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  1. HELLO ALL!! OST PART 11 & 12 FINALLY IS ON SPOTIFY GUYSSSS!! <3 just want to share the happiness!
  2. FINALLLLLYYYY MY FAVORITE OST that i've been waiting for released!!! :3 even its not yet out in spotify hahaha omggg congrats for this drama who just achieved personal best rating despite strong rivals!!! i really really like this drama because i cant predict the next storyline!! cant wait for tonight episode!!!! >< i really wish he will tell Yeorum asap about his condition >< and also i want more scenes for the police couples!!!! <3 i love the sunbaenim really much! he really kind <3
  3. :(((( oh nooooooo its the women vers !! not the english one nor the wendy one! ';((( i think next week is Wendy's one.. then idk when the english one TT
  4. omg probably!!!!!!! finger crossed! thankyou so much!! :))) CANT WAIT FOR THE EPISODE TONIGHT!!!
  5. HELLOOOOO GUYSSSS! back at this forum after finally finding the singer of the ENGLISH SONG OST that keep playing in the drama. sincerely hope they will release the OST asap!! T__T here you go! its from the singer instagram. i found this after searching in Naver hahahaha. https://www.instagram.com/p/BoZKWpTl7xJ/
  6. yes @Nanana85 i mean is when the ribbon cutting event, and in ep 7 the played it again during Seo Do Jae scene when he pour wine for the CEOs... THAT SONG! UHUHUHU dying to know !! but i cant find the title in the credit scene ugh!
  7. I CANT WAIT UNTIL TOMORROW!!!! BUT STILL I HAVE THE QUESTION ABOUT THE OST!! the english song that played in the end of episode 3 T.T even in the credit scene, they didn't mention the title of the song ;((( im dying to know!
  8. @samecut123 @0909_Jae hello guys!!!!! i finally found out the ENGLISH OST!! that we've been curious all this time. it will be released soon i think! here is the link, its by the singer O.WHEN! https://www.facebook.com/O.WhenMusic/videos/2201634373441324/ the title is MYSTIC WORLD!!! <3 cant wait until this ost released!!!!
  9. hello hello everyone!! does anyone know the title of english song that played again in the latest episode? i'm dying to know !!!
  10. just want to share for everyone who are waiting for the remaining OSTs. i find this clip from Music&New ! Beauty Inside OST preview!!! turns out the OST that i've been waiting for are sung by Red Velvet' Wendy, Davichi and KWILL. yesssss!!!!!!!! this is actually a good idea!!! P.S i just REALIZED that this is from the same director! no wonder they way they shoot the drama and other factor is really similar with OH Hayoung lol!! love itttt <3
  11. omg thanks for the link! now we know that SIW & LSY are stepbrothers!! i love their chemistry already <3 lee jee hoon stare T----T
  12. OFFICIALLY HOOKED TO THIS DRAMA <3 i loveeee lovee their chemistry!!!!! and can i say that Seo Hyun Jin styling is on point on this drama? all her clothes, hair, makeup everything is perfect! she's sooooooo pretty !! + LEE MINKI GAZE IS EVERYTHING!!!! <3 can't wait for next week!! and i love all their OSTs!!!! <3
  13. just finished watching ep 1-4 and i love the mysterious vibe of this drama! bcoz i have no clue at all about what will happen in the next episode!!!! anddd i loveeeeee how intense Lee Jee Hoon eyes is! + how pretty Chae Soo Bin and Kim Ji Soo <3 i will follow this drama happily!!! <3333
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