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  1. As the title question: do you think it's weird to eat out alone? For me, if it's a fast food place, like mcdonalds or tim hortons, or within a mall, I'll sit eat my food in the restaurant with my phone to keep me company. If it's something more upscale like a 4 star restaurant, I probably wouldn't dine in alone. Last week, I up'd it a notch and went to Denny's (if you would consider it fast food) for my lunch break and ate alone. I told my friends and they said it was pretty sad. But I don't really see how it is??? Often time when I'm eating out alone, it's during my break from work, which is pretty much the only time I have to myself from work. So naturally I'd want to rest and eat my food in peace. I know some people who has to eat their food with company. So what do you guys think? Weird or not? What kind of restaurants would you consider dining in alone at?
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