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  1. I ended up binge watching all 10 subbed episodes and I have to say I'm hooked! Love the slowburn, love all the karma that hits all the snakes, and I especially love our female lead's passive aggressive manners. I found it hilarious when the couple argued in the carriage and then she let him go to the office, clearly knowing he had no business there xD. Love all her comebacks at him! Like she takes no bs from him and I love it. It's also clear she gives no S being there, and that creates quite funny scenarios with him. Though, so sweet to see them starting to learn more about each other's chara
  2. Been excited for this drama since I knew Tan Song Yun was starring! I watched the 10 episodes in a row without subs and very enjoying all our couple's moments. Watching with subs afterwards made the story even more worth following. Very happy with the script as of now! And Tan Song Yun is amazing as always, a complete transformation from her witty and carefree role in Under the Power. Loving her portrayal of a sharp and strong mind master this time! Although, the only thing intriguing me now is the male lead's acting. First time seeing his project. As mentioned in this forum,
  3. Hello guys!! I was curious one day about this drama since it was starring Zhang Zi Yi (+trailers showing clips of the male lead got me intrigued) so I decided to give it a go, and WHAT AN AMAZING DECISION THAT WAS!! *w* The story was a bit slow to pick up in the beginning, but I was curious to see how the leads would eventually meet and marry, so hanging on there was wise. May I say, their acting is OOZING, and their chemistry and interactions are to die for!!! So so glad to see seasoned actors in a drama, they really do know what they're doing and where they're
  4. Hello guys! So glad the weekend's approaching *w*! Here's a rough translation of ep 9's preview --- 빛과 어둠 소용은 하루빨리 궁으로 돌아가려 하지만, 철종은 숨겨진 비밀장부를 찾기 위해 잠행을 핑계로 하루 더 머물기를 청한다. 소용은 철종의 잠행에 동행하며 두 사람은 뜻밖의 저잣거리 데이트에 나선다. 소용은 예상치 못한 철종의 면모에 마음이 술렁이는데... 한편, 대왕대비에게 모욕을 당하며 벼랑에 몰린 조대비는 반격을 준비한다. Cr. Naver Light and darkness So Yong tries to return to the palace as soon as possible, but in order to look for the hidden secret ledger, Cheol Jong asks to stay one more day with the excuse of wanting to go undercover. Agreeing with Cheol Jong's willingness to go underco
  5. @enzek I agree with you that the cousin is getting on some real nerves xD! But at the same time if he's going to act like a catalyst to push our leads to their romantic path *w* well you go ahead mr. Cousin! On another note, a scene I really want to see is whether the king will ever let So Bong on his palanquin so they can sit side by side xD i remember on the first episode, the king pushed So Bong off the sedan chair because he did not like her and found her too dirty xD hope to see him clingy towards her soon!!!
  6. Omg! New clip so cuteeeeeeeee!!! Tomorrow please come faster!!! *W* Here's a rough translation of the clip: --- King: Is she breathing? [Leans forward] so she's breathing. If it was sleep, you wouldn't be this silent, Queen... (note: meaning she usually snores in her sleep so it's unusual that she doesn't while "asleep" XD). So Bong: *Eeeh* King: What is it? Are you in pain? So bong: Mother, you wanted a daughter so badly. Are you satisfied (note: did not get the word properly, but I heard "satisfied") now? King:
  7. Such exciting pictures! Thank you everyone for sharing and HAPPY NEW YEAR! I agree with you all that it is So Bong right there hihi but it could be that his soul has merged with So Yong's, so he might have a soft spot for the king. OR, it is only So Bong, but he is accepting So Yong's body/physical reactions to the king. If I remember it well, there were about two scenes that actually showed us he could feel So Yong's feelings: (1) at the wedding when his breath got cut for a short moment, looked at the king, and got a bit mesmerized by the king's look , and (2) when
  8. Hello guys! Here's the translated preview for ep 7! I got a little help from Dr. Google, but it's not a perfect translation. The ideas are there though It can be a spoiler for some, so SPOILER ALERT!
  9. @Kaizen68 thank you for your posts and inputs!! It's funny because I don't mind reading spoilers XD it's more the visual spoilers that get me! For example, I have watched a part of Go Princess Go and the bathroom scene we saw in Mr Queen appeared (after I saw Mr Queen's one of course). But I told myself omg, I wouldn't have found Mr Queen's one as funny if I had seen that same scene in Go Princess Go first. That's why I am refraining myself from watching it! Hahahhaa Thank you everyone for the gifs and tweets! I love rewatching our leads scenes, makes me giggle!!
  10. Omg guys! Reading your posts makes me want to watch Go Princess Go so bad!!! But i'm so scared to get unwanted spoilers, i don't dare watching it XD I'm all in for any romance between our leads. Can the weekend come faster already XD?!
  11. Hello, been lurking here for the past few days This drama is crazy funny!! It's been a while I haven't laughed this much because of a drama! Their slapsticks and inside jokes are just hilarious, all the while crushing the more intense scenes! It's always a blast to see both mr queen and the king arguing their guts out. What I also find funny is how mr queen is just innocently trying to find a way to get back to his body, meanwhile everyone thinks "she"'s plotting for something huge (eg, when she visited the queen dowager for a ritual XD and got highly misunderstood).
  12. Helloo, Got a bit of a not-so-smart question here, but here it is, still, because i can't contain my curiosity: is 'mengxin chang an' and 'promise of chang'an' the same drama? Saw some clips on insta with Cheng Yi and the actress that played LingLong in LAR filming together but then got super confused since 'promise of chang'an' didn't seem to have casted the actress who played LingLong . Am I just confused? Is it another drama?
  13. OMG can't believe i'm seeing this couple again! Their story just killed my heart when it last stopped!! Can't believe we can see more of them now (or soon, with subs). But what I don't get is: is this all the cut parts from the previous work? Or did the actors actually got together a second time for this special release?
  14. Hi guys, Coming here because of Cheng Yi! Still currently watching Love and Redemption and he got me good in that show . I am so scared to watch this one though!!! I learned from watching c-dramas that their endings can be BRUTAL . I think I'll wait until it ends airing to read the reviews or your thoughts/comments. I don't want my heart ripped out . So thank you in advance for all your posts, you can be sure that someone is reading them closely aka me hahaha.
  15. Hi guys! Thank you all for your thoughts/posts and sometimes small recaps of this drama! I rely on you guys to have my much needed spoilers since I have to wait for eng subs. I am still at the quarter of ep 33 and may I say that I am already done with LX's mom and her sh*tshow? . I don't wish her bad, but hope she won't create too much trouble and let others live their lives. Everybody was just fine without her in the picture . As for ZQ's mom, He Mei, I like her a lot! Am I the only one who finds her and JJ's dad so cute together?
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