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  1. after watching last episode last week, i felt some sort of pity towards DH and SY, esp DH when he cried his lungs out when he saw his son calling another person as dad. but then i did some Secret marathon yesterday, and after watching the whole episodes from the very beginning to the end suddenly bam~ my pity vanished rightaway. and that brings me back to my first thought about the finale: the writernim is too kind in deciding how to punish DH and SY.
    oh gosh the withdrawal feels...
    :(( :(( :(( :((

  2. this drama ends at last... like really really, jjinjja jjinjja, ends? *sobs like crazy*but at least we got the happy ending for the otp *though i seriously need more than just few minutes of giggly kiss at the end of eps* and the villain got punished (but i still think the writer's being too kind. i know DH regrets how he has turned every one's life into hell, from YJ to his family to his son and even to himself, but that still doesn't justify whatever he did for..yeah, about 15 episodes earlier. and SY? tore the marriage contract and shazam, suddenly she's the victim? no, being friendzoned doesn't mean you have every right to turn into psycho and ruin the life of your best friend/crush/one and only love/eternal obsession, and well i am being too demanding)and i still hope there will be sequel...err, no, probably not sequel, but at least a special episode. an hour of MH's and YJ's cuddling session, perhaps, silently-peeping writernim?
    and anyway thank you for every one here, this was such an amazing ride with you all, chingunims! still don't know where to go or what to watch after this. not sure will be able to go back to Heirs where love is the moment being sung in every corner, and don't think am prepared to watch Jan Geun Seuk and his shampoo-model-like hair romancing IU. any suggestions on the next amazing drama? do be kind and take me with you!

  3. Dear new ost, i'm sorry i once told you i like Jisung's voice in the short happy birthday song better. have been listening to the song for hours and i have to say this song kinda grows in me. i somehow can get the heartbreaking emotion Jisung tries to deliver through the song.  and i hate me because the scene where MH cries after YJ left him keeps repeating in my brain. how can their love be that painful, seriously?? *banging head on the wall YJ style*
    but like someone here have already mentioned, i, too, am happy at the fact that they played Jisung's song yesterday. i mean i'd rather have a painful 15th episode then be comforted and overjoyed when the happy ending finally here, than to have an all-is-well episode for the first half of the finale only to be painfully thrown to hell with the sad ending and the last ost as a team. i mean, get a sad ending and hear him singing "How can our love be this painful? I smile and smile and cry again.. I love you like crazy, I miss you like crazy. My love is like a storm, making my heart explode.."?? no thanks, i don't want to sob every time i remember this show.
    nervously waiting for the last episode while still hoping this show could last forever, but i will still keep my faith in you, writernim. please please, don't let this show get a sad ending. i don't care if you want to give some time leap, i don't care whether San is alive or dead, i don't care how you will punish DH (ok, to be honest i'm still care for that. he deserves the worst for punishment). at this stage, i honestly don't even care if you guys want to separate MH from SY by having her regret all her wrongdoings in last minutes or by telling MH to act like nappeun namja and leave her just like that to be with YJ. i only care for the two lead to get their happy endings. they deserve that, this show deserves that, and we fans deserve to get that as well.

    [-O< [-O< [-O< [-O<

  4. maybe the wedding is just a trick. and tonight's episode will started with.. "taraaaa... it was just SY's dream, she wakes up in shock, realize she fell asleep while trying her wedding gown because too happy she will finally marry the love *ahem-obsession-ahem* of her life. and MH actually doesn't want to marry her, and decide to hide somewhere outside Korea. anywhere is fine as long as SY doesn't know it, after all now that the love of his live has left him, what good could there be left in Korea? and then dun dun dun... YJ realize her noble idiocy is just way beyond idiot and run to grab her love.*yeah let's go cliche all the way!

  5. diana76 said: Not that I believe that this applies to this particular drama...
    But I just wanna point out that in my 10ish years of following K-entertainment, I have come to the understanding that what they describe as "a beautiful ending" doesn't always go hand in hand with "a happy ending" :D
    This is from the pop culture which gushes over K.I.S.S. - Because I am a Girl MV as one of the best of all time...yo
    *run off to buy a talisman just in case @mokonapuu decides to slap my name on an extra voodoo doll :P

  6. YJ, i'm disappointed by you. where's that YJ who keeps saying "until sajangnim tells me to leave, i won't leave"? now you, of all the heroines in kdramaland, have to follow the cliche paths of doing noble idiocy? let's just hope you're not coming back to YJ from the first 1/3 part of the drama who always let herself suffer for "the happiness of the man i love" when you and i and MH and basically everyone knows there's nothing happy about you doing self sacrificing like that. esp for MH.whoa, looks like i've missed quite lots of pages to read.. went for a while, buying voodoo dolls and some needles. if tomorrow's ending is not that "beautiful" to us Secret fans, i know to whom i will cast the voodoo spells anyway... *yes writernim and JiSung Manager-nim, i'm talking about you!*

  7. i know i'll probably be hanged to death by saying this, but i like his voice when he shortly sung and danced to that happy birthday song in ep 12 more than this new ost. i mean the new ost is good, and he sure has a good voice for a non-singer, but the short singing just got into me...
    or maybe it's because i'm scared the emotion in this song would pull me back into reality that this week's gonna be Secret's final week.
    *back to corner, still sobbing*

  8. it's Wednesday already? funny how i wanted today to come but now that it's here, i'm starting to wish i could go back to Sunday..
    Can't they just make this show lasts forever, letting us fans be spoiled by torturing DH and SY? it's kinda unfair DH only get punished in two last episodes after what YJ had been going through because of him... and we can never get enough of YJ's and MH's cute cuddling time!
    oh my poor fangirl heart... =((
    *sobbing at the corner while collecting pieces of a broken fangirling heart*

  9. peaches_2280 said:

    비밀 15.16회대본이 드디어 나왔습니다.. 예쁜대본으로 예쁘게 마무리 하겠습니다^^마지막까지 기대해주세요

    Taken from Ji Sung oppa's manager's me2day account.

    "The script for Episodes 15 and 16 of the drama, Secret Love, is finally released. A beautiful script will have a beautiful ending. Please do look forward to it."

    Yay, that's really great news! It means we will have a Happy Ending for our OTP!

    P.S.  It feels wonderful to have a day off on a Friday. Yeah, TGIF and I can look forward to meeting up with my girlfriends whom I haven't met in quite a while. Have a fabulous weekend everyone!  :)

  10. this thought crossed my mind suddenly:didn't JH say something like "you can't die before me/i will die before you" thing in first episode... and then died, causing MH to swear to seek revenge?what if the finale will be: MH dies after saying that, and YJ swear on his grave to make DH/SY regret it and make their life a living hell? that would be a vicious cycle of revenge. but then again, MH finally falls for the one he should hate.. would that mean YJ too finally falls *again* for DH? but then again, MH hadn't known YJ before JH died, while YJ had been acquainted..no, in love, with DH for years before she met MH...(ok, i need to stop overthinking the finale. seriously, brain, stop!!! 8-})

  11. i just finished watching Secret ep 13 (no sub, which is something i normally wouldn't do...but there's nothing normal about this show from the start, haha)(definitely no surprise that) i skipped basically every DH-SY scene and replayed every MH-YJ scene for at least thrice :Dso here's the thought so far:i doubt neither MH or YJ will die. as some of you chingus had stated, i don't think uri new writernim want to be labelled as someone whose character dies at the end of the drama. the writer version of Kim Nam Gil. "Oh, new drama is coming. chankanman, isn't this the writer whose previous lead died? uh, no, i think i will skip this one. i don't think my heart can take it if the writer do that again."and also, about Wuthering Heights thingy, SY said in earlier episode that "revenge that started out of love would result in a lonely death", while MH now responds to her by saying "love that started out of revenge". if the circumstance were to be reversed, the result would be "a dead-like person would come back to life".and although it would be both ironic and pathetic, SY's line is kinda thrown back at her face. isn't that exactly what she is/will be trying to do? "if MH appa faint, he will come back to me." so if we really have to put the drama into Wuthering Heights perspective, SY is the Heathcliff now. and if she plans to do the "if i can't have you then no one can" right, she can be the certain person who dies, and a lonely death to add. (though perhaps not so lonely, she will have the Ahn Do f***in Hoon by her deathbed)and about the unimaginable ending, it is not an easy thing to make such statement. pretty sure we all have been acquainted quite well with some kdramaland rules. chaebol falls for a poor candy, parents' disapproval, happy-moments-before-the-storm, one/both of the otp's death at the finale (either caused by accidents, suicide, blood cancer, brain cancer, lung cancer, foot cancer, hand cancer, you name it). keep in mind that once the statement issued, people like us would try even harder to tie every possibilities/clues/hints/foreshadows/anything to assume what kind of unimaginable ending they will give us. judging from the episodes, so far Secret hasn't disappointed us in breaking the old drama rules (or should i say habit? haha) so i will put my faith in you, uri writernim. don't let me down in the last two episodes. i'll even bear the torturing 15th eps (yeah, i'm sure it will be torturing) for the sake of an amazing finale.(send a mental "i'm watching you" meme to writernim)not sure if i write this with a sane mind or MH-YJ biased because i keep replaying Ailee's song while writing this :D*crawling back to bed, patiently waiting for the grand finale week* (patiently? really who am i kidding :)))

  12. so i started out with Heirs and paid no attention to Secret, and end up worrying what my life will be after this drama end.i mean, after Ailee's "I Believe i love youuuuu....~" i have to go back and be all "LOVE IS THE MOMMMEEENNNNTTTT~"I can't even... X_Xthe power of sizzling chemistry promising makeout scene otp's to-die-for snogging session amazing combination of great script and great actors!if they don't get the best drama and/or the best couple, there is no justice in this life. :-B

  13. If SAN is indeed alive, it only means one thing in the CLICHE scheme of things...MH will die







    But i don't think MH will die at the finale *fingers crossed*

    Perhaps they give us the hint of someone's death just to drive us crazy. Beside, they've stated the ending will be uimaginable., and if they kill of the lead, what will be so unimaginable about it? There were other several dramas who did that. They did mentioned death of certain character, but this can be anyone, right? Maybe it'll be MH's dad (caused by DH who feel threatened by his cming back, which would fire up MH's anger towards DH even more, lol), or SY (also caused by DH because he realizes he's been made a fool by her, and i dont even care if this happens), or maybe it'll be one of DH's parents (probably commit suicide when they find out how evil they son is)

    there is also a possibility of DH's death (choose to kill himself rather than being sent to jail by his ex-lover-turned-archenemy)

    while uri MH and YJ will be married and live happily ever after with San.

    *i know i sound in denial, but i know all of us are hoping for them to get a happy ending lol

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