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  1. http://www.helloidol.com/33198.html Full special ep (in Chinese sub).. hvn't found any Eng sub yet.
  2. @TheMsChelsea91 check out the kind soul's tumblr for sub BTS for ep 13-14 it's removed fr dailymotion but she has a download link here for it https://kyungsoolover-posts.tumblr.com/post/179554664475/eng-sub-100-days-my-prince-behind-the-scenes
  3. Pondering do I want to start this or not at all.. hahahahaha Epilogue in my head, starting with Disengagement of kiss while everyone else congrat the couple who finally got together? Then KN going into labour? Whose bright idea to place a preg woman on a roof top anyway..HS helping friend give birth so the return to palace is delayed n prince gets to enjoy village life again (for a while). It’s happy time. Night time: no other place but for him to sleep in his old rm in HS hse. No other place for her bcos her dad now has a wife who is carrying, so she will hv to end up sleeping in the same rm w him (yeah!! Finally), anyone outrage? prob not, for the rest see them as married (goodol pulls out the wine tat was not drank previously, the older the wine, the better it is I’m told) So no one even had a second tot about them spending the night in the same rm for each hv their own family n life to take care of… oops JY aka MrDimples, I shall send him back to the palace for his job is done in the village (anyway, prince is delayed so he better go back to make sure things are progressing smoothly back in palace) Awkwardness ensue as they suddenly realised tat they are going to spend the night tog (fire!!! Too hot to handle… hahahaha)…. Censored till I figure how to proceed with tis, I need a cold shower first Other possible scenes floating in my sometimes pervy head... - trying out things he learnt fr copying those books (French kissing? No sm stuff-not my taste). She learning more fr kn n wondering if he will like it/them too - Journey back (on the same horse, she sits in front of him? Or behind him? In a palanquin, alone or with him – so some hanky panky can happen) - meeting with king, eager prince, big secret of who she is to be out, all to accept so no one can use it to harm them/her, wedding in one week. (pretty boring scene I must say, but then the whole drama is peppered with boring palace scenes in the first place, hehehe) - prep for wedding, prince bz at court, HS being fussed by court ladies to get ready, no time to meet, worse then b4, leading to secret meetings at night, by using secret msg for each other to find rendezvous location - Wedding night. Rose water bath (separately, tog? Mayb not for the first night, kiv for future get-together), astrologer protests cos the stars hv yet to align for baby making but couple can’t be bother (or mayb prince just cannot wait any longer). Wow so many layers of clothes to get thru.. would they bother to put on everything when everything is coming off?? Mayb just in a golden dragon robe with nothing, ok ok pants, inside bwahahahah.. I’ll never know wat to do with their hair tho, weirdest things to leave intact to sleep, so uncomfortable. Just these for now… may or may not expand these but had to pen the above down cos the ending is just disappointingly unsatisfactory with 5 mins of couple cute time only… no no no, not enough… https://www.dailymotion.com/webelongexo/videos This very kind person has sub in English all the BTS, you can access them via link abv.. Ep0 in Chinese sub.. https://www.bilibili.com/video/av31802488?from=search&seid=4577034186086305567
  4. Oh wow, the whole puzzle thing is so clever.. ok I’ll try to explain it .. Starting with the puzzle Yul gave to Jisoo 民草 ___ 萬願 民has 1 rectangle, 草has 2, then blank, 萬has 4 rectangles, 願has 5. 民草means citizen, 萬願means 10 thousand wishes. So the blank has to be a word with 3 rectangles and will connect the meaning of ‘citizen’ with ‘10 thousand wishes’. 罒 was Jeyoon ans which means ‘net’ (so the 5 words tog literally means ‘with citizens, you net thousands of wishes’) Yul criticise tat this ans is too simple. The correct ans is 懷 (see the 3 rectangles?). 懷means to embrace or to conceive (making phrase to mean ‘citizen embrace thousands of wishes’ or ‘with citizen, thousand of wishes are conceived’) ******First puzzle solved***** 2nd puzzle : 踵 This was Yul msg to Jeyoon b4 losing his memory. In ep14, Yul explains tat he must hv set it to the level Jeyoon can handle (like in puzzle 1, counting rectangles) - CP so cheeky.. In 踵, there are 5 rectangles. Yul thinks it means 5 doorways fr where his room. 4 places were identified but diary cannot be found. When they found out tat the diary title is 杜口 which has 1 rectangle already, they minus this rectangle fr the 5 in 踵, leading Jeyoon to CP library which is 4 doorways away. Jeyoon did find diaries there but not for month of Mar. He went ahead to burn the place to gain VP trust. So now we move to the aim of finding Mar’s diary. This word 踵 is also made up of 2 separate words 足 (foot) and 重 (heavy). Going back to Jeyoon theory when he first started solving this, he looked for places where Yul footsteps will be heavy -> leading to cherry tree -> which was chopped down by the Crown princess -> leading to Jeyoon searching at Crown princess premises (where he was caught) -> where Jeyoon found the evil talisman place by the Queen Leading to him asking Yul if the Queen is the answer to his 2nd puzzle. But Yul don’t remember. So puzzle 2 is still not solved. Tat scene after library was burnt gave the answer. Yul says, 踵 has to be coupled with cherry tree cos the secret letter has the cherry word as the seal So Jeyoon was right in figuring out answer to 踵 is cherry. And in Chinese, cherry is written as 櫻 which has 6 rectangles. Thus, the Mar diary is kept in a room tat is 6 doorways away from the CP library (which is 4 doorways fr prince room) and in the box tat was made fr the cherry tree tat was chopped down. So clever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (clapping!!!!)
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