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  1. The veteran casts are doing splendid, am really enjoying this drama. However I am very disappointed wth Suzy's acting.. sori dont get mad at me. She has on the "same bland expressions" and spoke wth "the same bland voice tone" no matter wht situations she was put in.
  2. The storyline is not too exciting.. but love to see many new faces and their superb actings. Looking fwd to their next season.
  3. BJ is too twisted, even if he did not kill SA, he pushed his girfriend!! Hard to prove he was d murderer but he definitely should be sent to a mental institution.. maybe during questioning time he became crazily deranged??
  4. Wow thts nice as I predicted earlier on.. late grandfather's house is just an ideal place for this new couple to live in.. All moved on wth their lives.. thts a beautiful ending.
  5. Preview .. who was driving d car? Could it be JW's wife to spite hubby, is attempting to commit suicide (again) and this tine taking JE wth her too?? Scene showing JE bidding farewell (probably just b4 the crash, JW's wife killed n JE survived) ?? A scene showing JW broken and crying so bitterly.. probably thinking JE died?? JW's wife is so vindictive, all out to destroy the lovebirds.. she is capable of anything!! Whatever it may be please dont end this drama with a dead JE!!!
  6. Affairs esp committed by married woman is not acceptable morally, culturally and by many religion. So we have to prepare for a "sad" heartbreaking ending.. The only way is tht all involved finally divorce and free themselves and start all over again. What we see here is their spouses (including MIL) has no clue as to why these affairs started anyway. Probably only JE's husband who had some sense of self guilt but does he actually understand what being in love, being a married couple is all about anyway?? Please do not give us the romeo and juliet ending. Its too sad. JW has the secret hideout only known to JE. So I hope once everything gets resolved, we see both reunited and happy living in his late grandfather's, as man and wife. As for JA she offered to care for her kids at least until they are older. Hope Barcelona trip gave him some financial success and shld JA ends up with him, JA's kids can comfortably come and stay with them. The lil doter seems quite happy being around the Artist. Hmmm thts my ideal ending.. LOL as I strongly believe everyone deserves to be happy in life.
  7. Talk abt pregnancy.. shld be interesting if instead, JE is pregnant (knowing well they never consumated their marriage) child will definitely be JW's. JW's wife resorts to all sort of threats even wanting to kill herself. She will make things messy for JE and JW... Preview gave a glimpse of a distraught JE.. in this affair she wavers often. Strong guilt feeling so I think finally she may succumb to this weakness and leave JW.
  8. ....Agree! I appreciate that JE's hubby actually blamed himself for the breakdown of the marriage and for driving JE to have an affair. .. True but as a narried man I feel he is suffering from a very serious "psychological health" issue and needs professional help. He is just an ordinary office worker with no undue stress at his workplace. He showed no interest whatsoever towards his female colleague's advances. There are men without their realising, are actually suffering from ED. They lead a contented married life as their wives choose to remain silent (many are too embarassed to discuss on sexual issues). .
  9. After witnessing failed marriages and many going thru similar experiences.. morally this drama is not healthy esp for married couples... ..but I felt such compassion to all involved. What a brave and a beautiful drama. Should stir awareness to those in similar situation to brave up and "do something" about their damaged marriages. Afterall we only live once. Love is such a unique and special feeling that I feel all human beings deserve to share with one another.
  10. Hi jayyepeee Owh my goodness.. never had an inkling of this poison issue... am going to rewatch few of the last eps thank you. I was on a 2mths family tour to South Korea.. travel ws too hectic I might have missed all these little acts (poison)? I too love this drama, fantastic performances but, the ending left me so frustrated then..
  11. Agree wth most comnents here, Wang Sik/Woo Bin shld at least be given a proper sending-off.. he was so part of this drama.. .. have mixed feelings about the Royals (many monarchy in the world no longer exist). Such a beautiful, rich and colourful culture such a pity.. now remains just a history.
  12. If u can withstand few more hours of Palace internal politics, plots, conspiracies etc, Ruyi's Royal Love in the Palace (handsome Wallace Hoe) and The story of Yanxie Palace .. very colorful and casts performances wr all fantastic.
  13. All the child actors wr just adorable.. This is one of my favourite cdrama, congratulations to all casts.. fantastic performances. Must comment on QH. I have all along admired this man's character.. his feelings of love for ML should be what true "LOVE" is all about. Had same problem last nite but all good this morning. Check your email for further instructions.
  14. @lclarakl a warm hello fm me too.. After seeing what happened to her late mum n stepmom, I am sure Molan knew her father and CB will not go easy on her. Molan has too much pride.. who knows she may hang herself (not out of self pity but to spite everyone?)
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