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  1. I'm soo excited to see the drama already.. I'm very familiar with both Lead so i'm really looking forward to see how they play their character in this Action-packed drama~ Can't wait to see the chemistry between SG & Suzy again after so long that is 6 years ago..Hoping it will get better and hotter in this drama as they already work together before should be a plus.. Last but not least, I'm so ready to face all of the politic-mess in this drama too... btw, this is a MV i make for the drama... i just can't contain myself..hehehe..
  2. i honestly can't wait to watch this drama already.. have been a big fan of YJG since forever! looking forward to see the chemistry between the main leads and how the story will unfold.... but honestly i'm also excited to see the chemistry between the second-lead and the girl too.. HJH honestly looking smokin' hot in the preview..and the Stills....
  3. THE FEELSSSSSS My gosh! The way they both look into each other eyes and smiled after...
  4. Hello to everyone in this thread~ i've been a silent lurker since forever already.. but right now i just can't contain the Feelsss anymore.. these two makes me go crazy~ Their moments mesmerized me every single time~ i've been a fan of PMY since her 'City Hunter' days till now..i know i can always trust her with all of her drama~ and KJW are totally one of the sexyyyy man ever! he doesn't need to do anything really... i'm so in love with him rn..he's my definition of one fine sexy man.. hahaha.. i'm dying to see the next episode to see what gonna happen~ the waiting is such a torture really...
  5. Soooo sweet : But.. i can't help but to think that.. The next thing you know, She gonna be like :
  6. hi to everyone in this thread~ i just recently saw the preview of this drama and i'm actually looking forward to watch the drama! Fantasy romance are one of my fav genre ever... This Scene tho : Their 1st-meeting-scenes are so picture perfect with the fallen petals and them wearing all-white~ So dreamyyy~ but... of course judging from the Stills.. it's gonna be a damnnn funny meeting, i bet..
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