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  1. @partyon cool i loved my visits to Taiwan .Great food & I got to practice my elementary Mandarin. @corey Jeju is lovely ! I want to go back & Korea. I visited 6x and Jeju 2x was lovely. Def Taiwan was great too. @Min2206 Hi! Night time after dinne for me. @Thong ThinAre you in South East Asia? There definitely more places there I want to visit. +2
  2. Hello @Thong Thin where are you my friend? Thanks for the hello! Enjoying starting Ep 1 Mr Queen and got conference call tonight at 9:30pm . Good your car is getting clean . I never owned a car. +2
  3. @mirmz northeast part I love I am near the Ocean to be able to eat seafood! Yummy +2
  4. @mirmz oh cool I respect that ok Midwest is nice. I love Chicago and enjoyed visiting Ann Arbor, Minneapolis & got to visit Louisville & Indianapolis. Friends in Ohio & I visited Iowa for work. Did road trip to Mt Rushmore. Love eating in NOLA and BBQ in Texas. +2
  5. @Sleepy Owl Sweet dreams. Yeah no Netflix and then got to look into Crunchyroll then. Thanks! @joccu Preaching to the choir. I don't plan any trips either thinking not even this year earliest if that is 2022. @mirmz Where are you located? Heading home now from work it is 6pm and ready to grab the bus to get home safely! Yeah weekend! +2
  6. HI @mirmz No wonder it was always so quiet. LOL. @partyon Yes USA Is a HUGE country. I have visited about 35 states myself and still many to visit. I have not seen Yellowstone and Alaska. Cool you visited us here a lot! Yes, I like traveling. i find when I travel I like a place a lot due to the people. So I have warm memories of Italy, Netherlands, UK, Belgium, due to knowing actual friends. I find all places have their charms and lovely vistas. So hard to pin point one place. Glog, Gluewien and mulled wine loved when backpacking during the Holiday season in the Chris
  7. @corey LOL that is cool. I have no clue where @partyon is located. But yes it is a close flight from where i am located. Able to go there the same time as I could do a direct flight to the West Coast of USA. Also btw Hi!!! Great to see you here! 588
  8. @partyon Oh ok thanks my friend. I remember the Berlin Wall falling down. So Western Europe in 1980's then Luxembourg only Western Europe country I have not visited. I am grateful for the Europe back packing trip to see 9 countries. It was a great trip alone for 5 weeks. 592
  9. @partyon Oh cool! I love Europe! Do you mind my asking where? I used to be only to concentrate on a few. But now that my life is not as active AND it is not like I have to do this as a job watching Kdramas. It is relaxed. YESHHHHHHH Empress Ki was a trial and thanks for being on the journey with me. I DEF would have not finished otherwise without you and others in that rewatch party. This makes sense why I see many names not others. Yeah I did notice when I used to lurk more users from Asia. So I knew @larus is in Europe too cause I asked. 594
  10. Hi All! TGIF! OMG good to see some familiar friends @YongZura⁷ᴮᴱ @blademan @backstreetboysfan @kdramagrandma etc Thanks for goodies/comments and posts. @YongZura⁷ᴮᴱ Yup the OST is the bomb. I agree. @kdramagrandma Hi my dear pal! Yes I KNOW right? I always was partial to Soo Young and she is SHINING in her role here. I do like her interactions with YH as well. I loved learning why she wears sneakers. To have that chance to kick a ball. Also he broke down her walls for her to actually go to him and then talk a bit of herself. She
  11. My dear friend @partyon , I know I surprise myself! A few of them are 1x a week, or just 20 /30 minute episodes. Like Uncanny Counter I marathoned last weekend to be up to date. I used to be out all the time and doing things. So being homebound more time to watch dramas. But yeah if I skip it is a killer. Luckily or maybe not I don't sleep early. (I know bad Nodame.) BTW, where are you? It is 3pm in my part of the world. Luckily my job today is not too crazy busy. LOL 596
  12. Hello my dear friend @kdramagrandma I never watched Producer X 101 so to me he is unknown entity-- Yo Han. But True Beauty LOL it can be major cringe but I like it. LOL. Oh a triple date would be VERY noisy and active but it would be funny too. But I don't think the writers will be kind to us and do that though. LOL. New preview of ep 8--- oh my god. Based on the Korean I heard is going to be a STICKY sweet love dovey finale. Though no episode another post from older episodes TGIF and
  13. @joccu Jealous you are thinking of visiting. I would love to go back to that area of the world. @Sleepy Owl I don't watch much animes but love Attack of the Titan. Thanks to my sis of course. (I watched S1-2. on cds.) Never read the manga but I do like it. @partyon HEhehe ok I will check later my dear friend. 596
  14. Hi Chinggu @partyon @Lmangla Yes my friend syndrom of watching too many dramas I can relate. LOL I have not voted on the abs polls. I am not sure if I have seen ENOUGH to make a good choices. Why cannot a default they are all winners? (They work so darn hard to achieve that look. ) +2
  15. @Min2206 Thanks It seemed surreal to see to be honest. Appalling. @Thong Thin WOOOOW I don't watch Cdramas like I did when younger. But Hubba Hubba on Jerry Yan's abs are artwork. @joccu OMG Glad you are feeling better from back pain, it is a killer. Hope you stay healthy. I would love to visit Finland. I just sent to Denmark and Sweden (DEC 2019) on a whim thanks to Norwegian Air deal). My last international trip. @partyon Chinggu were you located? I love to travel too. ( @joccu @Thong Thin too) For awhiile I have been trying 1 big trip a year. If I can.
  16. I saw ep 12 and I admit my interest is dwindling on the drama. I will finish it for the cast but the author wife confronting her hubby and his assistant and the student. Ho hum. The dinner with the assistants we wife and son awkward. Seems like GMR continues to like the lawyer. Her driver/assistant is surprised she isn’t more a spoiled brat as she would be in her shoes. Lol. Seeing her constantly admire the mural, buy him shoes and calling him and being flustered despite knowing he is married. Sigh. The cops learning more from SJ manger how he was lu
  17. Hello my friend @Sleepy Owl!! Where are in the world? Is it late where you are? Just past midnight for me. @Min2206 Hello! Hope all is well with you! +2
  18. @MayanEcho Aww kids that age who watch stuff on repeat, true . You don’t have no choice indeed. I missed my library during the early months of the pandemic . +2
  19. @kdramagrandma Thanks my friend!! No wonder , I was looking forward to our OTP first real date after their mutual confession. Also seeing how her friends are together after her confession live broadcast at school. At least we have True Beauty, A Love So Beautiful right now to tide us over.
  20. Loving True Beauty & catching up on Run On, enjoying both a ton. :popcornjackson:

  21. @Thong Thin omg yup Kdramas watched most as a working person last year. Not seeing friends and family and seriously grateful for soompi forums. I have been lurking last few years and started posting again due to tons of time opened up. My mom no greys til 50’s , I am not so lucky, first grey at 16, but started a lot at 36/37. Now forget about it didn’t color all year and tons of greys. So mine combo genetics and just life?! +2
  22. @Thong Thin I am able to watch this much due to the pandemic as dramas rotating keeps me sane as I live & work alone. Before I was like you not watching a lot too. No plans after work so dramas are life . 578
  23. @Thong Thin Thanks. Watching bunch stuff Live On, Run On, Please Don’t Date Him, A Love So Beautiful, Lovestruck in the City, Uncanny Counters, Homemade Love Story, Cheat on me if you dare, Royal Secret Agent, (finished Penthouse this week), Awaken, ... And you? @sadthe1st Yup I remember . Lol. Hi friend! @MayanEcho Howdy. Enjoying my dramas tonight one more workday for the week... Women with abs, that’s dedication for sure . Not me . +2
  24. Good day @Thong Thin catching up on dramas after dinner and work. I cannot believe the Capitol incident happened Wednesday here.
  25. +2 discussing food makes me happy
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