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  1. Love DaHoong for being cool with SW and telling her she is responsibled for SR being a selfish and self entitled person. And he even can speak german. So who is Chairman Wang & what role he will play later?
  2. So he is dying. Interesting development then. Its gonna throws a curveball towards HY plan leaving korea. Il Sam and dr ma took pains in telling JS that HY really l.o.v.e.s him.
  3. Cant she just tell HJ & ask him to keep quiet until they catch HY?? She could have move to his house due to JS stalking and Man Bok marriage. Oh well the writer really knows how to burst my bubble..everything revolve around HY.
  4. Oh yeah ...Lets celeberate !! HJ didnt even think of any baby as long as he has his baby YE with him. But he knew from the start how much YE wants to be a mother ..this guy is so attuned to his lady.. he would be happy just becoz she is happy. Plus the poor guy has his own insecurities too with the pest JS and his bragging he shared marital bed with YE. The jerk!!!
  5. Our otp looks good wearing couple outfit. And the celebration dance by HJ..lol.
  6. Ep106 Awww ..HJ so sweet of him. When YE said she felt sorry for him becoz she cant give him babies. He told her they dont need any baby since she is his baby. This man really has a way with words.
  7. Dont like the expression on YE's mom during convo with SM. SM must open her big mouth talking about chisung only doter.
  8. We are so blessed . Dont forget Il Sam oppa. He got beautiful abbs too.
  9. Yup I think after the second attack by HY, the next step would be to get married ASAP. YE would be safer living with him. HJ is very protective of his lady. Right after YuRa came to his house and knowing YuRa may cause trouble he immediately proposed to YE the next day even tho her mom has yet to give her approval. I wonder tho. Will there be a third one by HY. She's not gonna give up thats for sure.
  10. Yup she is just the third wheel here. But since HJ got "scolded" by his YE he has been minding his manners. Before he would have tell her off. This man really adores his woman.
  11. SM is keeping her option open. She said her dil must be someone HJ loves. She did not specifically mention YE. But then she said she did not want HJ with YE since she did not want HJ to be in danger. She could have put her foot down by telling YuRa thank you for your help but please give him up. But instead she just said she cannot help her. Madam chairwoman is covering all the bases.
  12. If it is a sabotage it wont be HY. She told the nurse its given TMO will be in trouble as HJ is injured. So she is out. Well if it is YR, then her convo with SM will come back to her. She said HJ will be in danger if he stays with YE. Her sabotaging the TMO event is endangering HJ. Since HJ and YE suspect HY was behind the attack, HJ might want YE close to him instead of staying at Man Bok's home. Looking forward to SE and YE at the lauching broadcast. These 2 sisters will have a blast.
  13. I love the way YE hold that file while talking with JS. Yes flaunt that huge rock YE..
  14. Ep101. Love to see great support from team YE. JW is truly a dependable friend and brother. Most likely even SR will be on YE side. YuRa is such a pest. Someone need to call daddy. His doter is poaching on YE's fiancee. Not cool. Well done YE. Love her assertiveness and confidence in dealing with the crisis.
  15. The proposal was adorable right. The flowers, the petals on the carpet, the wedding dress, the ring and the kisses..drooling.. I could watch this scene over and over again. Love how they like to tease each other. Watching them always brings smile to my face. Okay end of my gushing over my otp.
  16. She would not want to leave HJ. But instead of seeing her sad and worry would love to see YE elected as the acting director for TMO. Someone got to run the show. SM has got no interest or the savvy to lead TMO. YE is already accepted by the staff as the hero and lucky charm of TMO. She is his fiance and future madam of TMO . I would love to see her successfully helm TMO and shut up those who looked down on her and said she got in TMO becoz of HJ.
  17. What I get from the writer is you can choose to be human or trash. The running theme is to be human you got to have conscience. Even if something bad has happened you , your conscience will stop you from harming others. Dr Ma is a trash. But since he is not the main character I just ignore him coz I am sure the writer will have an appropriate ending for him. Keeping silence on his character in this forum does not mean I condone his evil acts or have any sympathy for him. I am not sure why the writer took pains to give us a horrendous detailed back story for HY. Maybe the writer wants to redeem HY. We'll see.
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