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  1. This is great! I think GY is. Where is WJ sleeping? I'm so confused lol...this is what I get for not paying too much attention. Seriously...WHY carry it...weird... Has it been 6 years since things happened? I have been wondering about that....
  2. Oh...I LOVE the leads together...did my comment make it seem like it's horrible? Oops...lol...I'm here for it and all the messiness... it's an easy watch...
  3. I agree. Thanks for the reply! That's what I originally thought, but then they showed that flashback to the beating with 2ML and I got confused...2ML made it sound like they were seeing each other behind his back...and I haven't been watching this drama too carefully to know what is the truth...lol! Honestly, he could've just told her. This drama is so old school, that's going to be thing...GY is going to be like noble idiot route and let him go kind of thing...sigh...we're going to have to sit through that.....Also, he looks guilty now when that phone rings/text messages come through since he
  4. Honestly, I’m confused. Is he seeing her on the side? He has a whole separate phone for her...this whole second leads...this is like an old school drama where the second leads are just so hateable....
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