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  1. I only said water because our Joo Won doesn't drink really, so for him to "pretend" to drink that for the scene so easily was funny. These bar scenes are killing me, lol. That comment, was too good!! It's always the place where the funniest things happen.
  2. OMG, I almost wrote that in my post but I deleted it. I was wondering if the internet would meme Joo Won again this time around, lol! It wasn't as surprising this time, hahaha. Real question is, how many characters is Joo Won going to have play out to not be hysterically crying? Just kidding!
  3. I've really dreamt of Joo Won having a darker character for once, and I think Park Ji-Gyeom is kind of there! Especially at first when they introduced his character, with the dragonfly scene. Even the rooftop scene. I was actually pretty surprised about the dragonfly scene. I really like that Park Jin-Gyeom is kind of a mixture of different characters he's played in the past. At least as you've guys said Cha Yoo Jin and Park Shi-On (who is my favorite Joo Won character). I think that maybe for fan service, possibly by the end of the show... they may pair up Ji-Gyeom with Do-Yeon. Although from
  4. I finally got to see Alice on Kocowa now. They subbed it by the time I got home from work tonight. Okay, so... Joo Won, his acting is phenomenal as usual. I was impressed with his "empty-like" facial expressions during scenes of him interacting with people. That face is MOOD, ANYTIME, ALL THE TIME. Hahaha. The bar scene was too cute with Do Yeon. Imagine actual real life Joo Won having a conversation like that? Lol. He would be so bashful and shy. I wonder how many times they filmed that scene without them both laughing, lol. This show is going to definitely keep my attention span! So excite
  5. Where are people watching Alice from? I am just wondering. I'm not even sure these days where to watch K-Dramas besides Viki, Kocowa & Netflix. I miss DramaFever. I'm not sure how long it will take to watch it with subs. Hopefully Kocowa will post both episodes on Sunday with English subtitles.
  6. Hello everyone! I finally reactivated my Kocowa account and am ready to watch Alice. I don't have much to say except that I am excited to see Joo Won back on the screen after so long. I am looking forward to discussions about the airing episodes.
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