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  1. On 1/3/2019 at 8:34 PM, gibas231 said:

    please no!! DL is mine only :love:  but truly, solo fan like me,  do not like shipping real life otp couple.

    In the drama or movie, yes okay to ship the characters for the storyline but in real life, no... there are just too many reasons to list, but the fact is currently this couple China OTP fans are super obsessed and causing lots of fighting between DL and YZ solo fans. Most of DL antis are YZ fans and vice versa.  

    DL and YZ in real life are actually not too good of friends, the drama was filmed two years ago and they rarely kept in contact. Both have moved on to other dramas since AOL (DL and YZ filmed like 3-4 other dramas). 




    How do you know they are not close? They’ve been friends for more than 8yrs, DL even mentioned in an interview that they give each other gifts for their respective birthdays. He even mentioned that their dads are close. They have a very good friendship, ofc in every fandom there are bad apples but it would help if fans don’t act soo posesssive over their favs & act like they know what’s right for them or who is right for them!!!

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  2. I’m wondering who would be suitable for this genre other than JWS, whom already did Athena. Thinking about recent actors who’ve done spy like dramas/movies, I could only think of Park He Jin, Ji Chang Wook, Joowon, Ha Jung woo, and Kang dong won. However, out of these actors, two are in the army and the other 3, one isn’t a big enough name to carry this big budget drama and the remaining two are less likely to do a drama.

    Who is left that could pull off this role? I really liked PHJ in Man to Man and I do not believe he has a conflicting schedule to film Prometheus.

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  3. On 4/30/2018 at 10:50 PM, hushhh said:



    Is that what he's saving for.  Silly me, I thought he was trying to pay off his debts or give his wife a lump sum to impress her.:confused:




    Beyonce is is very talented but I never understood why she chose to stay with Jay other than protecting their brand bc expecting a serial cheater to change is like saying a zebra can change its stripes lol If a person has any ounce of self respect, they will not stay in a relationship with a spouse who repeatedly cheats on them. It’s bc even if you can forgive a person, you can never forget, it’s always going to be in the back of your mind. Therefore, given the writers realistic approach, he will not be advocating for this type of emotional abuse!


    What I meant by communicating like a mature adult is this, if she was so unhappy, she could’ve demanded either they work things through or she divorces him. This she can do all on her own bc she’s smart and financially independent. But of course, we all know what she chose to do, let the “loneliness” turn into resentment and selfishly betrayed her husband. I think she’s emotionally under developed and this is evident through her cheating and wanting to get even with JY when he ended things with her. I find her very pitiful as a character and DH to be dead inside.

    I think what the writers capture very well is that, people need to be surrounded by the right people in order to become our very best, like DH and JA. Whatever the outcome, all relationships will hopefully change for the better at the end of the drama since it’s a “healing drama”! 

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  4. 13 hours ago, hushhh said:
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    Yes, DH has community and YH does't seem to, and this well make their ability to heal vary. 


    Weird, sometimes those community-less people are attracted to community-filled people as a way of getting community for themselves, only to discover how exhausting having community is, especially when you are in the tent pole.  I have often noticed that several great leaders are poor husbands and fathers, unless the family is actively committed to the cause the great leader is championing to the point they don't realize that their personal needs aren't being met.  Of course there are exceptions.


    I must add that while I understand how the affair could happen even if YH still loves DH I find it difficult to understand how she could have allowed herself to be complict in DY's workplace moves against DH.  Strangely enough that is the betrayal I have the most issues with.


    It is quite possible that YH convinced herself that DH was so unhappy at work pushing him to create a work environment that he could build around his own values would be good for him-- I still think it is crappy behavior. As bad as love built from wiretapping.


    Strangely Even though DH is always in the company of people he strikes me as a deep introvert [or long-term depressive]. Deep introverts only willingly allow with one or two people to know them well.  The only way to know them deeply is to be supernaturally intuitive or illegally wiretap them and violate their privacy.


    The only person that DH seems to willingly share his true self with fully is the monk.  That must be lonely making for his wife.


    I don't see the world of the drama, or the world in general, as you do.  Thankfully neither one of us has a ability to change how to drama unfold.  Continue to enjoy the world you see there and I'll do the same.


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    If Beyonce and Jay-Z marriage's can recover from an affair, any marriage can.

    No wait. It was Jay-Z who strayed so it doesn't apply.

    The world expect and push women to forgiveness.

    The world expect and push men towards vengeance.

    There seems to be a believe in monotheism that women are inherently evil and promiscuous and should be stoned.


    Actually, using Beyonce and jay as an example isn’t the best choice bc they are a“brand”, one can argue that it would hurt their collective networth if they are no longer seen as a “power couple”. His wife isn’t amartyr like some of us make her out to be. Yes, Dh was partially to blame for her loneliness but that is not an excuse to cheat nor should it be forgiven bc she plotted with the person he hated the most to destroy him.

    There’s nothing loving and mature about having an affair for more than a year when you could have done the right thing for your family, divorce before commuting adultery. If you’re not happy talk like normal adults instead of harboring hatred to the point of destroying your family by cheating & plotting with your ex. I’m not saying a couple cannot recover from adultery but it does depend on the duration and other factors like “not plotting with the person your husband considers to be the scum of the earth” to get him fired!


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  5. 55 minutes ago, MsMinnieFran said:

    YH's betrayal was made worse by how long it lasted, who she did it with, and things she was plotting with JY during that time. I am sure it wouldn't have hurt as much if it was some random dude out on the street. JY was his boss at work, his junior in school, who he hated. Do the math. Ultimately, she made a huuuge mistake, she is sorry for it now, good for her. But i don't need to feel sorry for her do i? I wish her well, i hope she finds happiness in the future. I just don't think she can find it with DH. Why should they continue to make each other miserable?

    Exactly, why stay in a miserable relationship where both parties feel suffocated. Also, I think she’s only sorry she got caught, had it not been for JA tipping DH about the public phone, she would’ve went through with her plot with JY to have DH fired, and she would’ve divorced DH like she was planning on doing. 

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  6. 3 hours ago, hushhh said:

    I came across these comments in Dramabean recap of My Mister  episode 11 [http://www.dramabeans.com/2018/04/my-ajusshi-episode-12/] and wanted to repost them there because they a lot of my though on YH.


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    April 27, 2018 at 8:09 PM

    Thanks for the recap, @Lollypip
    Well, this show certainly doesn’t pull any punches.
    My heart got hit with a mega-ton punch of TRUTH. Repeatedly.
    I missed Dong Hoon having drinks and chatting with Ji An, so I’m glad that episode ended with them together.
    But, DANG, if Dong Hoon and Yoon Hee’s discussion about the infidelity wasn’t soul-deep raw and honest!! I was reeling because it was so powerful and painful…like surgery without any anaesthetic!!
    Did you think it’d be easier to divorce me if you had an affair with him, had me fired, and turned me into a homeless person?
    DH, in his methodical way, echoes our collective indictments against YH: not only cheating on him, but with the very man he despised, in complete disregard to the consequences of her actions on her family, even her son.
    I LOVED how they divulged how each chose to love the other. DH entirely misunderstood what his wife needed. This is so realistic to what couples who genuinely love each other go through when trouble brews in the marriage. DH provided for YH’s physical needs so impeccably, but he completely missed what she really wanted:
    "Is it love if I’m in second place? Am I even in second place?"
    “You were always my number one.” My heart actually went out to YH this time. No matter how MASSIVELY she messed up, she’s extremely lucid describing the emotional neglect and isolation she felt in the marriage. She understands her husband emotionally better than he does her.
    She knows his family is the most important thing to him, so to please him she made every effort to love his family-of-origin well. But, she was hoping he would love her with the same kind of devotion he gives to his family-of-origin, but it never materialized.
    She even names the fear that motivates him: he wants to avoid disappointing his mother and hurting his son. If so, he is motivated by “family” to stay in the marriage, but sadly, YH isn’t included on that “list”. If that is true, then her indictment of him is equally true: she was never part of his “family”, which is why she never FELT like a priority to him. She honestly thought she didn’t mattered to him. She thought he didn’t love her. She recognized he would never change, and in her despair, she turned to whoever would give her the affection she craved. That’s really sad.
    It’s interesting how quickly YH and JY turn on each other…and ironically enough, because of Dong Hoon. Their conversations are always about Dong Hoon! The person they both betrayed is the same one who drives them apart. #poeticjustice
    Oh snap! YH now fighting full force for her husband: she’s pretty useless compared to Ji An, but I like that she’s in her husband’s corner.
    The one vital piece of information we lack is why Dong Hoon fell in love with Yoon Hee in the first place.
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    April 27, 2018 at 11:39 PM

    After this episode I totally understand why YH had affair with JY, not because she loved him (JY more than anyone knows that YH never loved him), but because he was the very person she could talked/complained about DH (her love)... Regarding DH love for YH, I feel he loves her in a very different way than he loves his original families, friends or colleagues (including JA)... he used to see YH as amazing great woman that he admires but that admiration made him not to show his love comfortably... he never realized how much YH is thirsty/needy for his attention and love... I hope JA becomes their catalyst to save their marriage...


    I get why YH had an affair.  I don't condone it, but I understand it.


    There are a lot of qualities that folks in the forum have been condemning YH for that I just don't see evidence of.  Some of this might be due to relying on translation instead of experiencing the series in a language I understand directly.

    1- YH is ambitious. Where is the evidence?  I don't ever hear her talking about work. I don't ever hear her plotting to rise through the ranks of  her workplace.  Even when speaking of marrying JY there wasn't any talk of increased social power.

    2- YH wanted to be married to someone more powerful.  She is unhappy with DH lack of career success. The only time she refers to DH's position at work  is in reference to him starting his own business.  The reason I understood her to be doing so, wasn't about DH rank but to get him out of the company so that he and JY would not be working in the same company if there was a divorce.

    3- YH is selfish and wanted DH for herself and away from his family. There is evidence of this but I wouldn't characterize the behavior as selfish.


    - I grew up in the west and my understanding of how families are created is that once you get married your energy and focus shifts from your family of origin/family you are from [mother, father, sibling] to your family of procreation/family you make [spouse and children]. Of course your do not disown your family of origin, but your primary focus [except in times of crisis -illness/death, etc] in on the family you create.

    -therefore in that worldview, YH desire to be number one in DongHoon's life makes a lot of sense.

    - to me, in someways DongHoon's orientation to the family of origins was made worse because while the family had strong ties, their constant "crises" took all of DongHoon's focus and resources.  DongHoon's sense of responsibility to his family took him away from his wife.

    -DongHoon's mother saw their marriage as a competition for status, even if DH and YH did not.  Mother's concern that YH might outshine DH meant she was always kept at arms length and never was able to fit into the family.





    It's ironic that the forum has folks stopping just short of calling for YH to be burnt at the stake for having an affair and people who can barely hold it together as they call of a physicalizing of the romance they see between DH and JA. 


    Of course the drama is designed to do that, as it allows us to see DH as descent person suffering through a life that is not going well and introduced us to YH in the middle of her affair.  

    I think @desertflower characterized YH pretty well in her marriage, please read this. Also, there’s no way YH married DH not knowing how important his friends and family were to him, therefore to use (not being his first priority) as a reason  for her to have an affair is quite weak in my book. I recalled YH saying that she did indeed loved JY, you mentioned not seeing how she could be power hungry but this could be seen easily through liking someone like JY-who is a shameless, status hungry richard simmons canoe!!


    I am a firm believer in “you are who you like” someone as smart as her isn’t a innocent victim to JY’s charms, she knew what she was doing, leaving her manager husband for a potential CEO. It’s not realistic to DH to start over with his cheating wife bc she didn’t just cheat on him with just anyone, she did it with a weasel-scum like person he hated the most lol even if he could forgive her, he could never forget even if he could understand why she did it.



    She described how she “tried” to do nice things for his mother and brothers while recalling a time after giving birth and cooking for his mom and expecting a payoff of more attention from DH. She thought illogically.  First, you do things for family because you love and care for them not anticipating something in return.  Second, you spend time with your new in-laws and become close.  Third, because you are there with your new in-laws you will be rewarded by being with your hubby a lot too.  You can’t change the man you marry....you need to be in love with that man you married, you need to know who that man really is that you married.  YH trying to change DH was always going to fail.

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  7. 12 hours ago, desertflower said:

    She described how she “tried” to do nice things for his mother and brothers while recalling a time after giving birth and cooking for his mom and expecting a payoff of more attention from DH. She thought illogically.  First, you do things for family because you love and care for them not anticipating something in return.  Second, you spend time with your new in-laws and become close.  Third, because you are there with your new in-laws you will be rewarded by being with your hubby a lot too.  You can’t change the man you marry....you need to be in love with that man you married, you need to know who that man really is that you married.  YH trying to change DH was always going to fail.

    I loveee your insights, she seemed to always do things to satisfy her own personal needs, this point about her is such a contrast to DH’s mentality-doing things for people he loves, regardless if they return the favor or not. It makes me wonder why they got married bc it did not seem like it was true love :’( it also did not seem like they had a solid foundation either. 

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  8. 1 hour ago, noor1 said:

    Once DH learns of the wiretap, he will use it to tell Ji-An (because he knows she's listening) that he likes her too and she should come back (to him, if not the office). (he'll justify it as listening to his heart freely and living in the moment).

    It would be a great twist, using the same device that was once considered “toxic or detrimental to their relationship” as a bridge for them to be together. I think he would forgive her bc she was in a desperate situation, whereas, in YH’s case she was doing what she did out of pure selfishness & even though he could forgive her, he could never forget, therefore, I do not see reconciliation on the table for them.


    JY once said that if DH liked someone, he would not deny it, I wonder if it alludes to anything...

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  9. 2 hours ago, hushhh said:

    I believe the truth of YH's version of her marriage to DH.

    If DH told his version, I would believe it too.


    I sympathize with them both because at one point they loved each other deeply; I don't think they would have married if  they had not.



    The word claim seems a little accusatory as if I'm transgressing by stating something without evidence to back it up.  I find that surprising since I am only speaking of my impression and not mandating that anyone see or believe as I do. If my reading of the term is the result of a dialect/connotation disconnect,  then . . .


    Unfortunately, I can't really help you with your puzzlement; clearly our experiences and frames of reference differ. 

    I sometimes have a sense of connection, respect, affection,  and deep caring without sexual interest towards people.  I tend to call those people friends or family of the heart.  When those feeling are combined with sexual desire I call those people lovers, boyfriends, life partners. 


    Love/attraction comes as it comes.  There are people whose relationship proceed as you outline.  There are people who are first sexually attracted to someone and then learn to love them.  There are still others who are sexually attracted to someone, never learns to love them [or even like them] but stay for the sex. People are as they are, live as they do.  There isn't one path that suits everyone.  Or if there is, I've never come across it. 

    I did not mean to sound accusatory towards you, I probably should’ve used another word besides “claim”. I was just taken a back that you couldn’t see a romantic connection bc you didn’t see “sexual attraction”. They have so much more than just the superficial physical attraction toward one another. I love that the writers can convey such a relationship to the audiences bc I believe a relationship that has respect, trust, friendship, and admiration will stand the test of time, you can easily find someone better looking or with more sexuallualy desirable but it’s not everyday that you can find a deep connection with another person. Hope that helps :)

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  10. 6 minutes ago, desertflower said:

    It seems as though two mismatched people got married (DH and YH) without considering what LIFESTYLE they both desired and how to commingle to become one happy family from 20 from ago.

    I completely agree, it seemed like they wanted two different things, DH wanted someone who would understand him and YH wanted him to put her first ;/ 

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    3 hours ago, chickfactor said:

    DH's smile at JA when she told him, "You're a very good person." That said everything. And then they flashback to him telling Yoon-Hee that she made him feel worthless. The director might as well be drawing a cupid's arrow hitting his heart. (Am I the only one who sees this?

    You’re not the only one, DH still hanging out with JA dispute knowing how she feels about him can be taken as him slowly reciprocating, why? Bc we see him trying to rationalize her feelings for him however, he never once said that he didn’t like her, only rationalizing why they are drawn to each other.

    Also, I find him to be at peace the most when he’s around her, the last scene in ep 12 was very telling bc he doesn’t have to hide his affection for her anymore. I think DH will learn about her wiretapping and she will not be around to see him feel hurt and betrayed, however, I believe DH will come to understand that JA did it for survival’s sake.

    I think the show will make it very obvious their longing to see each other and after sometime, after they meet again, it will heavily implied that both can start over again :) (they obvious will not be brother & sisters!! Puke). 

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  12. 1 hour ago, hushhh said:

    From DongHoon I see deep caring.  From JiAn I see deep connection, respect, affection and love.  I don't see sexual desire.

    I am a bit puzzled bc for the same reasons you claim to not see a romantic connection, the things you listed are seen as the foundation of love and attraction.  You should be attracted to someone for who they are and the physical part will ensue. If we can clearly see the “sexual desire” and not so much the connection and respect than it is nothing more than lust-JY and YH’s relationship.

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  13. 8 minutes ago, aisling said:

    So DH finally let it out and confronted his wife. Well, it does look like they’ll reconcile after some time? Which isn’t exactly what I’m happy about...

    Most likely they will not reconcile but remain friends bc they have a son together. It’s not realistic to get back together imo, who can forget about cheating esp with the person DH despises the most -_- she’s done for.

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  14. 24 minutes ago, noor1 said:



    a) in that movie Darcy (Colin Firth) says the line 'I like you just the way you are'. And DH accepts and likes Ji-An just the way she is (and he will continue to, no matter what is said about or done to her)

    b ) In both P&P as well as BJD, Darcy is of a higher position and everyone thinks that he'll make an unsuitable union with Elizabeth / Bridget. And there is much opposition to the match.

    c) Darcy is a romantic hero but a quiet person, considered dull and boring, who is often misunderstood as being laid back. His decency is seen as compliancy. But he fights for what is right and pounces Hugh Grant's character in BJD - as well a universal human dignity and rights (he was a lawyer).

    d) In BJD, Bridget makes a mistake, a big one. But Darcy fights all the way to make things right for her and to - eventually - get her.  

    e) Perhaps also because of the end, kiss scene: 'nice guys are better kissers'? (just swinging it for kicks here!)

    Love your post! I was wondering about the P&P reference bc Ive read the book & have seen the movie but I couldn’t see how it w relates to DH’s character. I can kind of see it now bc Darcy in P&P readily protects and defends those he care about. lm soo curious how DH and JA will get pass that awkward exchange in the last ep and how she ended up at JH’s bar. 

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  15. 37 minutes ago, joowonie said:

    What is important is how they will move forward, they both deserve to be happy even if that means finding happiness with other pl. I actually think YH and JY would’ve worked in another world where JY isn’t such an a***. But it’s sad that for the same reason she is attracted to him (having lots of ambition) is also the same reason why they cannot be together.


    May I ask why you are so concern with how their marriage has failed? I think the writer has given ample reasons why. Do you perhaps want them to reconcile? Bc the writing and directing of the show up until now has given a realistic approach to life for all of their characters thus far. DH getting back with his lying, cheating wife isn’t something that is realistic esp when they both have found other pl that understands better. 


    46 minutes ago, hushhh said:

    I think it would good DH good to have a healthy compatible marriage

    I do not think this is very realistic given the circumstances. Also, the show deliberately showed JY and YH’s intimate scenes and the bartender guy lamenting on not being able to forget his wife’s Infidelities bc divorce in invitable. Also, YH cheated on DH with the person that he has deep hatred towards, so realistically that isn’t something you can forget or even forgive easily.  I think both DH and YH would be a lot happier seoetating bc they both seem to have found someone who understands them better. 

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  16. 59 minutes ago, maddymappo said:

    There may be some inference of this but very sketchy. We found out oodles about JiAn's background, and we know lots about DH's brothers, even more than we know about DH and his wife - except for the end product of course, that they have drifted apart, that much is clear.

    What is important is how they will move forward, they both deserve to be happy even if that means finding happiness with other pl. I actually think YH and JY would’ve worked in another world where JY isn’t such an a***. But it’s sad that for the same reason she is attracted to him (having lots of ambition) is also the same reason why they cannot be together.


    May I ask why you are so concern with how their marriage has failed? I think the writer has given ample reasons why. Do you perhaps want them to reconcile? Bc the writing and directing of the show up until now has given a realistic approach to life for all of their characters thus far. DH getting back with his lying, cheating wife isn’t something that is realistic esp when they both have found other pl that understands better. 

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  17. 27 minutes ago, maddymappo said:

    barely minimal  info- and rather lame reasons for that much of a rift. Consider all the info we got from the janitor about JiAn in five minutes.  Writer wants viewers to do the work and fill in all the dots...of course I can imagine quite a bit, just don't know.

    I think it is quite a lot, what more do you need really? What is accomplished by revisiting more of the pass? It’s more than obvious that DH and YH do not understand each other very well and is sufficating in this relationship. DH alway put his family before his wife and kids bc he feels a great sense of respinsibility towards them. This will put a very big strained on any relationship, as the year goes by, it only gets worse and worse to a point where someone feels neglected enough to end up cheating bc they want a way out. 

    At this point in time, a reconciliation is not possible anymore if that is the reason why you want to know more about their pass. I think the writers are doing a fantastic job telling their story and not delving into certain topics that do not need further explaining or is obvious. I like that they do not need to spell everything out to us viewers bc what is the fun in watching a drama that you can already predict what will happen? 

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  18. 46 minutes ago, maddymappo said:

    We don't know how or why these two grew apart.

    I respectfully disagree with this statement bc it had been hinted many times throughout the drama why their relationship is on a downward spiral. When DH realized his wife had been cheating on him through the flashbacks of all of YH’s complaints towards him, and their arguments gave a glimpse into their troubled marriage. We get to see YH very frustrated that DH seems to only care about his own family and it was evident when she said “you must want to live in the Joseon period with your wife and family”. They also do not seem like they understand each other very well bc we can see YH yelling at DH saying “he doesn’t really know what she really wants”. All these things are signs of a troubled marriage. I don’t think it matters why or  how their marriage is broken bc it is no longer salvageable. What’s important is how they will move forward knowing what they now know about each other. 

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  19. 41 minutes ago, zenya22 said:

    So what does living for himself exactly mean? Does it mean ending up as a couple with JA? How about JA living her herself? Does it mean ending up being a couple with DH? For the first time in her life, she has a chance to live and experience life as her age of a 21 year old young woman and a chance to legally cleanse her record, Will DJY suddenly be muted and not reveal about the wire tapping when he is cornered? Does not DH need time also to straighten his life, do what he wants profesionally and personally as in unmarry himself from his family before jumping into another coupling. Is that who DH is? 

    I think you partially answered this q at the end yourself. Doing whatever makes him happy, stop living for other people. I didn’t say it means ending up with JA as a couple specifically, you assumed this yourself. I think he should love whomever he wants. The writers are very smart and will more than likely allow DH and JA, whom are mature adults to do what naturally makes sense for the both of them. I wrote about this subject many times already (what it means for DH to live for himself) :) you are free to read them over again, you may find it helpful. 

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  20. 1 hour ago, zenya22 said:

    Actually , the debate at the start was whether there was a clear love line or there should be a love line between DH and JY, or it should be a platonic relationship and age difference the main cause and subject of the debate, as I remember it....hmmmmmmm.....:confused: The love line was finally clarified in ep 9 when DH openly fought for her, when they were emotionally affected by the mood and concerns of the other. As for the sacrifice they have not yet done or faced the greater sacrifice. JA has yet to reveal her wire-tapping as a means of destroying DJY at risk of exposing herself to legal repercussions as in going to prison, and the risk of a possibility that DH will hate and not forgive her, and face the risk ofJDY going to the ultimate to save himself by harming JA. Will DH final sacrifice after he learns of the wire tapping is to save JA by giving up his job and promotion, his marriage, his family, abandoning the Chairman who pinned his hopes on him to run off with JY? I don't see DH favoring that way of irresponsible sacrifice because that will harm JA and himself more than anything. 

    I think JA is very smart and will find other ways to expose JY without exposing the wiretapping. Also, I feel it is a bit far fetched to say that he has to give up literally everything to be with her. Esp when 1) the marriage is pretty much already over, sorry you cannot recover from that much betrayal 2) his family will never abandon him bc they know how much he’s had to sacrifice for them, if anything they probably feel guilty for burdening him & selfishly pressuring him due to their own short comings 3) again he seemed very reluctant to be a director in the first place bc the only reason why he even considered it was for other pl. 

    The bottom line is, he needs to live for himself!! I think the drama is really about him living for himself for a change! He is ultimately responsible for his own happiness. 

    I cringe just a little when I read about DH looking at JA as a “daughter figure”. He doesn't even look that old to be her dad and sure he can say “she’s pretty” and meant it in a daughter kind of way if JA was an adolescent but she’s not. They are clearly just two adults who share a very deep connection. DH has mentioned before that JA makes him feel uncomfortable, you don’t say this to someone you think of as family and definitely don’t get flustered around them :/

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  21. 7 minutes ago, akhenaten said:


    Hello!  I quoted your post because it made me think of how I predict this drama might end.  :)


    We've only had ten episodes so far but given everything, I have this feeling that this series will end as realistically as it began:  whether or not Park Dong Hoon and Lee Ji An fall in love, they won't end up together, and this is because of their personalities.  Park Dong Hoon is a very principled and morally upright man who would rather suffer than cause suffering to others. He would never be selfish about his own feelings if it would mean hurting Ji An. And it would be the same, maybe more so, for Ji An.  We've already seen how fiercely protective she has become of Dong Hoon.  If she falls in love with Dong Hoon, she will fall hard because of everything she's gone through in her life.  She would never let anything harm him, even herself, so she would do everything to protect him, perhaps even if it means she has to go far away.


    But what if they don't fall in love but remain soulmates?  I think either way, they will still part ways in the end, although they will never forget each other.  I personally don't see this ending in a happily-ever-after kind of way, all wrapped up in a neat bow.  But I love this series just the same.  It takes courage to tell a story like this in an industry that thrives in fluffy, romantic stories that have become an escape for their viewers from the harsher realities of everyday life.  And I hope the writer and director will stay true to the story they want to tell, no matter what people think or say otherwise.  :)

    I think as long as the story progresses in a natural way it wouldn’t matter whether it’s an open-ended, happy or sad ending. Either way it would still be beautifully written and does not diminish the quality of the drama. Also, I’m more interested in seeing DH taking control of his happiness. It made me sad when the chairman said he recognized DH for having a sad demeanor. 

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  22. 20 minutes ago, nearsea said:

    Since there have been talks on the extent of possibilities in dong hoon and Ji An's relationship, I think people's views on certain things are based on their judgment, opinions, their own prejudices, so to be honest opinions are quite subjective. So when we give a verdict that, Dong Hoon doesn't like Ji An or Ji An doesn't mean what she said, in reality, we are only reaching our conclusion based on how 'we' think things should be, not how they 'are' in the drama, and that authority only goes to the writer. It is not our place to say that Ji An does/doesn't like Dong Hoon,  since we are not writing the story, the writer is. The creator only decides or knows what's actually the case. So it does make me pause for a while when people can say with so much confidence that Ji An doesn't feel anything when she decides to go to the extent of receiving hit from dong hoon. That it was merely done for a practical purpose. 


    I really hope they do. Since the writer has finished ep 15's script only now, I'm kind of anticipating the ending lol. 

    I do agree with someone above that the writer doesn't give us backstories on the characters. We still don't know how the cheating affected dong hoon, we just see him religiously chatting with his friends on bar or doing household chores in silence, or giving supporting hand to his wife, but at the same time he's stifling inside and decides to not to go home because the picture of his wife cheating is vivid in his mind. Same goes for Yoon Hee. We still don't know what motivates her. Maybe one of the reasons I don't empathize with Yoon Hee is cause she seems so robotic/ an undeveloped character to me right now, and it's strange that I felt like she was alive during the affair phase when she was spending more time with DJY.  Right now it doesn't seem to me that she has any feelings for dong hoon, she feels guilt/remorse sure, but is there any love left?  


    Also, while it's still hard to anticipate what Dong Hoon feels for Ji An, I think I am just content with how much Ji An looks up to Dong Hoon lol. Since so many tried to prove that their relationship is not one of affection, but the fact that Ji An feels so much for Dong Hoon kind of already proved that for her, he is definitely someone attractive, someone to look up to. It reassures the fact to me that age gap is nothing when you fall in love with someone :/.

    It’s pretty clear to me what motivated YH to cheat. YH once asked DH, “wouldn’t it be nice to live in the Joseon period, so we could all live together” another revealing statement was when DH asked if she needed anything she snapped and said something along the lines of “you always ask what I need but you don’t really know what I need?”. It is obvious to me that she wants DH to put her first.

    I think DH was partially to blame by making her feel neglected enough to seek attention else where. I think she put strained on the relationship by being too ambitious and thus, making DH feel bad for not trying hard enough to get promoted. This was evident when DH mentioned during the interview with his superiors that one of the reasons he wanted to become a director was bc “ his wife has suffered enough”. 

     I think the writers have made it pretty clear that DH is attracted to JA 1). He finds her pretty, 2). he told his brother he’s found someone who can see into his soul/someone who understands him. If these two things are not basic when liking someone, I don’t know what is :/

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  23. 5 hours ago, noor1 said:

    I actually don't understand the dramabeans comments: DH and Ji-An, the way they have been written, directed and played - and frankly, especially after eps. 9 and 10 - CANNOT be (puke) sibling, fatherly, wise old man with a kid (!) They were never supposed to be objects but people and as people, he could be a mentor, she a savior but that is not what is happening in these episodes! Whether they end up as a couple or should end up as a couple remains to be seen.


    Maybe the writer and director want to even break the stereotype that you only help someone if you are in love with them - and want to show that DH and Ji-An help each other because they see good people having a bad time. But that's not where episode 10 ended! This drama is so unpredictable.

     I do not feel like the commentators on DB are watching the same drama as some of us here.  Even as earlier as the 2nd episode, JA would ask DH things like “are you afraid you might like me” or “ahjussji do you think you are very attractive?” and he would refer to her as “the pretty girl”. I believe this was established earlier on so to not mistaken this bond that they have as a father/brother type of relationship. 


    I think this drama is about “ahjusshis” being able to start over, DH’s brothers talk about this topic quite a lot and the idea of reincarnation. I think PDnim is trying to tell us that we can ultimately make our own choices in life that could lead to our own happiness or unhappiness. If this is true, DH doesn’t need to stay in his sufficating marriage or job, he can also start living for himself and let his brothers figure out their own matters. He can love whomever he wants.

    I know some people keep saying that DH and JA’s cannot work out for the time being due to being at two different stages of life but I don’t see it being a hinderance to either of them if anything I think it can only help them. DH can help JA strengthen her career path and provide a safe place for her, JA can help DH focus more on himself and do the things that makes him happy.

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