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  1. Just started this drama for fun today! I saw the trailer a while ago and got intrigued since it starred male lead, which I recognise from Love and Redemption! This was surprisingly good, tho I didn't expect much from it initially. Very pleased as of now and female lead's character is also fun to watch. Digging their chemistry! Will definitely tune in to episode 4 this week
  2. HAHA so cute! This girl Qing Qing in the BTS is almost even more hyper than she is when she plays the character!
  3. I am so much more invested in the second lead couple! They drive me absolutely crazy!
  4. I admit I have been thoroughly fascinated by Liu yu ning after watching him in The Long Ballad and discovering his OSTs. He looks dashing in ancient costumes; there's something special about his features that I like a lot, but can't seem to pinpoint. Looking forward ++ to see more of his acting, which was very convincing in TLB. As a whole, this drama seems promising! Will tune in to watch whenever it airs (hopefully, soon!). ps : is there a reason why I can't seem to see most of the pictures posted in this thread? for many posts, I only see a big square with a tiny que
  5. Just started this drama and i love Qing Qing!! Man, she is hella funny with her little antics!! Especially: I keep giggling when i see her and loving her story with her cold faced lord! Looking forward for more of them.
  6. I can't seem to get over this drama, guys, I keep watching clips over and over again! Can we talk about our favourite scenes from the drama? As a HaoYan shipper here is my weird but ultimate favourite if I had to pick one: When HaoDu apologised to LeYan out of the blue for using her as a bait to catch ChangGe. They were on stake out, watching for rebellious people. I loved how LeYan was simply focused on the task, while we could see HaoDu hesitating and feeling a bit tormented at first, but then blurted out "dui bu qi". That small scene was sososoososo cute, I don't kn
  7. I had the exact same thought as you! It would have been nice to have one more episode just to wrap things up more definitely or at least have a peek of their lives after all that chaos! Although, i'm glad we had a HE. Having watched a few cdramas over the past years, it could have gone down really badly. Let's count ourselves as lucky, cause writers could have decided to kill off everyone but didn't!
  8. Just realised that we'll be updated with all the final episodes tomorrow?! how is that even possible hahahah I feel like we just got to see Leyan and HaoDu together and now we have to say goodbye already. Stills, this drama has been quite a ride and loved it to bits. Can't wait to see how all characters will settle down at the end of their journey.
  9. Guys, i'm having such a blast with the loveline development btw Leyan and HaoDu! Can't wait to see more of them. Found some cute clips fanvids, thought it would be nice to share with you Cr. To rightful owners
  10. Anyone having the impression that the one who saved LeYan from the water when she was younger was Hao Dou and not ShuYu? I keep having this idea that she mistook her saver, but this is baseless xD Ship is sailing! Wished we had more scenes with Zhao Lusi and Liu Yining! Got so surprised Liu Yining is the one singing the rock ost from Love and redemption! I love that song!!! Looking forwards to see more of this show!
  11. I decided to wait for the new episodes next week to see if the angst passes XD I'm at the 24th episode. Clips on instagram are driving me nuts hahaha I totally need a voucher saying that it's all going to end well (Princess Agents ending trauma, anyone? XD). Looking forwards to read all of your thoughts and spoilers as usual
  12. Ep 19! I may sound pervert, but was I the only one anticipating to see how he snuck into bed with her and managed to hug her until morning?! XDDD and may I ask why we did NOT have those details XDDDD Just kidding. Just acting like a spoiled viewer hahaha. The upcoming angst is totally scaring me though! I have the tendency to drop dramas when they get too complicated. Hope this one won't go too crazy!
  13. Thank you for your explanation and sorry for cutting your post! Makes plenty of sense!!! Re: ep 13 and 14. My thoughts every time I see Qiao yi niang: "why you so lame, girl?????" XDDDD. Also, may I say, other than our lead couple, I really like the 2nd concubine, Wen yi niang. I recognise the actress from the Rebel princess, in which she played the maid that obsessed over the 3rd prince. I like her character in this drama, very transparent and not cunning. She kind of reminds me of So Bong from the drama Mr. Queen: always on her way to follow the strong
  14. I ended up binge watching all 10 subbed episodes and I have to say I'm hooked! Love the slowburn, love all the karma that hits all the snakes, and I especially love our female lead's passive aggressive manners. I found it hilarious when the couple argued in the carriage and then she let him go to the office, clearly knowing he had no business there xD. Love all her comebacks at him! Like she takes no bs from him and I love it. It's also clear she gives no S being there, and that creates quite funny scenarios with him. Though, so sweet to see them starting to learn more about each other's chara
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