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  1. Game time! Anyone who could count how many times the leads kiss (including smooch, deep kiss and borderline making out-did u notice wangye uses his tongue in one of the scene )? I have just finished watching the last ep (without sub). All in all, I really like this drama. Its fluffy and sugary sweet! Plot wise, there are a lot of plot holes, and overused plot device such as obssesed love rival/second lead, power struggle, revenge, etc. but what sold me was the chemistry of the leads, the friendship between wangye and his bros (they even coach wangye how to consummate his wedding..lol)
  2. Allen Fang specially in this drama has entered my personal hall of fame of best kisser in dramaland along with Jung Il Woo and Ji Chang Wook. Man, thoses kisses are both sweet, passionate and longing at the same time. Hoping for season 2 with love line for one of my fave character from this drama, AhZhen what kind of woman would our ever composed, wise, gentle and emotionally guarded Azhen fall in love with?
  3. I never expected to fall in love with QY character, at earlier ep, I didnt trust him, as he is cunning and calculative, but as eps gone by I find myself always looking forward to his presence on the screen, a bit scared but excited.. then I realize that he's just a lonely and tormented kid inside that finally feel some warmth for the first time from his precious "Meimei". Li Hong Yi did such an amazing job here! Can't believe he's so young but had so much emotional depth in his acting. And his gaze in this drama is everything.. seductive, alluring and intimidating at the same time. And the aura he created aroubd QY is nothing less than amazing.
  4. Please... please tell us more what happened in the novel that was not shown in the drama specially concerning our OTP and Junshang too...
  5. help... I'm on crack with this drama, I was supposed to finish some work last night but I end up rewatching it for the second time... clearly I need help..lol I love how the male lead figure it out that he is a she very early on, because its true to the character. he's one smart fellow and they are roomate so it will be weird if he doesnt figure it out. And now we have come to the time for Arsenal Military Academy Awards: 1. Best Hair Flips and winks : GU YANZHEN 2. Fastest crossdressing across town in one day : XIE LIANZHENG/XIE XIANG 3. Best frequent client at the hospital awards : JUNSHANG 4. Best smirks : JUNSHANG 5. Purest soul : SO SONG 6. Best Girl Friday/sidekick : TAN XIAJUN 6. Best friendship quotes : "I would rather Xie Lianzheng be ruined by you than destroyed by Gu Yanzhen -Ji Jin to Yunshang-
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