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  1. How do you know they are not close? They’ve been friends for more than 8yrs, DL even mentioned in an interview that they give each other gifts for their respective birthdays. He even mentioned that their dads are close. They have a very good friendship, ofc in every fandom there are bad apples but it would help if fans don’t act soo posesssive over their favs & act like they know what’s right for them or who is right for them!!!
  2. Has anyone seen any of the emotional bts for Ashes of love? They were acted out so beautifully that I really want to see their raw emotions going through those scenes.
  3. Thank you @legend7sp, I always look forward to reading your translations! No news about them since the 1/11 festival in which his fans made a big deal about them sitting next to each other. I hope they don’t let immature fans get in between their solid friendship!
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