to cancer patients to not smoke when they smoke themselves. That's what I don't like.

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