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  1. just finish Kim Soo Hyun marathon!! hahahaha... after finish watching Producers, i continue with My Love From Another Star, then The Moon That Embraces the Sun, then Secretly Greatly.. in one week finish all. hahah,, now maybe proceed to Dream High.. even though already watched all of  his dramas, watching again can make u think of different way than when first watch.. actually already watched all dramas more than one time..

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  2. sara62 said: littlekoala said:
    damifino said: This is a clip of SSH winning the MBC Drama Awards Daesang in 2008.  SJS made a surprise appearance (he wasn't at the rest of the awards show, just showed up to give SSH flowers).  It's around 1:21 into the video.  The girls in the front row are only paying attention to SJS, not the awards presentation going on stage LOL

    SSH has a new movie coming out this May.  Hopefully, we'll get to see SJS as one of the attendees at the VIP premier.

  3. popcherrypop said: anitabi said: readlead said: btw, I am still in TGL's case right now, bad me or poor me, I didnt fully check TGL's thread before, now I feel a little regret... since there is so many treasures! :D

    hope you all wont mind if I repost here some of very intresting pics, can I? please... :D

    credit to @Eja... thank you so much for posting it years ago in TGL's thread, hope you wont mind I repost it in here... :)>-

    Poster Shoot 


    the result


    I remember very exactly that when I saw this poster the first time 3 years ago, I really love it! Onnie's style is really jjang! her expression and her pose, daebak! :-*

    reminder/warning : there will be more posts from me related TGL soon! please prepare your self to bear with it >:)  and please prepare too your shipping heart/radar! B-)

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