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  1. from https://www.facebook.com/joysungjae

    "SCREENS TIME!! ^^

    IT's before they met , talking with their groups about husband and wife role. And messaging each other with tips to get to know the identify.

    They got special phones where is only the number of the other one.

    They started to guess who they could be ,but they got it wrong. They send each other voice-messages in which Joy changed her voice a bit and the rest of Red Velvet laughed and Seungjae and rest of BTOB said their age. Before Sungjae actually his members send Joy a picture of shrimp and fish , it was because Sungjae looks-alike shrimp(??) (i didn't got it at first ,so I don't know actually what was with look-alike) . Joy send to identify her ,a owl-pot with green flower ,becouse she had green hair when she debuted with "hapiness". After all ,it passed a few days and they got to knew each other by articles on naver that they are couple. Sungjae got even more nervous ,becouse he was going to meet someone that he likes.

    Sungjae was really nervous ,so he was stoping few times whlie he was going ,he cannot hide his happiness. He was smiling so much. While Joy decided to hide in one of the gifts for him. She was mesaging with him sweetly while he was coming to her. Such as "please come faster , baby". That made Sungjae even more excited. When he came he saw few "gifts" in one of them Joy was. She made a mistke 'cause she didn't close herself in the box properly ,but Sungjae decided to not look at first for this gift 'cause it was to small for a person(??) or he wanted to look the other ones. So he opened the one with ballons and fall down there. When he came out the balloons came out too. (It was great scene actually). Then he decided to open gift where Joy was. But he didn't actually do it becouse Joy was faster and she came out first. And he got scared XDDD

    After that Joy told Sungjae to open another gifts. In one of them was fake snake. Sungjae got scared again XDDD Then Joy said the is funny. And they started talking about other things. So she told him to go to other gift. There were couple shirts ,that Joy choose before personally. SO they changed in the biggest gift and then started to talk about their messages. Joy said that Sungjae lips are sexy and he asked her if she is really his dongsaeng(is really younger than him). Afterwards they went for a walk. She said that his lips were looking like Niel's lpis and that she really liked it. She asked him if he knows her real name ,he said ,without hestitation "Sooyungie". They are really sweet together and I hope that they will be there for a long time. In my opinion they really like each other ,so we will see a lot of sweet moments. I think that they could be even better than Khuntoria. Let's support them ! ^^"

    translator ~Henxly

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