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  1. Yup... it could have, or perhaps she was still in a safe distance? but, I dont think he will kill them in the next episode. We still have 4 more episodes to go..
  2. About the romance, at this point I think we all know how important CY to VC, and VC to her, and that they love each other, he literally would do anything for her. but the real question is will they act on it? For VC, that guy is like a solid rock, even for the love he feel for his own mother he needs a lot of encouraging from CY to show affection and embrace his longing for her. Maybe because he was trained not to show feelings because its like showing weakness. For CY, I feel like he is reading VC, she wants to act upon her feelings and have the conversation, but the t
  3. "Every critism children throw at their parents will only come back as regrets" Vincenzo Cassano, 2021

  4. I think she will be nominated for other awards this year, if not for Vincenzo, perhaps for her perfomance in One Night in Paradise, she was stellar. Now that you mentioned it, yes it was pretty unusual for him, if he doesnt want CY to see the dead bodies he could just tell her. Perhaps, he doesnt want her involve in his italian mafia problem?
  5. I think I need to add one more, VC's Italian mafia brother. I dont think his brother will stop trying to kill him, now that he knows where his whereabouts. He also made a call to Luca in ep.15, and Luca upcoming appearance in Korea should be about his Italian brother.
  6. Yes, gosh... they deserve a happy ending, they are the closest thing to a family to each other, no correct that they are family. She knows him better than anyone, and vice ver sa. They except and understand each other good and bad sides. She gently urge Vincent to be closer to his mom but still respecting his pace, and you are right, at that moment we could almost see his face seems glad that CY give the OK. I wonder what will VC turn into, if they even dare to touch a single hair of CY? I hope VC would just kill em on the next ep or, they might har
  7. Which he reluctantly agree, and give deadly stares to the poor boy when his wife not looking, because in one hand, he is whipped to his wife, but on the other hand he is dal babo. Lol
  8. Go get em, Vinnie... get em good! I swear if he didnt kill JW again, I'mma just threw my remote next week. @nona88 yes, that was stupid, well, he is babo for a reason. Celebrating? For what? provoking a monster that you couldn't beat? Celebrating a more painful death? At this rate, I dunno how he could be a CEO of a Chaebol, he is not smarter than his brother SJK acting was just simply brilliant... the moment the door open and he sees his mother death body, you could see he went from shock, angry then his eyes grew cold, dark and souless,
  9. I feel like it will be towards the end perhaps 19 or 20 New still cuts, I'm already sad. I'm glad at least he got the chance to have a date with his mom, and have the heart to heart conversation, hopefully they wouldn't have any regrets.
  10. Its gonna be an intense, dark and sad episode tonight and a loooong 2 weeks before another episode, but at least I hope they will answer these questions in tonite's: 1. Why did VC call Luca? 2. What was written in the VC's mom letter? 3. Who took the pictures at GP? Is there any spy among them? 4. It seems like babel will try to bring down GP to obtain Guilotine and the gold, hope nobody got hurt. We got another skills reveal : ttokpoki Ajumma hearing ability, perhaps it will come handy Please don't kill off Mr.Nam and Mr. Cho We n
  11. Who do you think take the pictures of the tabloid's CEO going to the Shaman's place at GP? At this point, I trust no one
  12. Aaah thank you for this! I feel a bit relieved now... lets trust chaka nim for now.. cause as you said it will make no sense to leave out romance for VC and CY at this point.
  13. Should we call him Inzaghi Cassano now!? Lol.. although Inzaghi is also a last name.
  14. IKR... I dont why knetz hate to have a loveline in Vincenzo, I dont think it take away anything from the plot, in the contrary it enrich the plot and the character.. it made Vincenzo feel more human to find love in the least expected place at the least expected time, and even in the more noir mafia movies, they always have love interests (although their lovers usually die in the end, but thats not the point here) so why not uri Vinnie.. hiks. Hopefully, they wont effect chakanim, the long break make me more nervous on the course of the loveline.
  15. Woow.. I didnt know that the kissing scene receives debateable opinion from Knetz ". I've noticed that this scriptwriter always writes in a love line that looks like something's going to happen but they sometimes never end up together anyway so I'm fine with it... The scriptwriter has a tendency of adding in a few pit-a-pat, lovey dovey scenes that never go anywhere." Oh No! Please don't jinx it.. please chakanim.. please be kind, they need to be together, they deserve to find love and happiness.. do we ever get to see another kiss, then?
  16. Judging from the preview of 16, we might be dying of curiosity for 2 weeks.. At this point, almost every episode? Lol.. It might be an unpopular opinion, but it seems that, team Vincenzo only manages to take small victories everytime, that could only hurt or humiliate babel team a little, they would manages to dust off all the prove and accussations towards them in no time. while when Babel retaliate they give bigger blows where it hurts the most, and precious life will be taken (CY's dad, the victims family, VC's mom (?), at this rate I wonder why babe
  17. Me too... I never really follow him as an actor, I watch a few of his drama then droped it after a few eps. I always thought he was a bit overhyped (please don't come at me), but now I see his charms as Vincenzo. I couldn't imagine any other actor to play Vincenzo than him. He made Vincenzo smoldering sexy, dark, calculative, brutal, cunning yet vulnarable and human. As you point out, I love the way he acts with his eyes, and his line delivery with that smexy voice.. man! P.s I looooove Ryu Jun Yeol, he is just...
  18. Oh, you sold me, though I might just pass out if that ever happen..lol Perhaps another kiss will happen in ep 16/17 and maybe bed scene in the last few episodes.. oh Gawd.. I hope this show will have a happy ending and not an open ending even if they are perhaps considering a sequel judging from the popularity Yes... I saw a sceencaps on twitter of the gold when it was thrown to the basement, it was open, and there was no file, maybe VC got it as the ultimate chess piece, because with the file he could not only destroy babel, wusang but also half of the most powerful elit
  19. @shinystar1985Oh no.... waiting one week is already tough enough! Hiks.. I guess this explain why SJK and YB have been looking tired as of late, hopefully the cast and crew could still have enough rest despite the tight schedule. @fiona628 @BlackLotus1025 @Butterfly_hugs YES! YES! To bed scene.. that would be super awesome, but I doubt that the writer would be that "kind" to us.. I would be happy if we get at least another kiss initiated by VC YB's Night in Paradise would premier this Friday on netflix, another noir gangster theme piece.
  20. Guys watching the preview again, I don't know if I could bare to watch ep. 15 or 16 (when and if) they kill off VC's mom. I don't think he will get to say a lot of things that need to be said to her, hence the purpose of the letter. I think at the end, CY will give VC the letter, and in the letter she knows VC is her son that she left in the orpanage years ago and she ask for his forgiveness from being an incompetent mother (in her eyes), and how proud she is that he grew up well. Or the letter could say that he reminds her of his son. Either way, it will be super painful for
  21. BTS is here I swear the art gallery director is their shipper, I love how she squeal when YB grab SJK face to practice.. lol
  22. Agree, IMO the kiss was beautiful and perfectly convey the inner tormoil of VC at that very moment, when CY suddenly kiss him, I was shocked, and thought oh, its gonna be another one sided action from CY while VC will just stand there and restrain himself, seconds after that, boy I was wrong! he throw his reasons out of the window, and just let go and let his heart win for once.. it was magic. I think we all need the BTS ASAP!! You know for research purpose.. Yes, I hope they at least have the chance to properly resolve the misunderstanding, and he will
  23. I kindda change my mind in ep.14, I think the tenants really get to shine in this ep, and that speaks a lot specially in an episode where the long awaited first kiss happen, they put their trust on him, and help him wholeheartly, but its making me nervous, what would happen if they find out VC was fooling them in regards of the gold? Concerning the whole italian mafia fiasco, I think during the meeting between VC and HS, when VC said that he wouldnt meddle with family affair, there is a scene that was not yet shown,where HS tipped him that babel team already contacted Paolo. Or it
  24. The preview is out What the hell did they do to VC's mom? Those scums! ☠ I guess next week eps will be a lot darker, and if they ever hurt his mom, Vincenzo beast mode will be unleashed. Oh And the way he played with her hands.. these little things drive me nuts..
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