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  1. Just watched last episode. One of the few recent dramas that I thought actually had a good ending.
  2. Going by the first four episodes, saying that they put their morals and ethics aside is a giant understatement. Not sure where this is going, but it appears that everyone hates everyone, obsession to their kids is beyond insanity, and I can't stop watching to see what really stupid thing the characters do next.
  3. The sad part is that the TRUCK OF DOOM was one of the best actors in this mess, though I don't really blame the actors - with that really crappy writing they did not have much to work with. Too bad, really - the basic premise and plot could have been so much better, but then it went all makjang on us.
  4. This show is kind of like "Meg" - it's so bad it's good.
  5. I was reluctant to watch this, but the first 4 episodes are much better than I expected. I wonder how many ways he will end up dying
  6. And even if they have a password on their phone or door or safe, it is always the birthday of their dog or something stupidly obvious.
  7. Like you, after watching this mess up to the last episodes, I REALLY want that entire family to go down to justify my time spent watching it. MCR is the ONLY person left in this vipers den that I am still rooting for, and I hope she ends up with everything and the grandma ends up in jail or attacked by a Truck of Doom. 44 is worth watching just for the takedowns.
  8. Am I the only one that thinks the photography and lighting in this show is terrible?
  9. You said everything I wanted to say but better. The one thing I would add is that the batspit crazy mother has been totally obsessed to the point of insanity with SA for 20 years, yet the grandmothers solution was to have the other girl dress up to become a fake SA? The father is totally useless and clueless, not to mention stupid. He reminds me a lot of that mother in "Let me introduce Her". You covered my take on this show 100%. My main hope now is that the writer does not pull one of those stupid kumbaya moments where all is forgiven in the end.
  10. Says 48 episodes here also https://www.koreandrama.org/hide-and-seek/
  11. This show is the proverbial train wreck where you know people are going to get smooshed, but can't look away. Too much noble idiocy is the main flaw. And yet I cannot stop watching - perhaps because there are JUST SO MANY really evil people that I want to see get run over by the Truck of Doom and attacked by rabid raccoons. It seems obvious from all the revelations in episode 40 that the stage is now set for that entire horrible family to come crashing down. My biggest fear is that the ending will be some stupid kumbaya moment where everyone is forgiven.
  12. Did I hear wrong, or did Secretary Kim say something having a lot of shares in the company in the preview? If so, I am beginning to see where that entire evil family is about to crash and burn big time.
  13. I suspect that is pretty likely given all the revelations in the last two episodes. It also makes me wonder how much other dirt she has on grandma.
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