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  1. and not to mention, what if these all are hoax, imagine our girl feeling? Can’t she be allowed to gain a little weight of happiness kg? Then you all speculate here and there life as celeb is hard!!! stop stop please abt the rumors. Not until any words from the agency. Please guys move on to other topic hehe
  2. I actually have been to the same hall as Hyun Binnie in this Kyunghee University 3 years Ago. When I saw that venue when he attended, I screamed to my son, “Boyyy that was the same place that we attended your event. Mama is actually sharing the air with Binnie” ....and my young son went “Ya ma, in different time but same dimension”...... Mama is so happy to share same venue, I don’t know what would happen to me if I met him real life!
  3. My dear comrade, I could feel your passion and love towards our BinJin, trust me we all are here... But may I suggest you to refrain yourself from posting any religion related post in this forum, as this forum is our binjin forum, regardless whichever religions, races, countries, etc. We are united by BinJin only. Keep loving our couple as we all are.
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