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  1. Hi..delurking after a long time. Tried watching other ongoing rom coms but dropped all..too cringy for me and I keep comparing the OTPs to Ryan Gold and Sung Deok Mi. I braved myself to finish watching The Guest last week and KJW amazes me again and again with his acting..Now, I only watch Partners in Justice 2 and of course rewatching HPL
  2. Angau = lovesick... I feel u, as I hv abandoned my markings over Ryan Gold/ KJW
  3. Same here except i couldnt find the courage and time to watch The Guest yet..downloaded few eps but too busy gawking at KJW's photos and videos on youtube and IG and listening to his voice and laughters. Btw..nomu2 thanks to all the recappers
  4. I am a silent lurker, only reading and mostly agreeing with what have been shared in this thread. I'm amazed how u girls/ guys manage to diligently dissect and analyse the characters, plot etc. HPL has made me very unproductive, (though I hv tonnes of work) I'm self-diagnosed with Ryan Gold/ KJW and STS syndromes..never have I been so obsessed with KDrama though I've watched hundreds of them, now my days are filled with rewatching the episodes, reading this forum and the other one on our OTP, refreshing my social media feed for any new pics, gifs, and articles. 6 more eps to go and I'm very sure HPL will leave a vacuum in my life.
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