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  1. Fuh...I hate to be police but hold your gun right there my dear... i think it was just the Video angle and They were sitting at different rows. It was so dark and we couldn’t see anything clearly. We all know how other platforms users, medias, or even BinJin themselves (Hello Binjin, Saranghae! Please get married *waive*) visits this forum to read and it could be twisted and blow out of proportion again.... let’s calm down calm down....keep your delulu mind, don’t type it out....our binjin forum psychic telepathy will connect all of our minds!
  2. oh no @Chewy, you should be the pillar here to keep us being rational...what have these 2 human beings done to all of our sanity???!?! they haven’t even announced they are together, and here we are 3 steps ahead up to the twin’s kindergarten....(not that I am not enjoying reading them) but in general, I am worried for all of us ...this virus is real!
  3. As Per my kdrama knowledge, not that I know of.... maybe other seniors can share some info? Part of me knew what @Chewysaid about them takign their time to announce (instead of being exposed by Dispatch) is the best thing for their relationship BUT MY Sasaeng part and for the sake of my family, I wish someone will just spill the bean and reveal their relationship. Why? i cant take this any longer.... I can’t function well. Checking this forum and any news about them. Even my kids say “Again?!?” as I watched CLOY snippets for the GOd knows how many times.... pleaseeeee BinJin, for our sanity!
  4. Omg thank you moderators! You have no idea what a lost sheep i was without this thread! miss you all. please please spammers, grow up and don’t spoil this fun place. This is our safe haven! Hello to everyone again!
  5. My delulu instinct said they might have planned to announce the relationship after the drama (maybe couple months after) but given the corona state now in the country, I guess it is insensitive for them (or knetizens will label them so) to announce rship or wedding , at least until things settled down....
  6. I think this is going to be the biggest mystery for all of us shipper until the day they decide to announce if they are with anyone (with each other i hope) till then, pray hard ....hold on tight to the ship
  7. I am silent lurker who check in here 3 times a day, just how I have my meals ...that is how desperate I am to see them together. I just found out that this might be true! Analysing the youtube video the assistant on 0:22 Greeting hyunbin was the same guy that was with shj in the check-in counter. jaeballl....please just get married and give birth to beautiful k-industries royalties! And stay in love & married
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