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  1. OMG can't believe i'm seeing this couple again! Their story just killed my heart when it last stopped!! Can't believe we can see more of them now (or soon, with subs). But what I don't get is: is this all the cut parts from the previous work? Or did the actors actually got together a second time for this special release?
  2. Hi guys, Coming here because of Cheng Yi! Still currently watching Love and Redemption and he got me good in that show . I am so scared to watch this one though!!! I learned from watching c-dramas that their endings can be BRUTAL . I think I'll wait until it ends airing to read the reviews or your thoughts/comments. I don't want my heart ripped out . So thank you in advance for all your posts, you can be sure that someone is reading them closely aka me hahaha.
  3. Hi guys! Thank you all for your thoughts/posts and sometimes small recaps of this drama! I rely on you guys to have my much needed spoilers since I have to wait for eng subs. I am still at the quarter of ep 33 and may I say that I am already done with LX's mom and her sh*tshow? . I don't wish her bad, but hope she won't create too much trouble and let others live their lives. Everybody was just fine without her in the picture . As for ZQ's mom, He Mei, I like her a lot! Am I the only one who finds her and JJ's dad so cute together?
  4. I just need to know if it's a happy ending or not XD any kind souls knowing the answer?
  5. Guys, this show is like next level catharsis I bawled so much watching it. Now waiting for subs for ep 12. Hope the story stays great as is until the end! And also very glad that the show is doing great in terms of ratings and audience reception!
  6. Hello guys! I got attracted to this drama because of Tan Song Yun! Totally loved her in Under the Power. Did not know much about Song Wei Long, but he sure is a handsome actor! I just watched the two first episodes and my gosh it was good! The story definitely struck many heartstrings here, and I am so ready for all that's coming! Does anyone know exactly when this drama airs (days and time) and how many episodes are released per day? It would be much appreciated to know so I can follow it more closely! Thanks in advance!
  7. A bit random but.... You know what else i'd like to see our couple do? A silly couple dance!!! Can't let them waste those precious moves if they took the pain to show us how they connected through dance hahahah And of course followed by a kiss.
  8. Omg, I hope it's the case!! Though I don't remember seeing KJW with that pink shirt. SB's t-shirt could tell us that she def spent the night there. I really hope it was a scene that was cut! Remember the stills where KJW held drunk SB when they first met? That was one cut scene that did not air. Hopefully writers won't make SB go back to KJW's! Btw, you guys are hilarious with the kiss scene That's when you know your ship needs to sail ASAP aka NOW.
  9. Thank you! hihiiii And true, most of ep 9 was rubbish so I don't think I would've minded all this happening earlier! By the way, am I the only one concerned about the slight drop in the ratings? I found it a bit unfortunate that a part of the SK audience missed the first part of ep 12, which was where all the fun was in. DH putting on make-up and being so proud in front of the mirror was so funny! I also loved SB when she went to see her sister! What. A. Beauty!!!!
  10. Wow what happened to Soompi It was so weird seing a long time running platform like Soompi crash! Glad it's back on its feet at least for now! I'm torn between saying the storyline is rushed and not rushed. It does seem like DH is falling a bit quickly for SB, but at the same time, it was done quite naturally so (obviously with the help of Mr. rival KJW). I guess it's already a good start and we will surely see that his affection for her was more deeply anchored later on than we would have thought it now. I find it so cute how SB is already head over heels on DH, and how her love for him is growing by the days. And YJ this girl is wayyyy too delulu With the ending scene in ep 12, I was like RickRoll'D at first, but just laughed it off after, because she is seriously ridiculous. She has harmed DH in all the ways she could (you no touch the family!!!) and already reached the point of no return without knowing it. Hugging him and fishing him back to the headquarter will change absolutely nothing to their relationship and I think will only make his and SB's stronger. So thank you for that YJ!!! My guess is we'll have two kisses this week XD one on the forehead and a real one. That's only my guess though. How to wait now until Friday?? Good to be able to share my thoughts with you guys again! hihi
  11. Regarding the bed scene mentioned earlier in the thread: The bed is not that wide when you look at the scenes with DH lying on it Although, hope they won't pull a Titanic over it, because it is just big enough for TWO people *pervy smirk* xD Such a cute question! My mind says episode 4, because I vaguely remember very enjoying episode 4, but now thinking about it, I am not even sure what was the exact content of it My guess is that it was the episode ending with the piggy backride. I think we've got smalls talks between SB and DH, which showed how much they were comfortable around each other and it was great. But that was my feeling of it haha
  12. May I mention that in ep 10, one of my favourite scenes was when SB got teary-eyed when DH started bawling while talking about his break-up with YJ? It was a very very short cut (only a few milliseconds), but the emotions KYJ conveyed through her eyes were so perfect
  13. Found this much needed slow-mo from ep 11's preview https://www.instagram.com/p/CCzWiVSjtWW/?utm_source=ig_embed Cr: owner. Edit: oopsies for the IG post! Thank you @Jillia for keeping my posts in check (me = noob here)
  14. Oops, I accidentally submitted my last post before finishing writing it, an edited version is now available!
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