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  1. What a cute pouty face! Hahaha. What could have happened in this scene? Lol. Credit: Joo Won via. Instagram
  2. Credit: Huayi Brothers via Instagram Here is a link for Joo Won's Tik Tok account.
  3. Is he looking at some kind of teleprompter or is it more like a device that shows replays of filmed scenes? I hope Joo Won is resting okay, we all know he's a super workaholic.
  4. The guy to the left of Joo Won is in the fashion world and the guy to the right of him is in TV but I think... he's like a TV host for some stuff, I'm not sure what exactly but I know for sure, him and Joo Won golf together also with that one girl that Joo Won is still friends with that he met through his ex, Boa. The guy on the right, I have no idea. Lol. That's all I know. I've done my fair job of snooping.
  5. Totally loving his jacket/sweater. They are so comfy. Sherpa is totally trendy these days. I love mine. Credit: Joo Won via. Instagram
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